Rainbow Six Siege Montagne Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Montagne Guide by Toch_Lighte

I know I’ve already done one of these for the shield operators, but honestly Montagne deserves his own guide. The only other operator that I have half as many hours with as Monty is Doc – so this is probably going to be my most well-informed and complete guide so far. He’s fun to play, difficult to kill, and is an incredible support operator – and despite his revolver nerf, if you play him right he’s still a killing machine.

  • Montagne requires a lot of patience. He’s very difficult to master, and he’s the one operator most prone to being killed by stuff outside of his control. C4 flying through his shield, people teleporting behind him, a slight bit of latency letting someone shoot him in the head when it looks like they’re right in front of him.. Not only that, but you need to be patient with your teammates, and patient with the enemy. A large portion of playing Montagne is waiting for just the right moment to strike, or knowing when you need to just let your teammates do the shooting for you. And most of the time, your teammates should be doing the shooting.

  • Montagne is a support operator! He exists to help his team – not to get kills. If you’re going to play him, communicate with your team.

  • He’s the anvil, and his teammates are the hammer. The hammer is a lot more effective when striking the enemy against the anvil, and the anvil is useless without the hammer.


  • P9 – A low damage pistol with low recoil, a large magazine and a quick reload. Its damage is, in fact, the lowest of all pistols in the game. Its hipfire accuracy is okay – it’s good for poking at the enemy, but usually not good at killing unless you can get a headshot.

  • LFP586 – A high damage revolver with high recoil, a small magazine, and a slow reload. The exact opposite of the P9, it is capable of downing or killing most operators in only two shots to the chest, however its recoil is difficult to control when firing quickly, and its hipfire accuracy is terrible.

  • For gadgets, Montagne has access to either smoke grenades or flashbangs. Smokes can help if you’re sticking close to your team, either to help in a push, cover a Thermite charge being planted or to allow Glaz to peek into a room. Flashes are more helpful if you tend to move in on your own and distract the enemy.

My preferred loadout is the LFP586 with a laser sight attached, and flashbangs. The revolver only requiring 2 shots (3 vs. a 3-armor w/ rook armor) is really helpful for poking the enemy , and the flashbangs come in handy much more frequently than the smokes, and are more reliable too.

When using the revolver, don’t spam your shots unless you are within 5 meters of the enemy, otherwise the recoil will take your aim off target quite a bit. Space your shots just enough so you can reliably land two in a short period.

What Monty is:

  • Monty is a tank. He draws fire from the enemy and easily survives it, letting his teammates do the attacking.

  • He is an intel-gatherer. Think of him as a big drone that can’t be easily killed, and relay information to your teammates.

  • He is a distraction. The enemy will have to either dispatch you, or focus on your teammates – but you are both a threat.

What Monty isn’t:

  • Monty is not a lone wolf. While he can do well on his own, he is 10x more effective while cooperating with a teammate.

  • He is not a fragger. His guns are less for killing and moreso for not leaving him entirely offenceless.

  • He is not portable cover. While his shield is big enough to cover a teammate, it’s a very bad idea to use his shield as so. Not only is he at risk of being shot in the back, but his shield does not block explosives – it only prevents him from dying to them.

Approaching the building:

  • Montagne is the only operator immune to spawn peeks and rushes. Make it a habit to extend your shield as soon as you spawn and start moving forwards. In the case of spawn rushers (running out of the building to kill you in spawn), immediately stop moving – at least one person will be able to use your shield as cover. If you don’t encounter any spawn rushers, keep moving towards the building and look closely for any broken windows. If you see any, tell your teammates about them and if possible, ping right next to the broken window – not right on top of it, otherwise the ping will obscure the enemy.

  • Keep your shield extended as you move forwards, only unextending to sprint in areas you’re 100% sure no attackers will be able to shoot you.

  • If the enemy has a Frost on their team, don’t enter through windows. Both of Montagne’s only weapons are unreliable for destroying Welcome Mats – the P9’s low damage means you oftentimes can’t destroy it in the time it takes to vault, and the revolver’s high recoil means landing multiple shots on the Welcome Mat is difficult. Ask a teammate to throw a grenade in to break the trap first, or go a different route.

