For Honor Revenge Mechanics Guide

For Honor Revenge Mechanics Guide by EPGKIN

Here i’ll leave registered everything i could gather about Revenge, it’s activation and their “interactions” with other stuff. Keep in mind that there are probably still some other stuff to discover and register, but i’ll be happy to update this list at any time.


ReAct = Revenge Activation

RevAP = Revenge Auto-Parry

HA = Hyper Armor (allows you to not be interrupted by a ‘normal’ Attack during the time its active)

SA = Super Armor (allows you to not be interrupted by both a ‘normal’ or ‘Melee-like’ Attack, also doesnt have a cap to how much attacks u can take before automatically losing the ‘armor’, during the time its active)

HB = Headbutt (can be from either Shugoki or Warlord)

ZA = Zone Attack


• When doing any offensive action in Revenge mode, you gain SA and GB immunity (when feinting as well tho). Except when performing a GB, in this case u will only have HA. In both cases it kicks off instantly after your “move” or “attack” starts. Which also basically means that u can react to GBs, and bashes, with attacks of ur own. Apparently only attacks not that slow (<900ms) will land after the “GB whiff” from ur opponent (when reacting to the GB), but after “super-armoring” a bash things get inconsistent, since it depends on the bash hit recovery.

• In Revenge every GB u do has priority over attacks, ignoring their normal vulnerability windows, meaning it’ll interrupt any type of move at any point in their animation. At least will do so 100ms before it hits you if it’s a bash.

• When doing any “charging” or “holding” movement in revenge, u have SA and are immune to GB (if opponent tries to GB it simply whiffs in the air), but that doesn’t work with Stances that only requires you to hold the Guard Stick down. GB immunity and SA starts instantly after the charging input is registered and the move is initiated. [ Videos on each char that has it ]

• Revenge activation has GB immunity during the time in which you have “auto-parry” enabled: Which lasts for 800ms and has 100ms of startup, also you’re vulnerable when you’re within that tiny window (GBs will “connect”, but u can counter them without wasting ur revenge, and “normal” attacks will hit u and not interrupt the ReAct itself, even tho u wont enter in Auto-Parry stance, thus activating revenge in the worst possible situation).

• This “auto-parry stance” can be canceled only after 200ms into it (after the initial 100ms of startup, meaning its 300ms from ReAct to “X move” being performed), with any type of action (GB, dodge, unlock, any attack, parry etc.), making so that in some situations, in addition to other times where you understand the situation and see that the Revenge should be kept, it can actually be better to not activate it at all in situations where the recovery is basically non-existent already (like after LB’s throws). [ Take all other videos as proof ]

• Revenge Activation can act, basically, like a “recovery canceler”. This includes every type of recovery, like:

  1. After an attack (every type of attack, so includes bashes as well) hits/gets blocked/whiffs; |

  2. After initiating a dodge (the dodge animation itself is completely canceled in this case, at any point after input);

3.After parrying. Basically the ‘real’ stagger shows to be 1300ms for Heavy parry and 1600ms for Light parry, which means that minus 300ms of startup and so u end up with 1000ms for Heavy parry and 1300ms for Light parry. The way this works is that, while ‘practically’ saying, Heavy and Light parry sttagers are effectively 600ms and 900ms respectively, this number is counted just after we (the one who parried) isnt doing the parry animation anymore, but if u use ReAct to cut that animation, which lasts for a total of 600ms after the instant at which the parry happened, u end up seeing the “real” parries stagger;

4. After being parried;

5. After throwing an opponent;

6. After getting thrown by an opponent;

7. After blocking an attack… Guarantees GB against attacks that have 600ms or more of block recovery, but against 600ms of recovery the ReAct must be nearly instant, if not actually instant, which makes it rather inconsistent and unpractical in an actual fight (examples of attacks with 600ms of block recovery: Nobu’s Side Heavies, Conq’s Heavies, PK’s Heavies). Attacks with less block recovery than that are kinda rare, some examples would be Valk’s neutral Heavies, Kensei neutral Top Heavy, Glad’s Heavies, Cent’s Heavy openers and WL’s neutral Heavies;

8. After getting hit by an attack (any type). When doing this against non-melee attacks it can work the same way as when blocking them and so u can cut the hit recovery and get guaranteed GBs (hit and block recoveries are the same);

9. After having your Guard Break be countered (doesn’t really have any use outside of preventing stupid ledge deaths);

10. After initiating a GB (the GB animation itself is completely canceled in this scenario);

11. After being guard broken. This instance creates a nice mindgame where you’re kinda “forced”, or more like “induced”, to either activate revenge or not based on what ur opponent will do, cause if he continues with his attack u want to activate it, but if he faints his attack u will have wasted your RevAP and so, on the other hand if he faints and you don’t activate revenge he will have missed a punish and u would have remained at the advantage with revenge being ready to be activated (which is very threatening, especially considering that it does not decay overtime if you’re in “combat”).

