Overwatch Lucio Positioning, Callouts and Psychology Guide

Overwatch Lucio Positioning, Callouts and Psychology Guide by SPEEDBOOP

This is the final part of three guides on lucio. Please read the ones preceding, those which discuss wall riding, and the one that goes over Lucio’s abilities. They’re good reads, and a lot of details and wordage passes over in between guides. This one is discussing positioning, call outs, psychological warfare, and the story behind me and why I love Lucio. I hope you guys enjoy.


Although I did discuss positioning in the wall riding guide, there are parts of positioning that need their own time in the lime light. The first major one is balance. And although you aren’t playing as robot buddha, there is a balance that must be maintained- passive and aggressive. But unlike our cybernetic friend, one should prioritize one over the other. This is entirely up to you, but you must be both. You can never be 100% passive or aggressive, and this is what must be maintained. The higher you climb the competitive ladder, the harder it becomes to play ultra-aggressive. Around diamond is where people start to focus you down if you don’t hold back some. What I mean by aggressive is being right up in the enemy, kissing/booping distance, if you may. Passive is playing around the maximum distance of sound barrier and farther back. Your priority does have to change with your team comp. If you have a dive, close range dps( Genji, Tracer, Reaper, Winston, D.VA, etc), then you can be mostly aggressive. But with more defensive, usually shield based team comps, you should hold back. But in both scenarios, there will be moments when those priorities switch. If you have a Rein, you want to be just about at the edge of your aura and trying to group as many teammates together as possible. You also want to have a chain ready in case the Rein charges and needs some speed to bounce out of his situation. If you have a DVA, Winston, or Zarya, you often want to play around and in FRONT of them. This is because they can protect you in that direction unlike Rein. With Roadhog, stay next to him and keep a tab on when he starts to push forward. The only thing more terrifying than a massive murder pig with a meat hook and shotgun is a slightly faster massive murder pig with a meat hook and shotgun who’s being backed up by a small frog person. The tanks are mainly what define your positioning, so try and help your team know that.

The other main topic is Taxiing. Fun Fact- if you ever want to make any of your teammates happy, while taxiing, simply shout “All aboard the Lucio train!” then proceed to use the boop voice line twice. It’s good to remember that lucio is meant to be a team player. So maybe just help people get where they want to go. To those of you who don’t know, Taxiing is the idea of using lucios speed boost to help people get around faster usually outside of combat. This can be getting someone from spawn, helping someone to high ground, or simply backing out. If you know that someone is coming back from spawn, always check with your team in case they still need you. Leaving prematurely, a thing my father taught me well, is a good way to put your team at even more of a disadvantage. But if two- three are coming back, then leaving is your priority. After a team fight, it is very useful to help your team reposition and get onto high ground. Just stick with the tanks when doing this. And backing out is self explanatory.


What I’m about to do is assume that you have a mic and want to use it for callouts your team, but this assumption is necessary. Callouts are one of the most important parts of breakfast, and Lucio-ohs are a good supply of callouts, vitamin b, and memes. In fact if you know what your doing, you can basically carry your team with them. With your own abilities, its pretty simple. You know, just yell out when you amp up speed, tell people when your going to ultimate, and brag constantly about that one boop you got. But one very important tip that is really simple and amazingly helpful is to callout whenever you amp up heals. I can’t tell how much this helps your team. It’s also really simple, so you shouldn’t miss it.

This part of the guide using some of the concepts from wall riding. If you don’t have adequate enough skill in the ability, this is not suggested. If you have confidence in your wall riding, this tip is very important. Lucio makes an amazing scout. No, i’m not talking about everyone’s favorite bat enthusiast from tf2, the informational scout. If you have a brief moment of clarity, use it to check on your surroundings, and see where enemies both are and aren’t. Of course,you can still do this without wall riding, but the scout play style, the second part is needed. If you think something is going on, inform your team that you are checking (insert area here) and if you do/don’t find anyone, and if you do, who they are. Then, escape. This is the tricky part, and the part that can have consequences. This is why I say wall riding is important. Although you don’t need to stay that long, it doesn’t really matter if you die in that period. Try and learn from experience on these. If you don’t trust your wall riding, hold back more when doing area checks. If not, go ahead and go crazy.

Psychological Warfare

And now onto the topic that many of you must be curious about- psychological warfare. In Lucio terms, this means to cause as much mental torture and annoyance for a positive result in game. While it is unlikely you can full tilt someone, you don’t need to. In my wall riding guide, I talked a lot about annoyance and how that has it’s advantages in game. But the other tool is intimidation. It’s time to get psychological.

Intimidation- If you’ve ever watched Magikarp Used fly, I’d like to reference to one of his videos- Aatrox actual champion spotlight. He brings up how due to the generally low power of the hero, people would start to progressively tilt and make it easier for you to beat them. This translate very nicely to Lucio, just without the whole being terrible and needing a rework. People don’t expect to get 1v1d by a Lucio, and nobody expects to lose. This is especially important to wall riding, as if the way you killed them was impressive(aka using wall riding to be a harder target and to surprise them), this is only strengthened. So being flashy does have it’s perks.

Annoyance- Because of my aptitude to combat, I’ve always loved 1v1s with both friends and strangers outside of comp. I’m always curious on how people perceive me, and most answer with one word- annoying. The movement, cross fading, and everything is simply described as annoying. And this is another tool you can abuse with strong wall riding. If people don’t like fighting you, you can hold them in a positional chokehold, forcing them to stick with their team more and giving them much less breathing room. It also adds to progressive tilt.

Here we are. The guide part is over. I can finally stop writing these things. But before I simply finish off this little trifecta, let me show you my journey. I am a console overwatch player, specifically xbox. I started playing even before season one, and was originally a Hanzo main. I started really getting into comp in season two, and I was in mid gold. I didn’t play Hanzo in comp, and I jumped in between heroes like Zarya, McCree, and Zen. I was really put off when I was placed in low silver in season three, and I wanted out. I was drawn to raining Lucio due to, of course, DSP stanky. And to get out of my predicament of MMR, I made a second account called SPEED BOOOP. This name stuck with me, and I decided to name most of my social media accounts, including my paste bin, discord, etc. In my early games on the account, I made it all the way to diamond, and this is with me never even being in platinum before. I made it to Masters in season 5, and then dropped terribly in season 6. I’m currently trying to climb back to masters at the time of writing this. Throughout this, I have been helping people both by coaching on the Gold Watch discord and in game. I’ve always loved helping others learn lucio. It’s been a passion of mine. So this guide is sort of my love child. I’ve been thinking about making this ever since I started the Speed Boop account, so this is fulfilling one of my wishes. Thank you for reading my stupid ramblings about a video game character. Speed boop out.

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