Art of Conquest New Player’s Guide

by ThaToastman

Here are some tips to make you better than the competition.


I cant emphasize this enough. Dont but troops, dont buy resources, dont buy runes, dont buy skill points. Buy all of the 70% off 30min speedups you can and thats it. If you are a whale, buy the 50% ones too. Note: lucky wheel and hero chests are ok, especially hero chests given that youll need all the heros to be truly skilled, but just know you need those speedups.

2. Only use those speedups on buildings!

Your #1 goal is to hit stronghold level 40 as fast as possible. Upgrade only what is needed and then do another stronghold. This makes you get stronger troops faster.

3. Every trip to the void, buy the exp tags.

Don’t rush buying mako, rufio, wrax…etc. Youll have plenty of time (and excess void coins) to buy them later. Those xp tags only exist every time you take a trip and are lost forever. After a few months of doing this, your heros will be way ahead of the average persons

4. Commit to a race and stick to it.

The main suggestion is hero or dwarf here. These are excellent at raiding other castles, and are generally tanky and so you wont lose troops doing it.

5. Only level heros relevant to the race/troops you chose.

It doesnt matter if you have 20 lvl 30 heros, but 3 lvl 50 heros will do some MAJOR damage.

If you are human, just put all your command points into avalon, then virion, then elena. Put all your might into Jaques, Mako. Put your magic into Cleo, Vega, then Avril. Stamina into Bane,

Once again, maxing one hero at a time is key. Their power scales exponentially.

6. When the time comes, dont focus on making sure all your heroes have the same tier equipment.

Rush divine equipment on your favorite heros and then leave the rest at epic. After you have divines, get 20 Hand of Wisdom and 20 mesianic sceptres. Command stacking is the most important aspect of getting that upper hand

7. Dont underestimate the power of “bonus xp per battle”. When you first unlock the bonus xp tome, get it and equip it to yip, and max his bonus xp skill (all max elenas xp skill) this will also give you a huge advantage overtime. +20% xp per game…thats huge, remember that.

8. For the temple, shoot for the one that unlocks 20% research cooldown first. Forget the others. Most of us went really far before the temple was even unlocked, so trust those 1%s dont mean much. That cooldown is very important.

9. Get you a dragon that has research cooldown as well. Like #8. Dragon isn’t very useful in general except gladiator games and perfecting the void, so just get one with research bonus. Together with the temple one you easily get 35% reduction time from those alone, which…do the math…unlocks a years worth of upgrades in 8 months. Thats a huge advantage.

10. Level your wall to hold 30-50 troops on the garrison and thats it until level 30+ stronghold. Then only fill it with gold.

Trust me on this one, no one will really raid you overall, and most of the time you’ll have almost no resources on hand as youll be constantly upgrading troops. Silver troops are a waste because youll have to disband all of them later. Your garrison is only as strong as your first defense. If that fails, you might as well have no troops after, further proving your silvers are useless.

The goal here is to only have as many garrison troops as you can afford to have them max level. Its not worth playing catchup to your wall’s level, because you must rather prefer having maxed out troops as well as a maxed out residence and army hut.

11. In the shop once you can afford them, always buy the equipment that are selling for gold. Disenchanting them gives an essential boost to crafting crystals. It adds up to over 4000 or so crafting gems a week if I calculated correctly which is pretty big.

12. When it comes to heroes, wait until Jaques is the $9.99 deal. DO NOT buy anyone else because that is a one-time offer! Jaques isn’t usually part of the hero chest rotation so its important you get him early.

13. When it comes to purchasing heros…you NEED these 3: Cleo, Bane, Jaques. The rest are situational, but tbh I’m not even sure the game is possible to beat without cleo, and the abyss definitely is impossible later on without bane.

14. IGNORE RUFIO. He’s trash. Don’t ever waste your might/stamina cards on him, just hold onto them. Trust me youll thank me later.

Use these tips and watch as you keep up with half of the chinese whales spending 1/10th of the money

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