Clash Royale Pseudo Win Conditions Guide

by SpiderV1

Most playstyles include either building a Doomsday Machine or to constantly Cycle until your opponent has no counter in hand. What if you had a secondary goal, to create so much chaos around a single, fragile troop that the fragile troop stays untouched?

This type of gameplay is often seen in the more amusing Hot videos, where a Dart Goblin stays untouched for endless amount of damage on enemy troops or the tower, or where a single skeleton wreaks havoc as all the enemy focus is on the tank. It’s simply gloriously entertaining, no one will disagree!

But how does this fit in a deck? Technically, it can be a part of any deck, but I have found it much more plausible in certain decks, these being

-Lava(Miner or Loon)


-Giant/Witch Combo

What do these have in common? Each

A) Have a large amounts of troops in play that often surround a single troop (Lava Pups, Goblin Gang, Witch’s Skeletons)

B) A Ranged (Often fragile) troop that often goes unnoticed (Flying Machine, Dart Goblin, Musketeer)

This allows the “Pseudo WinCon” to be surrounded by the troops, providing a swarm like shield which could be at times almost undefeatable if a splash card is out of hand

The most important reason these specifically stated cards are so important when paired with the respective deck is due to them not being the most threatening card on the field, and can often stay on the field long periods without the opponent committing elixir specifically for defeating them.

Within my own LavaMiner Deck, I often see my Flying Machine being the last troop in the Arena to be eliminated by the enemy, as they never committed Elixir to what they perceived as a card that was not a threat


The idea that creates this miniature branch of Pseudo WinCons comes from the fact that certain cards are underestimated (and rightfully so in some cases), and thus there is no defense applied by the opponent

For example, there is very little elixir that will be committed to defend a lone pack of Spear Goblins, despite them being able to take 1/10 of the tower health for 2 elixir, at times none

On the other hand, defending against a PEKKA often can be the most stressful and intense experience if a counter is not already in hand, and there’s simply no way a PEKKA will go uncountered

Exploiting the mindset of your opponent can often net several hundred points of tower damage at a time, and your deck can be suited to do this often, my favorite ways include

-Guards over Skeleton Army. While providing the same defensive value, despite reduced damage while also offering a spell proof troop, Guards are very much underestimated offensively. Health wise they take the same amount of hits to him as 9 Skeletons. This doesn’t sound like much, but this is roughly the same as a Skeleton Army after defeating a Lumberjack

-Spear Goblins. As mentioned earlier, they always take so much health from the tower yet so often so I see no counter for them, and rightfully so. Nevertheless, they exploit the opponent.

-Knight/Valkerie. Lumped together as they often are interchangeable in decks, they have quite the incredible amount of health for such low elixir troops, and yet they never get proper use. Ever seen a half health Valkerie get on the tower? Yeah screw that.

Use these overlooked cards to get wins with no impactful pushes needed!! You will net several wins from that alone!!

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