Dota 2 Auto Chess Top 5 Comeback Race and Classes

by mattjestic_gaming

1. Trolls (4)

Key unit: Troll Warlord (4 cost)

Come Back Rating: 9/10 (Trolls are crazy even after the Nerf, in the mid to late game we all being there when the trolls runs us over!)

Difficulty in completing combo: 8/10 (round 20+ and never troll warlord!)

Lineup Options: +3 warlocks, +2 undead, +3 other knights, + warriors, + orcs, + something tanky!

Preferred Position: Defensive (in the corner) before round 26, spread out in mid-late game to avoid Aoes!

Bonus Advice: Bat rider is a damage dealer that wants Mana! Witch Doctor is really good and Disruptor is a core unit too!

2. Dragons (3)

Key unit: Dragon Knight (4 cost)

Come Back Rating: 8/10 (a 2s Dragon Knight is still after the nerf, in the mid to late game it hurt so bad =( )

Difficulty in completing combo: 7.5/10 (round 20+ and never dk!)

Lineup Options: +3/6 Elves, +3 other knights, + 2 mages, + 1 Elemental (3s Tony!), + something tanky! (p.s Trolls dragons don’t work well!)

Preferred Position: Defensive (in the corner) before round 26, spread out in mid-late game to avoid Aoes! (note that 2s Dk wants to hit more units, defensive means that dk is not hitting a single unit (assassin) and wasting his dps potential!)

Bonus Advice: Viper 2s is great! for pve and usually snipes a unit every cd! (2s puck can be a double edge sword! charges Mana for the enemy in the late game, lol their dusa and tide is like thank you little dragon >,<)

3. Knights (4/6)

Key unit: Abba, Omi Knight, Luna (I feel that dk can be a trap here, while bat, ck are situational)

Come Back Rating: 7.5/10 (Vsing 4/6 knights and nothing dies in the mid game >,<)

Difficulty in completing combo: 6/10 (just need 4 of the 6 knights initially! preferably 3s knights!)

Lineup Options: + Trolls, + Dragons, + 3 mages + 1/3 Undead (with abba!), + CM!, + enigma, + anything that does damage! (p.s Knights and goblins doesn’t work well!)

Preferred Position: Defensive/Side (in the corner or on the side with tanky knights in front) before round 21, spread out in mid-late game to avoid Aoes! (note to counter enigma, try to have units in each corner and maybe 1 assassin like TA!)

Bonus Advice: 4 knights (with dk and abba, omi, luna/ck/bat) + Cm, lich and +1 mage is magical! give it a try and it will surprise you!

4. Assassins (3/6/9)

Key unit: Sand King, Templar Assassin

Come Back Rating: 7/10 (Sadly falls off in mid-late game when people use defensive formation)

Difficulty in completing combo: 5.5/10 (the hard part is to find 2s assassins fast and save up!)

Lineup Options: +Goblins, + 2 Undead, + 3 mages, + Elementals (1/3) +Elves (3/6), +1 Naga (tide/dusa!) + LD!

Preferred Position: Spread in 2 of the back rolls, have sand king + any tank/initiator in the front!

Bonus Advice: Consider investment into a 3s Am + Pa + Ta, most items should be on Ta or Qop, late game tide + sand king is really nice!

5. Humans (2/4)

Key unit: Cm, Kotl, Kunkka

Come Back Rating: RNG/10 (0% silence when I’m using them, 100% when I’m defending against them!)

Difficulty in completing combo: 3/10 (Note that Dk, Lycan is also a Human!)

Lineup Options: + Mages, + Warriors, +Dragons + Beasts + Elves with Lycan + Anything with cm and kunkka!

Preferred Position: Defensive or Spread, with tanky humans in the front line for auto attack silence! and spread back line so Cm, Kotl would hit different enemy front liners (lol my Ld, Dusa and Tide got instantly silenced by lycan, cm and Kotl with in first 2 sec)

Bonus Advice: Humans are underrated!, and if you have Lycan and Kunkaa, remember to use them as if they are AM!

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