Dota 2 Auto Chess How To Run Demon Lineup

by mattjestic_gaming

I have always tried to make an all demon line up work, whether it is in pubs, bishop, or high rook games, but something seems to be missing!. Here are some conclusion I had from my games for all demons!:

  1. Anti Mage and Terrorblade is a must, and Terrorblade 2 ★ is the key factor (since am can be 2 ★ relatively easy)
    1. a) This means we want to be level 6 asap for the highest rates for the 3 cost TB, as level 6-8 has the highest rates for 3 cost units
  2. Try to avoid ck, take qop and sf for their aoe abilities!
    1. b) Ck really do fall off in the mid game, he is a good 1v1 unit, but once there are 6+ units, and being a melee he has troubles surviving without more knights and becomes less relevant. Yes we do want tanks, in the form of warriors preferably or even some goblins like timber and cw! (since doom is a warrior and axe and jugg are relatively easy to find early game, and kunkka is great at lvl 1!)
  3. Capitalize on the demon power spike after a 2s Terrorbalade and save up!
    1. c) As demons, we are gonna fall off in mid-late game stages after round 26, where most builds comes online! this means we need to get our savings and be at least lvl 8 by round 26, with good mid game units like Razer and LD as our value units! (yea those 2 are my favors! kappa!)
  4. Transition for mid game with opponent’s lineup and initiators in mind!
    1. d) Units like 2 ★ disruptor, dusa, and kunkka is key in the mid-late game, and tide is usually a must with most lineup! But after having lots of demons and some tanks we might be out of spots for them! My suggestion is to have at least one initiators, be it tide, or disruptor! and adjust depending on who is left and who are we most scared of, if its mages we get even a 1 ★ dusa!, if its hunters, we get 3 warriors, doom+ kunkka! (having some initiator can be magical for our squishy demons, when SF and TB just need few seconds to do their damage!

Let me know what you guys think about this initial draft for demon lineup guide! feel free to add more suggestions!

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