  • When breaking open a barricaded doorway or window, remember that your shield doesn’t cover you while meleeing. Stand off to the side as far as you can, and only get as close to the doorway as much as you need to, but also break it as quickly as possible. Consider asking a teammate to shoot it open for you.

  • Hug walls, be mindful of how covered you are by your shield, and keep facing the enemy. Be confident in your teammates’ ability to cover your back, because turning around to check could easily get you killed.

How to help your team:

AKA the thing you should be doing as much as possible. You won’t get many kills, but your teammates will be able to get them because of you.

  • Keep hugging the walls – they’re your best friend, preventing you from getting surrounded.

  • Stay in view of your teammates if possible – if someone tries to rush you, your teammates will be able to shoot them down.

  • Harrass the enemy. Don’t endanger yourself, but push up near them, marking their location for a teammate to potentially prefire them. Your presence is often enough to make an enemy retreat.

  • Go behind the enemy, and corral them towards your teammates. When running away from you, an enemy’s focus is almost entirely on breaking contact with you. They’ll oftentimes run straight for the only exit without realizing that they’ve been pushed into a trap.

  • Be a distraction

The 1v1:

After the revolver nerf, Montagne is no longer the incredible 1v1er that he used to be. However, he is still capable of taking on most enemies in a 1v1 if played smartly.

  • If you try to engage them head-on while they’re focused on you, you’re going to lose. Doesn’t matter how good of a shot you are with the revolver, they’ve got an automatic gun and you’re right in front of them – a single bullet in your head is all that’s needed to end the fight in their favor. Be smart, use every advantage you can get.

  • Don’t let them run behind you. If this means hugging a wall or even backing yourself into a corner, then so be it – your #1 priority should always be your own survival, and getting flanked is the quickest way to die.

  • Wait for them to reload, or deploy a gadget, or run away, or do anything that leaves them vulnerable for a moment – that is the time where you strike. When the enemy is occupied or unable to fight back, that is the only time you should ever aim down the sights in a 1v1.

  • The most effective way to get accurate pot-shots off on enemies is to: Wait for them to briefly turn their attention away > Un-extend your shield > Simultaneously lean to the side (so they can’t as effectively pre-aim your head) and aim down sights > Fire once and re-extend your shield before they can fire back. If you can manage to do this just two times and get two body shots on anyone except for a 3-armor with rook plates, then it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll either be dead or down. Assuming you’re using the revolver, of course.

  • Don’t discount hipfire. It’s inaccurate and entirely RNG, but if you have some cover (you’re peeking through a window, or standing to the side of a doorframe) then feel free to take some shots at the enemy.

  • If the fight is too risky (you aren’t confident in your ability to kill them or it’s a Caveira and you don’t want to risk an interrogation), don’t try to fight them – just try to keep their attention on you and wait for one of your teammates to come help you kill the enemy.

Mastering the 2v1:

Montagne may be the best 1v1er, but you know what’s better than a 1v1? That’s right, a 2v1. With the help of a teammate, you can effectively take down almost any roamer together – you provide the distraction and intel, and your teammate provides the firepower.

  • Surround the enemy – you need to force the enemy to focus on either you or your teammate, so that they’ll have to turn their back on one of you.

  • Pull as much attention towards yourself as possible without endangering yourself. Unextend and re-extend repeatedly, take pot-shots without aiming down the sights, and if they realize what you’re doing and stop paying attention to you then just ADS and shoot them. Either they pay too much attention to you and die to your teammate, or don’t pay enough attention to you and die to you. It’s lose-lose for them if both you and your teammate play safely.

  • You can potentially herd enemies towards your teammates by simply approaching them – make sure to tell your teammates which way the enemies are coming so that they can position themselves accordingly.

Playing the objective:

  • If they have a Smoke that hasn’t used his canisters yet, don’t enter the objective, ESPECIALLY if there is barbed wire everywhere. Try to bait the Smoke into using them all on you before you’ve even entered. Do it safely and properly and you should have at least 55 health left.

