Rainbow Six Siege How to Win Gunfights Guide

by Deminc

Precursor Info: There are plenty of factors that go into the gun play. Things that range from gun and attachments to the
broke ass luck and how you grip your mouse. I’m not going to focus as much on strat, such as flanking or vertical play, but more on improving skill and things to help you in your fights. Another thing to know is that YOU CANNOT WIN ALL OF YOUR FIGHTS! If you can’t get that through your thick skull then go back to Farming Sim 2k19 cause this is not a game you can just rage at. You will die. You will lose rounds. It happens. Get over it. Somebody always has to die first in a round. So if we have an understanding, lets get into the mess of it.


Now some of you hardcore gamers may already know some of this shit but if your an idiot like me who played this game for a year and half without knowing half of this crap then there is some stuff you need to know. One of the biggest things to TURN OFF MOUSE ACCELERATION/MOUSE PRECISION. The long and the short of it is that this f’ed up setting screws with your aim. If you’re in windows go CONTROL PANEL>MOUSE>POINTER OPTIONS and uncheck the MOUSE PRECISION. Another step to take is to in this link so follow the steps:


If you’re not on windows idk what to tell you but good luck.

This will smooth out your mouse and make it more accurate to your movement along with easier recoil control. It might feel sluggish at first but it works.

Besides that play with your sensitivity and get a feel for what you like. Personally, I like a solid 35x 35y with a 30 ADS. If you want more customization, ie if you are used to settings in battle field, then you can change your xfactor but I’m not going to dick with that cause in order to do that you need to change a value in a file:


Everybody loves to get some head. This should be your mindset in siege; ie take some advice from Thanos and AIM FOR THE HEAD. R6 is unique in the fact that headshots are insta-kills which most people already know. So why am I talking about it? Cause when you find yourself on attack with Rook on D then its you against a squad of beefy boys (except for the dumbass vigil main who DIDN’T GET THEIR FUCKING SWEATER). So instead of hitting more body shots than a frat boy at the club, just boop them in the face and call it good. Some of the best practice you can get is in THUNT. So here is your challenge:





On spawn, press b and switch to semi auto.

Score as many headshots as you can as fast as you can.

“But OP, the R4C is SoOoOoOo much better!” True but we scoring HEADSHOTS, on SEMI AUTO and R4C dosen’t have the ANGLED GRIP and it AINT GOT AN ACOG ANYMORE SO FUCK ALL YOU ASH MAINS! If you get comfortable, change difficulty. The point of this exercise is to help your muscle memory and get the feel of it. KEEP IN MIND: Other people are trying to get head from you, so again, don’t get upset if you brains are used for a Jackson Pollock painting.


This goes with getting head. There are 3 positions an operators head can be at: Standing height, Crouched height, On the fucking floor (Prone). KEEP YOUR CROSS-HAIRS AT THESE HEIGHTS WHEN PEEKING AND SHIT. Pretty straight forward.


If you are playing on HOUSE as an entry fragger, you probably don’t need the acog; go holo. If you are on FAVELA and you are sitting on the rooftops shooting though giant holes in the walls from adjacent rooftops (cause that entire map is made of paper fucking mache), then ya, go for the acog. If you have and LMG, rock a compressor, if you are a roamer who’s smg got recoil nerfed to hell and back, might want the flash hider with short burst.

TBH That first and second one are the most important. The last 2 might just help you out a lil bit. Merry Xmas, go crazy.


  1. Watch your mouse settings.
  2. Get some head
  3. Consistent Pre-aim (not pre-fire)
  4. Proper attachments

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