Rainbow Six Siege Roaming Newbies Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Roaming Newbies Guide by justemaaz

This handy guide for roaming is absolutely not complete nor will make you a Pro League lever player, but I’ll try my best to cover all the basics.

  1. What’s the purpose of roaming? If you didn’t know already, the purpose of roaming is not kills. The purpose of roaming is wasting attackers time and, most important, putting pressure on them, so that they can’t establish control (thus creating a “comfort zone” that would allow them to concentrate on attacking the site) on a part of the map. Attackers MUST know you could be creeping behind them at any given moment, so that they HAVE to constantly be checking their backs and rotations, using their gadgets and drones to hunt you down and eventually get you. And by the time that happens, if you managed to waste more than one entire minute of their time you can consider your roaming job a very well done job. If you manage to get a kill or two too that’s even better, of course, but that should never be your primary focus.

  2. How should a roamer move in the map in order to get his job done? Interesting question, Timmy. Although there is not a universal way of roaming and how you play that role will depend on the situation you get into, there are a few tips I feel like giving to you. First of all, embrace the drones: you’re a roamer, they gonna hunt you down. So whenever you see a drone (and it sees you), don’t run away and don’t panic. Keep your position and expect the push. Think about were they could be pushing you from and what angles are the safest to hold. Keep in mind that THEY have to come to you, and sooner or later they will. If they don’t, and you feel confident that they gave up on you, that’s when you should try and rotate back near site. Second tip right here: don’t spend the ENTIRE ROUND in Clubhouse bedroom if the Obj is in armory. Whenever you get the call that the attackers are approaching the site, choose the safest path you can think of (based on the situation you’re in) and try and slowly rotate back near site, and eventually on site, if your team is in a x-1 VS x situation. Third point: roaming is not a blind commitment. If your anchors are struggling and your team is slowly falling apart, you must try and return back to site to help them, no matter what. If you die in the process, who cares, the round would probably be lost anyways. But if you spend 2 minutes in Clubhouse Bedroom doing nothing while a 2v4 is going down there, you’re a bad roamer (and a bad teammate). Last but not least, don’t be thirsty for kills. Use distractions (eg broken window, punched soft walls etc.) to let the enemies know you’re there, somewhere. But don’t rush for the kill: if you shot someone in the back but didnt kill/DBNO them, don’t rush the kill. Instead, hold your position or even better rotate to another part of the map (so that you can apply pressure on other enemies): they now know you’re there and that will be bugging them for the rest of the round. But if you expose yourself and get killed, that’s only gonna strenghten their power of will (“I got that MF roamer lmao what did he want to do ahah its a 4v5 lets get this”) and will play in their favor.

  3. You are supposed to die. Roaming is like a WWE 2v1 handicap match. You are supposed to lose. Simply because, if the enemy team is competent, they are gonna drone you and hunt you down in the first 20-40 seconds of the round. And there’s nothing you can do about it: if they play it flawlessly, you die. They pinch you and you can’t do a thing. That’s simply how it works. Try your best to move around so that they can’t have a “still call” (eg. “he’s in bathroom!”) on you, and if you feel like you’re trapped and about to die, that’s when you should be rushing for a kill: one for one is better than dying alone.

  4. What operators are most suited for roaming? If you’re good enough, every operator is good enough for roaming. But that does not mean you should use random operators. 3 speeds are obviously the overall best operators, but I personally feel like only a few of them really do the job: Jager, Ela, Vigil. (What about Alibi, you ask? I feel like she’s most of a info gathering operator, such as Mira or Valk, but I don’t really have many hours with her so I won’t talk about something I don’t know).
    If you play as Jager, NEVER be the one to reinforce hatches or far away walls: always put down 2x barbed wire and at least 2x ADS (you can use one to help you roam, but that’s some PL level shit), and then reinforce site.
    If you play as Ela, NEVER put your mines INSIDE the site, because they probably gonna stun more teammates than enemies. Instead, put them right outside obj doors or hatches (eg. next to the drone hole outside of Bunks, in 2F Meme park, so its gonna stun whoever drops hatch or rushes Bunks from trains).
    If you play as Vigil, well, play as Vigil. Use the gadget, confuzzle them. Not really much to say imo.

  5. Roaming is not always an option. I get it, you like roaming. And I like it too. But sometimes it just does not work. If after 1 or 2 rounds you see you cant be ahead of the attackers, or if the map is not the greatest for roaming (eg. Chalet, Oregon) don’t force it. You’re just gonna let your team down. Instead, play the same ops if you like, but stay near site and try and help anchors as much as you can, or still roam for a bit, but as soon as you know they about to push you, retreat back without fighting: you still wasted some of their time and you’re alive to help your teammates. That’s a W/W for me.

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