Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks Community List

Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks Community List by CptByle

Here is a list of things I (and others) have learned in Siege from mainly making mistakes, as well as simply playing the game.

  • If prone hiding behind something and you want to stand and peek, don’t press space, press your prone button, or else you will vault over the object you are hiding behind and get stuck or killed in the vault animation
  • Always check for a claymore on the planted defuser so you don’t kill yourself after clutching actually good tip.
  • Don’t shoot out the wrong doors when spawning to give defenders an easy kill on you while pushing (ie. stock door on clubhouse)
  • Use all your reinforcements, and certain ops should reinforce certain things based on their speed as well as amount of gadgets to put down in certain areas
  • Don’t speak or speak very little while someone is trying to clutch because it could cause more harm than good usually (ie. frantically calling where you died from when in reality that enemy moved already so the teammate peeks that area and dies from somewhere else)
  • Don’t panic and throw a gas grenade as smoke into a wall that is being hard breached behind you. Wait until someone is actually pushing in
  • Also, if the reinforced wall behind you is being opened, don’t necessarily panic and sprint away, keep your cool and be ready to still hold a close angle if it’s a good idea to potentially throw off attackers
  • Save your drone in prep phase. Points and scanning are useless, so either place it in a good spot to save time or drive it to your spawn point
  • Again. Points and scanning enemies is useless 99% of the time (ESPECIALLY on black eyes) unless it is a last second push and you want to active ping the Xv1 for your teammates and know the attacker won’t have time to shoot out the camera
  • Don’t push a place blind even if you have an idea that someone is there (usually as a defender jumping out of your site to push where you think someone is but end up dying because they moved and have an ACOG and are holding an angle from further away
  • If you open a reinforced wall to plant in site, plant in the hole you made. Don’t plant behind the reinforced wall because that just defeats the purpose of you doing that. Plant for an area that makes it impossible for defenders to disable the defuser without being in line of sight of the attackers
  • If playing Mira, don’t be afraid to ask your teammates if anybody has a reinforcement left because they might have them and you can avoid placing your mirrors on a soft wall as a last resort
  • Using impact grenades offensively is usually not a good tactic as they do very little damage, especially against shields. It is better to use them to create holes between sites or to create escape routes. They are good for finishing downed opponents or very weak ones though
  • Make sure you are running the optimal loadout and attachments for your operators. While it may be subjective, having tools such as wire and impacts is much more beneficial than having a deployable shield if nobody else has them. Additionally, running the wrong weapons (ie. pistol on Mira) means you will lose the utility they provide and how your operator synergizes in the comp
  • STOP worrying about your win loss ratio, your kill death ratio, and your fucking rank. The sooner you stop worrying about it and start embracing losses for what they are–learning tools–the sooner you will actually begin to improve as a player
  • Be sure to place your claymores in common runout spots, or if already taking site, in retake spots
  • Pick operators that are optimal for the team comp and the map/site you are attacking/defending (thermite with thatcher, bandit for garage doors, etc)
  • If there is a wall you know is going to attempted to be hard breached, such as garage door on chalet, make sure you try to bandit trick it at least. Placing your batteries ASAP in the prep phase and then leaving gives the other team almost zero resistance if they have a Thatcher/Thermite
  • Also for Bandit, putting your batteries on reinforced walls as opposed to wire or shields is the better choice 99% of the time. In the prep phase, try to put the batteries down towards the end of it to avoid them being taken out by a shock drone. It is also not a bad idea to save one battery to bandit trick once your placed ones are EMP’d
  • If someone needs resetting use your c4 but don’t explode it just throw it pick it up and do it again they’ll be downed and you will be sure you aren’t going to kill them
  • As Kapkan, put your traps on the bottom of doorways by crouching, and place them to be facing from the same side the attackers will most likely be coming from, so they don’t see it as easily when they walk in. (ie if the attackers are walking into the door from the left, place it on your right and their left of the doorway)
  • When entering windows, always make sure to look down and take out frost traps if you know they will have it, or just as a precaution anyway
  • If you have dead teammates as an attacker, it is a good idea to place a drone to watch a high traffic area so your teammate can watch it and tell you what’s happening
  • As Vigil, it is a waste to use your gadget while in the site on prep phase, as at the very least it will notify the enemy team instantly you are playing Vigil. Use it when you are running somewhere off site so they don’t know where you will be then