  • Hugging the wall, try to approach dug-in defenders to drive them out of their hiding spots and into the open.

  • If there’s a single defender watching an entrance, ping their location so that a teammate can prefire the enemy.

  • You can block anyone from using small doorways by extending your shield and standing directly in the middle of it.

Working with teammates:

  • Communicate! It’s the most important part, and it’s half of Monty’s job. The information Montagne can give is absolutely essential.

  • Montagne’s responsibilities include: Clearing rooms, distracting enemies, providing a bit of cover, blocking doorways, forcing enemies out of position, and generally being a major annoyance to the defenders. Above all, simply staying alive and forcing enemies to be aware of you is helpful.

  • If you’re with teammates, please just stop wiggling. You’re going to get yourself shot in the back of the head if you keep dancing around while people are trying to use your shield as cover. Which they shouldn’t be doing.

  • On Bomb and Secure, your shield is a huge help when going for the objective. You can block people out of a room or cover a plant

What you need to be aware of:

There are some bugs, glitches and otherwise un-intuitive things involving Monty – they’re dumb ways to die, and sometimes can’t be helped, but knowing is half the battle.

  • Most importantly, when an enemy is within a few meters of you, you need to predictwhich direction they’re heading. Even the smallest amounts of latency causes an enemy to appear to be slightly behind where they actually are. In a match with high ping and a 1-speed is trying to run around you? Nope, you’re not looking right at them – not on their screen. On their screen, they’re already at your side, maybe even behind you.

  • When you’re blocking a door, don’t wiggle. It’ll give the enemy an opportunity to squeeze past you and ‘teleport’ behind you. If you’re in the very center of the doorway and staying still then you’ll probably be fine.

  • C4 can and will glitch through your shield if you’re moving or it hits the sides of it. Doesn’t matter that you only take 25 damage from C4 now when extended, you still need to move back from it or it’ll kill you.

  • Even when backed into a corner, you still might be vulnerable from the sides. If 2 or more people are working together to get a sliver of an angle on you while you’re in a corner (or one is prone at your feet), then it’s time to move.

  • When unextended, your shield does not move up or down with your view – even while looking directly upwards, your shield will still be positioned straight ahead of you. Be mindful of this near stairways or indoor balconies.

  • You CANNOT block people from vaulting over things – this includes windows and doorways that have deployable shields placed in them.

General tips:

  • If you are not shooting, meleeing, running, reloading or doing anything else that requires you to be unextended, then you should be extended.

  • When reloading, or when your shield is hit by melee, it gets pushed off to your left side. If you turn to the right when either of those happen, you can keep the shield between you and the enemy when you’re most vulnerable.

  • People constantly underestimate Montagne. Due to him oftentimes sitting around enemies with his shield extended and not doing anything, they tend to write him off as a non-threat in the moment or even straight up ignore him. Use this to your advantage, and wait for them to do something stupid, like put down a deployable shield right in front of you.

  • If the enemy can get around you, they WILL get around you. Unless there are teammates nearby covering you, don’t walk right up to an enemy with your shield extended, or they’ll knife/shoot you in the side.

  • Be unpredictable – randomly extend and un-extend your shield, take pot-shots, move towards enemies unexpectedly – it’s all about getting in their heads and distracting them.

  • Pressing 1 will put your shield on your back. Keep this in mind if you need to revive a teammate, turn your back on the enemy to vault back through a window, or plant the defuser in a corner.

  • Don’t crouch when near an enemy! Even that little bit of height advantage is enough for them to shoot right over your shield.

  • Meleeing doesn’t happen immediately – there’s a slight delay between pressing your melee key and the hit connecting.

  • If it’s completely safe and nothing is happening, reload – every bullet in your revolver counts. Even if you’ve only shot once, reload anyway when you get the chance. People are hesitant to follow after you if you go out of sight, so you can pretty safely fall back a few feet and reload behind a wall.

