Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie Guide by cW_Thiger

Valk is an operator that uses her so called black eye cameras to gather intel for her team. She can be played as a team player or you can use her as a flanker on your own.


  • MPX: The MPX is an SMG with a very high firerate and low damage per shot output. But it’s very easy to land a clear headshot with its accuracy.
  • SPAS 12: The SPAS 12 is a semi automatic shotgun that can take down enemies very fast when you engage them in a close quarter combat.
  • D50: The D50 aka Deagle is a secondary with an enormous amount of Damage and recoil. It is also Part of the destruction 5 Model, putting it on a Par with glazes OTS-3 and Tachankas Turret. This means you can create Large Murderholes.
  • Deployable Shield: The deployable shield can be used to get some cover when you are in cams.
  • C4: The C4 can be used in various ways (More detail below)

My Load out:

  • MPX: Holographic Sight, Vertical Grip, and Muzzle Brake (Here is to be noted that the I use the shotgun occasionally when I know I have to defend cqc on or close to the obj)
  • D50: –
  • C4: –


  • Information Gathering
  • Aggressive flanking
  • C4 Trap
  • Denying Bomb plants from Below/Above

Information Gathering: This Part is easy to learn but hard to master. So what you basically do is, you place your cams somewhere, where your enemy doesn’t see it or is not able to shoot it (there is a spot on hereford) and you will be able to gather information from it. This is my prefered playstyle. From the intel those cams give me I try to get off flanks and kills. This is the easy part about it, but what is really hard to master is, where you’re going to place them. For me, on my team (which we’re currently recruiting for btw) we go through the maps and see where you want to hv the cams, so the whole team knows where they are. I will give you one example in defending the kitchen/trophy on chalet. Here I place my cams as following: one in the big garage underneath the obj, one in the fireplace Lobby and one outside on one of the trees. Now my “normal position” is to stay below the kitchen window at the door in the outside cam. A tesmmate will help me with the cams in big garage so I can’t get caught off guard. Now I can A: telll my teammates if smbdy is approaching the trophy window or if smbdy is watching through the drone hole.

C4 Trap: Have a preset C4 at a location where you put a cam on (like im the same room watching it) for example next to the kitchen hatch in Clubhouse. Have a C4 underneath and wait for Thermite.

Denying Bomb plants from Below/Above: What you want to do is, have a cam in the obj and watch it until someone tries to plant, now either C4 him or shoot him through the floor on the mark a teammate set you.

Utilizing C4: First up, this can be used on any OP with a C4.

  • 1st Way: Make a hole between bomb sites. I think this is self eyplanatory.
  • 2nd Way: use it as a trap(as stated above)
  • 3rd Way: Use it to create a new flanking route when you get stuck in a room. When someone is having an angle on you and that was your only way out, use your C4 to create a new pathway.
  • 4th Way: Kill ppls with it, it is lethal.
  • 5th Way: use it as distraction. Throw your C4 on a wall and let it explode. Now you can go through the doorway while they’re watching your hole.
  • 6th Way: You can place it on a Doorframe to scare shields and other operators from entering through that Room.

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