Dota 2 Auto Chess Top 5 Races and Classes Guide

by mattjestic_gaming

Hey Guys, while answering some questions, I noticed a lot people were asking me about race/class and counters, so I thought I will make a post on it, and maybe a guide too!

Note that I am balancing the most commonly used Race/Class and have left branching Race/Class (assassins, trolls, knights, humans, etc to the next part) Here We look at common appearance + potential!

1. Mages (3/6)

Counter: Warrior, elf, melees like goblins

Counted by: Naga, Knights

Strength: mid-late game, fast initiate with CM mana reg

Weakness: Squishy, no front line and difficult early game

Key unit: Cm, Kotl, Razer, Lich

Bonus Tip, we don’t need all 6 mages! 3 mages + 2s SF, Disruptor or 1s Gyro is really good too!

2. Hunters (3/6)

Counter: Melees, low armor lineup and mages (with little front line)

Counter by: warriors, elves, goblins 6 and mages (late game 50/50 counter).

Strength: Focus fire, great physical damage and great lineup for mid-late game!

Weakness: Weak early game, rare pieces like dusa and tide are hard to find and heavily contested!, no ideal frontline

Key units: Tide, Dusa, WR.

Bonus tip, put all Mana and attack items on dusa! Faster dusa is key in mid and late game! (note same Mana reg items don’t stack!)

3. Goblins (6)

Counter: Early game lineup, physical attacker like warriors, beast, elves etc.

Countered by: Mid game line up, orc warrior, mages, elves, beasts, trolls, and everyone single thing >,<

Strength: Early game and Save up economy, Late game power spike and come back potential! (techies!)

Weakness: Mid game and Transition out of goblins can be hard, Win condition deny (more people are aware the techies is your win condition and their loss condition, so they are gonna deny you >,<)

Key units, BH, Timber, Techies

Bonus: Use goblins early game to make your fortune!

4. Warrior (3,6,9)

Counter: Weak early/mid game lineup, great vs hunters and mages with 6 warrior or warrior Naga!

Countered by: mages, elves, beasts and goblins late (need to adjust using enigma etc)

Strength: Early game and mid game transition with orcs, stay relevant late game with doom, kunkka + nagas

Weakness: needs 3s or early game warriors falls off fast, most are melee, and if enemy is in defensive position, warriors can’t all attack!

Key Unit: Jugg, Kunkka, and Doom

Bonus: Try Slardar + Dusa or Tide vs 3/6 mages! Give armor items to 3s jugg!

5. Elves (3/6)

Counter: Weak mid game lineup, goblins, mages, hunters and warriors before mid-late game comes, great for physical attackers and melee like assassins

Counter by: Mages, warriors/beasts and goblins (once mid-late game comes).

Strength: Mid game, Usually top 4, spikes with 3s druids and great come back potential in the mid game (open fort!).

Weakens: Falls off in late game, weak in early game unless Druid’s comes, and quite popular race, so players deny each other!.

Key Units- Am, Wr, Ta and LD! (LD is not an elve but we all know the feeling have 3s treant protector and furion early!)

Bonus: your anti mage is only as good as the positioning choices you make!

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