Dota 2 Auto Chess Elves Guide

by mattjestic_gaming

Elves (3/6/9)


1 Cost: Anti Mage

2 Cost: Treant Protector, Furion, Luna, Puck

3 Cost: Mirana, Wind Ranger, Phantom Assassin

4 Cost: Templar Assassin

Race Synergy: Evasion Buff to Elves (Fixed Chance to Avoid Physical auto attacks!)

3 Elves: 20% Evasion

6 Elves: + 25% Evasion, Additional Evasion Gain 20%, Total Evasion 40%

**Note that Dota 2 works Evasion multiplicative, with diminishing gains, which means each additional evasion stacks grant less total evasion! (in DAC the rates appears to be 39% due to rounding)

9 Elves: +30% Evasion, Additional Evasion Gain 18%, Total Evasion 58%

Race & Stages:

Early Game: Strong/Weak Depends on 2 ★ Am, Luna, and Luck with Druids (Open Fort available!)

Strong in mid game (few can match 6 elves!)

Late Game: Falls off due to most elves being 2,3 costs and have low impact casts (compare to tide, Dusa, techies or enigma e.g.)


Weak Against Aoe and non physical damage nukes, low hp pool elves and druids even at 2 ★ .

Newest Counter: Hunter! (ideal counter for Elves), Mages (3+), Demons (Qop, Sf, Doom > LD), other units include: BM, Timber, Razer, Kunkka, Disrutpor

Possible Transition:

Assassins (3/6), Dragons (3), Mages (3), Naga/Hunter (2/3), Warlock (3), Undead/Hunter (2/3), Demons (Am + Terr), Beast (LD +)

Key Transition units:

AM, Furion, Enchantress, Treant Protector, LD, Templar Assassin, Dragon Knight/Viper, Sand King

Item Priority Suggestions:

Defensive Items to Am and Treant (Mask of madness Luna > AM)

Attack/Mana Items

Early game: Furion, Enchant, Luna, Ld, Phantom Assassin

Late Game: Templar Assassin, Dusa, Tide, Dk (2 ★ )


Early Game – Defensive (Corner Back),

Mid Game – Side/Defensive (Depends on number of 2 ★ Elves and 3 ★ Druids)

Late Game  Spread, with Tide, Disruptor, Kunkka initator front line (protect Dk, Luna, Wr) and TA as tank!

Race Specific Tips

  1. Re-Rolling is okay at level 5/6/7+, Since most Elves are 2 and 3 cost: Level 5 for highest rates for 2 cost units: Luna, Furion and Treant. level 6+ for highest 3 cost units and LD + TA!
  2. Focus on Completing the 6 elves race combo, and have most elves to 2 ★ to now die to aoes!
  3. Flexible! Key unit LD might appear early or very late, if its early consider rolling for other duirds at 5 for the highest rates, if its late, consider using Three 2 star druids to make a 3 ★ druid! Hitting the Elves/Druids spike early is key for Elves to start saving! and punish others builds like mages and hunters before they mature!
  4. Mid Game Transition! Consider Assassins with sand king/Viper for beast or dragons. For dragons be aware of its potential to work with 3 mages but also its trap for not finding DK 2 ★ for a long time! Again key unit LD will determine a lot of the mid game decisions (Dragons vs beasts)
  5. Health is a Resource! Here in the Early game, we have the potential to be dominating Elves vs Open fort Elves (depends on our luck with druids!)If we start to loss from round 4 and got a losing streak, don’t panic, consider a open fort or semi open fort! (I will post a Reddit guide on DAC Open Fort soon! I have a video guide on open fort for those that are interested)
    1. Key Hp indicators (note indicators are for hp just equal or slightly above the threshold!) For Early Game consideration!
      1. Hp > 90% Losing streak? fight back with leveling or re rolling or start open/semi fort!
      2. Hp > 80% Probably safer to keep key druids and start semi open fort!
      3. Hp > 60% Elves combo (6) completion is main objective (plan in next few rounds)
      4. hp > 45% Probably should start spending now, if open fort I would still consider to spend!, roll for Ld or level up and roll!
      5. Hp > 20% Its time to go all in, elves are not the strongest come back races after round 26, so don’t herniated!

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