Rainbow Six Siege How to Avoid ELO Hell During Solo-Queue

by JOTangs


I’m no expert or diamond player but during my ranked journey I have become more experienced due to solo queuing the majority of the time. I started playing ranked as soon as i hit lv20 (yes i am one of those ones who you probably carried as they had 0 kills at the end of the match) and placed gold 4 but of course i deranked as obviously at lv20 i wasn’t meant to be there. Now currently i sit at lv79 trying to get to plat solo (current highest finish is gold 1 one win off plat) and i’m here to share with you some tips i have learnt to hopefully help you speed up the solo ranking up process.

ALWAYS PICK SOMEONE THAT HELPS THE TEAM EVEN IF YOU DIE – This is very important during solo que as there will probably be little communication (unless ur on pc which im not) with ur team. For example if u choose vigil and die trying to spawn peek, it is way worse than being rook spawn peeking because at least with the rook your whole team has armour and ur team should be happy at least that your gadget didnt go to waste. As for attack someone like Nomad or Dokkebei would be good as you can place ur airjabs then just focus on fragging out/Call phones,Maybe hack cams and then focus on pushing the objective with ur smokes.

DONT BE AFRAID TO COMMUNICATE– Just because no one else is talking doesnt mean you dont have to… If you use ur mic others on your team could be encouraged to join in when they realise someone else is making calls as well. Also asking your teammates to help you with something isnt a sin…. If u dont ask for an ADS on that window and u die from a sledge you will be too focused on wondering “What if i had just asked my teammate? If you ask and Jager doesnt do it then just move on because at least you asked. On the other hand he puts it down for you, saves your life and your a happy camper. However this could be less likely on console as there is no push to talk so people just leave their mic muted as they dont want to annoy players by having an open mic and think its too much hassle to keep muting and unmuting.

MAKE PLAYS AND  EXPECT TO HAVE TO CARRY YOUR TEAM – 90% of the time during solo que, lets be real, you will probably be the best on your team or your teammates will be braindead noobs if you watch them if you somehow die. The only way to counter this in solo play is to carry. To carry you need to have the mindset that you can and will carry ur team no matter what. In this circumstance you should throw the first tip out the window and try to pick your best ops and frag out (BUT ONLY IN DESPERATE SITUATIONS otherwise be a good teammate please?). If you carry hard enough you will probably have to clutch a few rounds… and if you clutch a round you win… and if you win a round you get closer to winning the match.

PLAY SMART, PLAY FOR TIME – The tip above was for attack… On defence play smart….. They have to come to you. Theres no rush for you to kill them because as long as you protect the objective you’ve won. Operators like Lesion,Vigil,Mute are great with smart players. With Lesion every gu mine is at least like 10 seconds wasted….. you cant sprint and it does damage so you are basically forced to take the gu out which takes time. A good Lesion will just wait till an Ash gets impatient and rushes (not checking corners or rooms or anything) then just pick them off easy. HOWEVER, to be an effective lesion you have to stay alive, 2 gu mines from the prep phase are way less useful if you die early on than dying with 20secs left and about like 7 gu mines near and around the obj. Mute can frustrate enemies from the prep by disrupting drones which already makes the attacking job harder. During the round he can disrupt breaching charges, Jam blitz shield, Block phone calls (turn them off in new patch), Disrupt lion scans, Block Jackals Visor and stop thermite and hibana breaching walls and basically tell them to find another way in or waste equipment to get my jammer. Vigil can be a master of wasting time in the right hands. If an attacker drones in and sees the vigil indicator they could either be way more slower with their approach or wait like 20 secs for the timer to run out. Then stupidly the attacker might think “oh the indicator is gone and i cant see him so i can hop in” but meanwhile the vigil is waiting round the corner for an easy kill. His gadget also gives a white indicator to the floor above vigil (or maybe below instead i cant remember) which can waste even more time as the attacker could be worried about a vigil when they arent even on the same floor.

IF YOU LOSE 2 IN ROW AND THE FUN STOPS TAKE A BREAK– Maybe the most important tip to avoid ELO hell as playing whilst angry/frustrated will probably decrease your level of performance. Losing 1,then 2 games can slowly turn into 3 and maybe 4 losses on the bounce and by the time you realise you probably arent gonna win anytime soon the damage has already been done. But of course if you keep winning be my guest and carry on till you lose.

Sorry this is so long but i got bored and writing this i just realised i actually have learnt a lot and have a lot to say….

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