For Honor Hitting Counter Guard Break Training Guide

For Honor Hitting Counter Guard Break Training Guide by G0ffer

I see alot of people who can’t cgb and alot of people are complaining about it being difficult. It’s not difficult after some practice but you need good practice.

Here’s how to get it so that every single time you play you can always cgb. Of course since we are human and not robots we might mess up a few times but still.

Step 1. Go into the advanced practice.

Step 2. Don’t have your finger on the gb button! This is terrible to practice like this. Always have it on your right stick as you would in a real game.(or wasd for our pcmr friends stay glorious). Do the usual “dance” you do with your guards.

Step 3. Move your guard and do some attacks as you normally would and try to get every cgb you can while “shadowboxing ” the dummy.

Step 4. Position yourself so that when you cgb you move the guy one step closer to the ledge(that wooden bridge thing near the ladder). This will be similar as you would move in a real game vs a player.

Step 5. Keep cgbing him till you get him to the ledge. If you mess up he will throw you and walk further away from your goal.

Do this once every time before you start playing. This will build up the muscle memory to cgb without even thinking. Sorta the way you flinch and move your head away when something comes flying at you. You’ve the muscle memory built up from years of things flying at you that you don’t have to think about it. It just happens.

I hope this helps you guys and girls.

**Edit. Times you can’t Guard break:

  1. After dashing.

  2. After getting parried.

  3. After missing a guard break/hitting GB too early.

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