Rainbow Six Siege Improve Your Game Sense Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Improve Your Game Sense Guide by AirDaddyy

The basis of this guide comes from this YouTube vid, I highly recommend a watch

What is Gamesense?

Gamesense in siege the ability to utilize the knowledge in game and to be able to make decisions and progress in game.

  • Being aware of who and how many enemies are alive in the round
  • Being aware of the time and how this will effect ur enemy’s movement
  • What gadgets are available and how you’re able to use them to your advantage
  • Knowing what around me is destructible and how im able to use that to my advantage
  • etc

These examples are what especially divides the most between bad players to average players to advanced players to pro players.

How to Improve

Method 1: Reference Prediction

First find a vod or gameplay from a pro player or any good players. I recommend players who play off of map knowledge instead of gunskill like Macie Jay, KingGeorge or VarsityGaming for example.

Choose a video where they are playing the operator or a specific role (roaming) that you want to improve on.

What you are going to do is analyze the vod/video

You are essentially pausing once every 5 seconds or so and you are going to predict every move that the player is going to make, whether it be predicting that the player will move left, move right, hold an angle or being aggressive etc,

you are also going to give a reason why the player made his move

good reasons are the

  • time, gadgets,
  • who is alive and where his teammates are
  • how the map plays into the players play
  • etc

things to look out for is

  • how they use there drones,
  • how the player peeks
  • how they hold an angle
  • what they are prioritizing.
  • what the plan is and how they are adapting to it
  • when and why they prefire something
  • etc

You might be predicting everything wrong and thats fine, it simply shows how much of a problem your gamesense is.

Every player is not perfect!

Keep in mind that every player makes mistakes but for the sake of this assume their move was good, but the execution was lacking, they usually have a reason for why they do something.

If for example. the player ends up being passive and you predict him being aggressive and he ends up dieing because they were playing passively then don’t assume that you were right, rather, assume that their execution was lacking.

Method 2: Consious Assessment

You are going to commentate literally everything you do in game in real time out loud, from your operator pick to the inevitable clutch you are about to face

You are going to be commentating kind of like this but instead of commentating from a third person perspective, you are going to be commentating in a first person perspective and obviously in game

It will be super awkward at first but hear me out.

  • Is is a lot harder to do something stupid if you say it out loud
  • You can’t play on autopilot, What this does is it forces your brain to think
  • eventually the repetition of saying it out loud will transfer into your brain and you will start making smart decisions in your head

This portion is hard to explain, I recommend to watch this portion of this video to help understand I know its on overwatch but everything in that video he says translates into siege.


I know a lot of this post is copy and paste (well most of it) from the video im using as my basis but whenever a player in this sub or in general asks how to improve gamesense, the answer is usually “oh just play the game more” which really isn’t a good answer and I haven’t found a good video on siege (apart from yo boy roys Inside the mind of a diamond series) explaining how to improve this extremely vital part of siege.

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