Rainbow Six Siege Nokk Guide

by SneakyEnch

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that Nøkk is underpowered or that she’s in need of a buff, but in my opinion that’s simply not true. With a little bit of practice and slightly more teamwork, you can get the jump on your competition.

Step 1. The loadout.

I personally use the FMG-9 with suppressor and holo, and without laser sight, but that’s all just up to personal preference. I’ve seen people run her shotgun and still do well with it, but I use it so little I forgot it’s name.

I also use the 5.7 USG instead of the deagle, and that’s simply because it’s generally more reliable than the deagle. It has a larger mag size and recoil that won’t hit the roof after 3 shots, as well as a generally decent sight. I usually run this with suppressor and laser sight both on, but again it’s up to personal preference.

I’ll generally bring frags, but depending on the map (which is just personal preference) I’ll bring breach charges. They’re usually too loud though, so unless you strictly have to play vertically and don’t have the shotgun, that’s when I’d bring em.

Step 2. The spawn.

When playing Nøkk, you’ll want to spawn relatively far away from your team. Don’t bring defuser with you since unless you’re going for a ninja plant you’re not going to need it. If you spawn with someone, make sure it’s your squad mate who may or may not be helping you out, which brings me to the next point:

Step 3. Good team comp.

Nøkk pairs pretty well with almost every team comp, but unsurprisingly works extremely well with a twitch, due to twitch’s ability to counter any banshees, evil eyes and proximity alarms that might get in her way. Get a squad mate to play twitch and drone you in, disabling or destroying anything that might give intel on your position.

Step 4. Play style.

You’ll want to drone everything out if twitch isn’t doing it already, but don’t have the drone come from the same area you are. This gives you intel but doesn’t give away your position, allowing you to make moves based on that. You’ll want to play sorta like a cav, but don’t sprint too much as nøkk’s gadget won’t make her silent when she does that. Try to walk or crouch walk as much as possible. Your only goal is to get frags and push the defenders back into site.

Step 5. Maps.

Not every operator is good on every map. The ranked maps that I personally enjoy playing Nøkk on the most are:

Bank, as long as I stay away from lobby.





Outback, as long as I stay away from garage if they aren’t in compressor.

So, yea. That’s my basic guide on how I play Nøkk, I’m not champ or anything and I’m assuming people will have better advice but if you aim for headshots the FMG will do ya well. I hope this helps and I hope to see some fellow Nøkk mains out on the field.

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