  • When you see a shield, mainly Montagne, don’t instantly try to run out and throw a c4 because more often than not they will have a teammate behind them waiting for you to do so and you will die. Make sure it is safe to peek and throw the nitro when you do
  • Shoot out as many default cameras as you can
  • If someone is just using voice chat to shit talk, mute them. They really aren’t worth your time. Disabling text chat isn’t a bad idea if it’s just shit talk, and good teammates will try to use their mic to communicate anyway
  • If you get your first thermite charge bandit tricked and you have 1 EMP left, you should probably just try a different wall, as the likelihood of you succeeding is usually lower than the likelihood of the bandit destroying your next charge
  • Pre-break the bottom of windows you plan to jump out of as a defender
  • If you are playing an op that becomes more deadly as time passes, such as Lesion or Smoke, try to stay alive as long as you can. Putting down one Gu mine and then dying trying to spawn peek makes you much more useless than a Rook who died trying to spawn peek after everybody got their armor
  • While holding an angle as an attacker, make sure you aren’t sitting right next to a drone hole as you can be easily shot or naded through it
  • Attempting to make a callout is always better than staying silent
  • Analyzing WHY you lost a round and HOW you could have done things differently to perform better individually and as a team is always better than flaming just to flame and being mad that you lost
  • Be a student of the game. Watch map guides, high level gameplay, tips and tricks videos, learn damage stats, how many gadgets each operator has (ie how many scans Lion has, how many candelas Ying has). Simply playing the game is never enough to truly progress
  • Don’t be afraid to play because you are afraid of losing. Grind the games out and don’t worry if you derank after the session is over. As you learn from your losses the rank is gonna go up by itself
  • A 5 stack with good comms and synergy is always optimal, but solo queue is not always bad. It is necessary to develop that lone wolf style of play that will give you the skills needed to become an independent player and outplay others as an individual, which is something you won’t get from a 5 man team. Ignore the shitters and treat every game like it is a 1v5 with all bots on your team except yourself–in other words, don’t expect anything from your teammates and try your hardest every game to carry. That way you won’t be mad at them and you will always have to play your best
  • Assume everything you do is audible. Try to be as stealthy as possible when an enemy is nearby
  • Always warm up. It doesn’t have to be in Siege necessarily, but make sure your muscles are warm before playing
  • Believe it or not, sleep and food do have an effect on our ability to perform in game. It is just like any sport. So make sure you sleep and eat well before playing a long session
  • Too much playing casual creates bad habits and puts you against players who are usually not trying. It is not the same thing as ranked, and I learned this the hard way. It also makes you play non-ranked maps so you waste time and learn the ranked pool at a slower rate in casual. You also cannot choose spawns/defense sites. I learned this the hard way. All of the time I spent in casual because I was scared of ranked was a waste of time. This does not mean it is a good environment to relax or learn the basics of the game in as a new player though
  • If trying to play the game competitively, bomb is the only game mode that is played. So learn that one the most. It is the most balanced and played mode.
  • The orientation of your cluster charge matters, as your pucks will shoot out in the same fan of 5. So placing it while facing a certain direction determines if it will shoot out from side to side or up and down in relation to the room below it
  • When there’s like 3-4-5 of you and only one enemy left, don’t rush him. Makes it easier for that one guy to kill you. That’s how aces are made.
  • If you want to throw impact nades at Monty, throw beside him on the ground. That way you are more likely to damage him.
  • If you are 1v1 against a Monty, throw a C4 behind him (either side or above him) but don’t blow it. Monty will turn around, that’s when you can shoot him in the back.
  • Sound is important in this game. And it’s a bit special (sound usually comes from the nearest entrance, not through the wall). I can always tell where the enemy comes from if I stand still for a sec, which is a gamechanger sometimes.
  • Map knowledge is important. Start a custom match and look around, get to know the map.
  • Just because some operators are better or “meta” for a map, try other operators. Surprise is part of strategy.
  • If you see a shield in the window, don’t stand still. He can pre-aim you (with laser) and then proceed to shoot you in the head with a quick right-click-left-click move. You can’t react to that fast enough.
  • Monty is a distraction. Keep an eye on him but don’t aim at him. It’s no use.
  • As an attacker at the start of the round don’t instantly shoot the outside cams from spawn. People can run in front of you. The cam won’t move, and it can’t see you until you run past a certain point. Be patient.
  • You don’t have to use 4:3 aspect ration (watch R9’s video)

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