12. When being “CCd” with attacks like DE, Long Arm,Caber Toss and so on, Revenge will only be able to be activated after you’ve already hit the ground, but it still cuts all the “on-ground” and “wake-up” animations.

• After any faint, while you’re in Revenge, u gain some type of weird “superior-block”, that looks more like a deflect on Zerk, that kick offs instantly after the faint has ended and apparently lasts for only 100ms, cant say for sure tho, it is indeed inconsistent, but anyway it exists… and also confirms GB when u block an attack with it. Tho i’m a bit confused about it, cause it isn’t exactly Superior Block since ur enemy’s attack simply continues through (if its a Heavy, since Lights bounce off as usual), but you aren’t affected by any sort of “blocking stagger”, so idk what it is, just know that it exists and what it can do for u. |

• No “offensive move”, specifically, can be canceled mid animation (except for GBs), only their recoveries.

• Now here’s some other small things to take into consideration: Shugo is “anti-revenge”, or “anti-SA” actually, which means that his hug and his HB completely ignore ur SA, which u gained from Revenge mode. It simply interrupts u no matter what ure doing, but of course u can dodge it or GB Shugo before he hugs u, in the HB case, it ignores ur GB too ; Shinobi’s Ranged Heavy after Kick can’t be auto-parried using revenge, like WL’s poke after HB can, which means it’ll be completely uninterruptible after the Kick has landed ; Shinobi’s Ranged GB and Cent’s Quick Throw are “special” GBs, because of that (or its a bug, dont know) they have immunity against GB immunity, which means that when you’re in revenge they still interrupt u like if u hadn’t revenge at all

Side Notes:

Every punish using RevAP has to be buffered and to perform the majority of them correctly, u cant change guards.

In the clips where i already have Revenge and still activate to cut off Recoveries from moves that wouldn’t knockback the opponent if u hadn’t Revenge already, u can discount the already existing Revenge and consider the opponent as being OOS. Other times i simply used it that way cause it was a lot easier to test things that way. Anyway, u should analyze case by case, cause obviously already having Revenge and activating it wont happen in a real game, but things like punishes from RevAP wont change if i already had Revenge or not and so on.


• Revenge Auto-Parry max punish. Which is Light (20) → Top Heavy (52):


• Revenge Auto-Parry max (Light (20) → ZA (65) [unsafe])/optimal (Light (20) → Top Heavy (59)) punish:

• Stampede (both from out of lock and from GB throw) → ReAct → Top Heavy (59) (unsafe, tho since u would be on revenge u can basically react to a GB with a Chained Top Heavy):

• Max punish when parrying OOS opponent and using ReAct to get Side Heavy (52) → ZA (65) (unsafe, but can be made safe by delaying the ZA):


• Max punish when parrying OOS opponent and using ReAct to get Side Heavy (52) → Top Heavy (59):

• Max Auto-Parry punish. Which is Top Light (26)→ Top Heavy (59):


• DE (40) → ReAct → DE (52)/Top Heavy (59)(→ HB) :

• Oni Charge on Revenge it knocks people (just like it used to), but without a wall to interfere in the fall of ur opponent u’ll no longer get a Heavy (59/52), just a ZA (26).

 • Max punish when parrying OOS opponent and using ReAct to get Top Heavy (59) → Top Heavy (39) :

 • Demon Ball (25) (into a wall, even more consistent into a corner) → ReAct → Top Heavy (59) (→ HB):

 • Max Auto Parry punish (Optimal way to do it actually). Which is RevAP → Heavy faint → Charged Heavy (78):


 • Max OOS Throw/Crashing Charge punish without wall. Which is ZA (25) → ReAct → Side Heavy (39) (unsafe if not followed with a Light):

 • Max OOS Throw/Crashing Charge punish with wall. Which is Side Heavy (30) → ReAct → Side Heavy (39) (unsafe if not followed with a Light):

 • Max OOS Parry punish. Which is ZA (25) → ReAct → Side Heavy (39):

 • Max RevAP punish. Which is Light (17/23) (from stance u were on) → Side Heavy (46):

 • Max Light Parry punish using ReAct to get  Helmsplitter Leap (33) (Dodge Heavy) → HB (Light poke (15)):


  • Charging Shield Crush → ReAct → Top Heavy (43):

  • Charging Heavy stance. As i said in the beginning, it has GB immunity and SA like all other similar “charging stances”, but it has other stuff going on for him. Which is basically a weird “superior-block” just like after a faint, either guarantees a Charged Heavy or a GB after cancelling the  “heavy charging” and “superior blocking” while “feinting”.