  • Extending your shield will cancel your reload animation – if someone pushes you while you’re reloading, immediately extend your shield. Alternatively, you could melee them, but that’s riskier.

  • Don’t lean around corners – you’ve got a big shield, use it!

How to not be countered as Montagne:

  • Pulse: His pulse scanner and C4 allow him to wallbang you through destructible surfaces or toss an explosive onto the floor beneath your feet. Stay on the move if standing on a destructible floor, and don’t turn your back on destructible walls for too long.

  • Caveira: It only takes 1 (or 2) point-blank shots with her pistol to instantly down you. Avoid her like the plague if you don’t have backup, because the consequences for failing a 1v1 against her are much worse than the advantage for killing her is.

  • Frost: Her Welcome Mats can be a real pain. Move carefully, check stair landings, and don’t move anywhere that you haven’t looked at. Any time it’s safe, destroy her welcome mats so you don’t back into them later.

  • Kapkan: Is hit-or-miss. Check every doorway and you should be good, and by facing the EDD while extended you can survive an EDD.

  • Smoke: Your biggest enemy, Smoke can really ruin your day. Bait him into wasting all of his smokes before you try to push the objective, and don’t move through any barbed wire while he still has any canisters left. When baiting him, make sure you have plenty of room to back up.

How to counter Montagne:

  • Smoke and Frost are both great counters to Monty. With Smoke, never use one of your canisters until he’s in a position that he’d take at least 3 ticks of damage before being able to move out of the smoke – mostly when he’s on the objective or in a corner. With Frost, place one of your mats in a window you expect him to come through, and your others around a corner – Monty’s shield prevents him from seeing what’s directly in front of him, so if you place it right around a corner he won’t even be able to see it unless he un-extends his shield.

  • NEVER put all of your attention on Montagne if there are other enemies alive. He is a distraction, and if you get distracted by him then you’ll be shot in the back. Monty is not that good at killing and is very loud when his shield un-extends, and his teammates are just as big of, if not more of a threat, than he is. Just remember where he is and be ready to shoot him if the opportunity arises.

  • Most important of all if you want to actually kill him, you need to make him think he’s safe. If you’re not right up against his shield, desperately trying to somehow kill him, then he’ll relax a bit and not worry about those tiny slivers of vulnerability, which you can then use to your advantage.

  • Keeping him in your view, aim towards where you think one of his teammates might come from. It will look like you’re not focused on him. As soon as you spot a vulnerability (such as his shield turned very slightly too far to one side), you can easily flick back to him and take him down.

  • Don’t get too close to him. A good Montagne player will be able to counter you easily if you go for the knife kill. Keep your distance and pre-aim his head – if he wants to get any hits on you, he’ll be forced to ADS and expose his head, allowing you an easy kill.

  • If you have a nitro cell, toss it right next to him but don’t detonate it. He’ll be forced to back away or risk being blown up if he walks past it. If he tries to shoot the nitro cell, you can shoot him in the head.

  • Pretend to give him an advantage. A Monty main will wait and wait for you to be occupied with the littlest thing before he springs into action. Make him think you’re reloading, or running away, or deploying a gadget – he’ll drop his shield to kill you, leaving him open to a headshot.

  • If you melee his shield, don’t melee again – just immediately shoot. There’s a delay between meleeing twice, but there’s practically no delay between meleeing and then shooting.

How to counter Montagne with a teammate:

  • If he’s wedged into a corner, go prone at Montagne’s feet and tell your teammate to start hitting Monty’s shield – each melee hit will jostle the shield slightly, allowing you to get shots on his feet.

  • If he’s near a surface that can be wallbanged through, ping his location and have your teammate go to the other side of the wall to shoot him through it.

  • If he’s not in a corner, just surround him – his shield can only cover about 90 degrees.

  • He’s not protected from C4 that lands directly above or below him.

  • All tips from the ‘countering Monty while alone’ section are still applicable with a teammate.

As with my other guides I’ll answer any questions you may have, and if there’s anything I forgot then feel free to remind me!

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