For Honor Perks Tier List

For Honor Perks Tier List by Pygex

NOTE: Which perks to choose depends on the play style. This list only evaluates the absolute value you can get from a perk when compared to all other perks so if you are thinking of a selection between few perks this might help you.

Tiers are:

  • S, game changer
  • A, high value, effect is strong/useful considering how easy/often it can be triggered during a match
  • B, neutral value, this is the middle ground
  • C, low value, the effect is weak considering how hard/seldom it can be triggered during a match
  • N, not viable, the effect provides hardly any benefit considering how it is triggered

Offensive perks


Upon execution, heal an additional +15 health

  • Tier A
  • Extremely good in Breach for generating more health from officers.


When gaining a renown level receive 3% stamina cost reduction (max 4 gains)

  • Tier B
  • 3% to 12% permanent stamina cost reduction is not huge but it is not totally bad either

Survival Instinct

When in critical health, gain 15% stamina cost reduction

  • Tier N / Tier C when stacked with Endurance
  • Only applies when you are with less than 25 HP, 1 or 2 hits away from death with too little benefit
  • Inferior to Endurance that seems to often be available at the same time, which gets you a similar effect at all times (3% to 12%)
  • 3% stamina cost difference at renown 4 is negligible and you (hopefully) spend more time fighting at renown 4 than at critical health during a match
  • However, can help you land that one final hit or do the last needed feint on your opponent before OOS if stacked with Endurance, credit to u/SgtBearPatrol

Head Hunter

For each unique player/bot Hero executed, increase max health by +4 (max 4 increases)

  • Tier C
  • You have the potential of getting 16 more HP quite fast if you are able to get the executions on each enemy hero
  • Highly dependant on player skills
  • This will let you tank a light or around 3 heavy blocks more, not that great but also not trash


Upon hero kill, gain 20% movement speed for 10 seconds

  • Tier A
  • Extremely good if you are ganking in Dominion for speeding up your rotations. Also good in Breach for speeding up rotations or as a get away tool.

Early Reaper

Upon spawn or when revived, first attack deals 20% more damage

  • Tier N
  • Only one hit and the effect is gone, 20% is not significant enough for that

Crush Them

Upon Hero kill, your next attack deals 20% more damage

  • Tier N
  • Only one hit and the effect is gone, 20% is not significant enough for that

Defensive perks

Shields up

Upon spawn on when revived receive a +15 health shield

  • Tier B
  • 15 health that cannot be regained once lost is not that much but it is not bad either, specially if you get revived to a fight


All shields received are increased by 20%

  • Tier N / Up to Tier B with perks Shields up and Vengeful Barrier or with feats that provide shields
  • Without shield giving perks or feats it is hard to get any value reliably
  • 20% boost gives +3hp to Shields Up and +5hp to Vengeful Barrier making it not bad but not good when coupled with both

Fresh Focus

When Out of Stamina, blocks and parries generate 20% stamina

  • Tier A / Tier S when using the feat Rock Steady
  • Counts hero hits only, not minions
  • After you get your third block or parry in a 1v1 you will usually have full stamina
  • The feat Rock Steady makes you immune to knockdowns by throws and parries when OOS, coupled with this perk your OOS is really safe and lasts for 2 seconds if getting pressured by anything else than bashes letting you to enter OOS in order to regain your stamina to full in no time

Last stand

When in critical health, gain 20% damage resistance*

  • Tier N
  • You may be able take one extra hit depending what is hitting you but extremely situational perk with such a low benefit


When in a zone or carrying a banner/offering, gain 10% damage resistance

  • Tier A
  • Best for holding/contesting zones in Dominion and Breach or pushing the ram in Breach, banner carrying more like a nice bonus

Vengeful Barrier

When exiting revenge, gain a +25 health shield

  • Tier A
  • Really good anti gank tool and for stalling out
  • Once you are out of revenge the shield can help you with chip damage for blocking heavies to get another one

Bulk Up

When gaining a Renown level, increase maximum health by +4 (max 4 increases)

  • Tier B
  • Guaranteed defensive list version of Head Hunter
  • At renown 4 (+16hp) this will let you tank a light or around 3 heavy blocks more, not that great but also not trash

Assist perks

Radiant Rebound

Upon spawning or when revived, gain 20% movement speed for 10 seconds

  • Tier B
  • Weaker version of Galestorm due to the triggering method, still tier B due to movement being quite important in 4v4 game modes


Upon Hero kill, heal +10 health

  • Tier A
  • Easy to trigger, extra heal after a kill never hurts, specially good when stacked with the feat Body Hunter

Feline Agility

When gaining a Renown level, gain 4% movement speed for first, then 2% for each subsequent level

  • Tier A
  • 4% to 10% movement speed in team based game modes is extremely useful, specially towards the end of the game when spawn timers are increased and revives / back dooring becomes more significant

Rapid Refresh

Upon takedown or when reviving an ally Feats’ active cooldowns are reduced by 5%

  • Tier N to Tier A
  • Depends on how many active cooldown feats you are using
  • Effect is easy to trigger

Rising Dawn

Revive allies to 75% health

  • Tier A
  • Strong effect and easy to trigger


In revenge gain 15% movement speed and uninterruptible sprint

  • Tier B
  • Extremely useful for get aways but Tier B because revenge is the most powerful offensive tool in the game

Clever Tactics

Capture a zone and use banner offerings 15% faster

  • Tier A
  • Best for using offerings in Breach or Tribute as those tend to be moments where even a second can be the difference between success or getting interrupted and loosing the offering to the enemy team

I do not actively play all the characters so if you have any perk & feat combos that affect the Tiers or you disagree, leave a comment with convincing reasonings and I will edit the list and give you the credits for that part.

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