Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Tips for Attacking

by Minidin

If you are an above average player (high plat, maybe some competition played) I have some tips I learned and know from my years of competitive play.

I am diamond current season now and played 2 years of competitive if you want to know where this advice is coming from.

First know the roles of a 5 man team. Basically there are 3 roles, a support player, a entry frag player and a flex player. I will give tips and a short summary of each role to help those who want a bit more than the basics of siege.

Entry fragger: this role typically has someone with exceptional mechanical skill play an operator who’s utility isn’t game ending if lost by dying. The entry fragger is typically droned into a room by another player. The entry fraggers job is to play with the second entry (there are normally 2 entries in a 5 man team) and also with the drones of the supports (there are normally 2 supports in a team) to clear and pinch/kill the roamers allowing the team to enter into the building and use their utility safely.

Some entry fragger operators are; Ash, Zofia, IQ and buck/sledge.

Tips for entry fraggers;

  • Since you will be having others drone for you, try to set up your drones for flanks early round or use your drones to find site
  • communicate with your second entry to pinch and trade (a team mate getting a kill after you die) when entry fragging
  • DON’T SOLO PUSH. Pushing solo and not saying anything is a terrible habit and will result in you dying against any competent team 90% of the time without any trade potential.
  • remember, all that separates the best player in the world to the worst is one lucky headshot, communication and teamwork is the key to consistency when entry fragging.
  • DONT WASTE UTILITY. Entry fraggers are mainly there to clear the map for the team, but their utility is also very important. Ash and Zofia are the most common entry fraggers but their ranged explosive utility is more important than ever in the current meta.

Support: The support player usually uses operators that have pivotal utility (thatcher, thermite, hibana and maverick) this means the support has to stay alive at all costs until the time has come for them to use their utility. The support players job is to drone the map for their entry fraggers and feed information gathered on drones to them. Once the time has come the support player usually opens a reinforced wall that is crucial to allowing the attacking team to plant the bomb. The support players goals are to drone effectively, complete the task of opening any walls or lines of sight and then to plant the bomb.

Tips for Supports:

  • Save your drones in the beginning of the round. Since you will be droning and losing many drones it’s important to have more than 1 drone, once the drones are gone, the entries are at a massive disadvantage.
  • Always be very calm and clear headed. As a support player your job is to give information clearly and constantly, if you are panicking or stressed the information will be muddled and hard to understand. Another reason to practice being calm is becuase as a Support, you will be put in clutch situations the most, to clutch you need to stay calm.
  • don’t plant as soon as you open a wall. The defenders have Nitro cell, gas, flame shields and many other ways to kill you when you plant, make sure to take the time to bait the enemy into wasting this utility or clear it out before planting.
  • Don’t run out of spawn care free. As a support your death early round is practically a free win for defence. Make sure to take extra special care in not being spawnpeeked or ran out on.

Flex: The flex player is a hybrid between the entry fragger and the support, they play the operator and the position that the team needs in the moment. The flex can play any operator but usually plays the one that is for the map/bomb site. Knowing what operator to go without request from your team mates comes with in game experience.

Tips for flex:

  • Your drone can either be saved or used as a flank camera. Depending on your drone spawn make a decision of where to use your drone depending on the map.
  • Keep a drone for late into the round. As a flex player you will usually be the one to drone the site once the support has breached the wall and figuring out what needs to be done for the bomb to be planted.
  • Watch flank drones while alive. The supports will be droning, and the entries will be clearing, That leaves the flex player empty handed in terms of tasks, so always watch the flank drones. One of the biggest problems I see in ranked is no one watches flanks when everyone is alive.
  • Be the decision maker. since you are outside of the bubble of communication that the entries and the supports are in you have a clearer picture of what’s going on in a round, make use of all the information you hear and see and make decisions to guide your team to victory. This is closer to IGL but I won’t talk about this since IGL takes extensive in game experience to do effectively.

These tips are from my competitive experiences but they will definitely work in ranked. If two teams are equally matched in gunskill the only decider is teamwork. Good luck!

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