 • RevAP max punish. Which is Light (17) → Heavy (33) (Bleed (15 bleed and 2 physical):

 • Using Revenge to cut off Throw recovery to get Heavies (25) (→ Bleed (15 bleed and 2 physical) from a Wallsplat (either with or without dodging):

 • Max OOS Throw punish. Which is GB → ONE Stab (8 bleed and 2 physical) → Forward Throw → ReAct → Heavy (25) → Heavy (33) (Bleed Stab (15 bleed and 2 physical):


   • RevAP max punish. Which is Light (20) → Side Heavy Feint → (buffered) Side Heavy (43) → Light (20):


  • Max RevAP punish (most difficult one to get). Which is Top Heavy (46) → Top Heavy (46) :

  • Optimal RevAP punish (almost doesnt even require buffering). Which is ZA (26)→ Top Heavy (46):

  • Storm Rush “preparation” stance having the called GB immunity and SA i talked about earlier:


  • Using ReAct to get a guaranteed Long Arm after another Long Arm:

  • Max OOS parry punish using ReAct to get Top Heavy (39) → Side Heavy (39):


  • Max RevAP punish (doesnt require buffering at all). Which is Hidden Stance → Top Heavy (46) → Kick → Bleed (28 bleed and 8 physical)/Top Heavy (50) (with wall):

  • Max Light parry punish using ReAct to get HS → Top Heavy (46) → Kick→ Bleed (8 physical and 28 bleed)/Top Heavy (50) (with wall):


 • Max RevAp punish. Which is Dodge Light (23) → Light (20) → Sweep → Heavy (33):

 • Her Shield Tackle “preparation” stance has that GB immunity and SA:


 • Max RevAP punish. Which is Light (20) (one only) → Heavy (39) → (same side) Light (13):

 • His Kick after Deflect, while on Revenge, knocks people down. Which leads to this sick punish after deflecting:

 • His “Like-dodge” abilities can be canceled mid-animation at any point after input. Roll (the one after a Ranged Heavy):


  • His “Charging Heavy” stance, as said earlier, has GB immunity and SA:

 • Ranged GB can be canceled the same way as a “normal” GB:


   • Max RevAP punish (unsafe). Which is Light (20) → Top Heavy (59):

    • His “Offensive Form” stance, as said earlier, has GB immunity and SA:

    • Max OOS parry punish using ReAct to get Top Heavy (59) → Top heavy (59) (unsafe):


    • Quick Throw can be canceled the same way as a “normal” GB:

    • RevAP punish that allows for a quicker kill and execution in a “opponent’s life convenience” situation. Which is Light (20) → Eagle’s Talons (46):

   • Max RevAP punish. Which is (whiffed) Light → Charged Heavy (39) → Charged Punch (10 with haymaker) → Eagle’s Talons (46): . Second clip is to show that the Light has to be buffered to hit on HA and if u buffer the Light u cant delay the Charged Heavy enough for it to not hit on HA, thats why the Light must be whiffed. Also, last combo is to show that if u do it without delaying it hits on HA, which means its certain that with the right delay it can be made guaranteed.

 • Using ReAct to cancel “hit recovery” after any Charged Punch, which guarantees Light (20/0) (may or may not whiff) → Charged Heavy (39) → Charged Punch (10 with haymaker) → Eagle’s Talons (46). First clip that shows it after a GB throw into wall and where the Light hits, when this happens the Charged Heavy afterwards must be delayed to the maximum, or very close to it, otherwise it’ll hit on HA: Second one shows it after a Parry-Counter into wall and where the Light doesnt hit, in this case the Charged Heavy must be buffered or done instantly after the Light finished, in summary, as fast as possible. If u end up delaying it, ur opponent will be able to parry the Charged Heavy: Third clip shows it as an extension of an OOS throw punish and with the same “whiffing Light” rules:


  • Max RevAP punish. Which is (Dodge*) Light (26/20) → Heavy (39):

  • Its a bit more difficult to land.


  • Dodge Heavy/Pounce “preparation” stance having the called GB immunity and SA i talked about earlier:

  • Max RevAP punish: Side Dodge Heavy (26) → UB Heavy (59) → Top Bleed (2 physical and 24 bleed). More prone to land one: Light (12)→ UB (59) Heavy → Top Bleed (2 physical and 24 bleed).


  • Max RevAP punish (from Side stance). Which is Side Heavy (39) → Top Heavy (37) → Side Light (23):

   • Max RevAP punish (from Top stance). Which is Top Heavy (33) → Side Heavy (43) → Top Light (16):

Thanks for reading :)

Here’s a little bonus:

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