Clash Royale Pekka Guide

Clash Royale Pekka Guide by Articuno64fan


So to start it off I’ve been playing PEKKA for quite a long time (around 8 months) and have been to 4.5k with her, so I know mostly everything about this card. I’l be writing this guide because I keep seeing people suggesting PEKKA buffs that make them seem like they don’t even play the card/know its purpose/weaknesses. While I do agree that PEKKA needs a buff, she’s not completely useless in her current state like other cards. cough cough sparky. So I’l be explaining how she is not complete garbage and is usable. I’l start off writing about her role and how to use her effectively then talk about potential buffs she could receive.


So what can this useless 7 elixir card accomplish you say? Well, she fills the role of a tank such as golem, but unlike the golem, she puts pressure on the map by being able to attack anything. This gives her a huge edge over golem by being able to defend herself and assist in a counter push.

Now that we know what she does. We can now see what she contributes to a push. One of the main things she contributes to a push is supporting troops behind her. Using PEKKA as a win condition should be secondary. Her protective power are excellent. For example,in a Pekka Three Musketeers push, Pekka can shred Barbs,E Barbs,Valkyries and many other mini tanks.


Now this is where it gets tricky. There are so many PEKKA placements depending on what you need at the time. Lets start with the most simple PEKKA placement.

At the back of the king tower: RISKY
This placement is mostly for when you know the enemy wont be able to rush you with cards such as e barbs and hog. In the current meta, this placement is extremely risky and should only be used when you know they can’t punish you for placing the PEKKA.

At the front of the king tower: SAFE
This placement is useful for when starting a game out or just pushing in general. It allows you to never be able to be rushed by Elite barbarians. If they put e barbs in the opposite lane, you can just drag them close to the middle by dropping a smaller troop to be able to lure them to the pekka. (such as archers,spear gobs,ice spirit etc..)

In front of an arena tower: MEDIUM RISK
This placement makes it hard to lure enemy troops from one lane to another so that your PEKKA can assist on killing them but, it should be used to defend pushes such as Golem,Giant,e barbs,Hog, and many other pushes composing of mini tanks. This position of bad for fighting against a deck with a Bowler in in. In that case place the PEKKA a couple tiles left or right from the tower to redirect the Bowler’s attack.

At the bridge: RISKY
This placement should only ever be used when you HAVE to make a push in that lane and only if you already have support troops in that lane. Surprises the enemy if he does not have adequate counters or had just placed his own slow push tank at the back.

In their base: DANGEROUS
This placement is SUPER situational and should only be used when you NEED to protect a unit going down the lane to secure a win. Most of the times if you play her here, PEKKA might have been your only way to counter some of their tanks or mini tanks resulting in a loss or massive damage to your arena towers.


PEKKA is insanely good at countering a push and being able to counter attack at relatively full health. She shreds most tanks and can destroy Elite Barbs, even when placed on her on the enemy side, the Elite barbs stand absolutely zero chance.

One of her biggest enemies would have to be the ice wizard and the Electro wizard. When these wizards lock onto the poor pekka, her attacks get slowed and stopped, not allowing her to shred tanks and such.

Another obvious weakness would be swarm units, but most of these units can be prevented with the use of spells, these include things like skarmy,Minion Hordes,spear gobs, stab gobs ect. Guards are the hardest to deal with for a lone pekka, but with adequate support, they become smooth butter for the PEKKA and her backup.

Finally, the most common counter cards, The inferno tower and the inferno dragon. Both of these cards are extremely dangerous to the PEKKA as she can get melted in seconds, but with the amount of resets in the game, these cards are not extremely worrisome for a PEKKA user, especially when you can distract them with other small troops such as minions,skarmy,guards ect.

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