Rainbow Six Siege Sights and Optics Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Sights and Optics Guide by DaPompousWiz

Hopefully, this guide will help you consider which sight is best for which situation, and how they can be used.

In Rainbow Six Siege, every sight has a different reticle that balances with the actual bezel. Some sights have huge bulky bezels that take up a lot of screen real estate, and some have tiny ones that give some good spacing for targeting the opponent. Some sights have tiny reticles, which are good for long range target acquisition but are difficult to actually see in Siege’s trademark “Blind Your Eyes” lighting. And then we have reticles that are big, so they are visible, but block a chunk of the screen. Rainbow Six Siege has a fairly small range of optics to choose from, but they still differ from one another in many ways.

Without further ado, let’s dive into each sight, their characteristics, how they can be used, and some bonus stuff.

The Reflex Sight (American) is great for CQB encounters, but it sucks for medium and long range encounters. However, it has a pretty thin bezel (what I was referring to earlier as a sight “box”, pardon me). It has great visibility in high light level situations. The Reflex Sight fires bullets to the very tippy-top of the triangle, so when using it aim at the target using the topmost corner of the triangle. It works well in maps such as Presidential Plane and the Favelas. It is commonly used with shotguns and guns with very high fire rates (800+) and high recoil.

The Red Dot Sight (American) is somewhere in between. It’s good for both CQB and medium range and okay for long range encounters, but the reticle is thick, so many people don’t prefer it. However, it’s quite visible in high light levels when peeking outside windows during daytime. It has an average sized bezel. It can be used on the Thermite’s assault rifle, and is used on many shotguns too. It is generally used as an alternative to the Reflex Sight.

The Holographic Sight (American) is great for both ranges, and is good for long range, but falters since it doesn’t have optical zoom. The reticle is arguable the best among all the sights siege offers. The bezel is hella thick at the bottom however. It is a universal sight, and can replace any sight in this game in one or the other way.

The ACOG (American) is bad for CQB, but excels at medium and long range encounters. It has an average bezel size, but the optical zoom heavily limits FOV at the periphery. It has a zoom of 2.5x, and high visibility in high light level situations. However, the thickness of the reticle can hinder target acquisiton at times. The zoom value increases the Aim Down Sights time, which can lead to increased reaction times. It is suitable on guns with fairly low recoil, low fire rates and high damage per bullet. ACOG scopes require excellent map knowledge to use on every weapon, so I don’t recommend using the ACOG unless you know exactly where enemies are located in a room, or are using a pre-made strategy (such as playing a supportive suppressive role from a distance as your team pushes the objective).

The Reflex Sight (Russian) is good for close and medium encounters, and is okay for long ranges. The view is pretty far way from the bezel, which is medium sized at the bottom left and actually thin around the reticle, which is small yet visible. It is suitable for every weapon it is compatible with.

The Red Dot Sight (Russian) is again, great for CQBs, okay for medium range encounters, and is bad for long range encounters (this varies, you may find this okay). The bezel is fairly big at the bottom and is thin around the sight otherwise. Again, the view is pretty far away from the actual sight. The reticle is highly visible and convenient to use. Again, it’s suitable with every weapon, but you are probably better off with the Reflex Sight. However, this does come down to personal preference.

The Holographic Sight (Russian), essentially a shitty Kobra sight. Please don’t use this. It has an enormous bezel, the reticle is wider than the gap between your friend’s teeth, and the view is so far off the sight you might as well be standing on the opposite end of the earth. Please don’t use this.

The ACOG Sight (Russian) is great for all ranges except for close encounters. The bezel is thin, and the reticle is fairly small and thin, and doesn’t use too much screen real estate, unlike the American ACOG. At the same time it is adequately visible and accurate too. It has an optical zoom of 2.5x, and this slows down Aim Down Sights times. However, I would only recommend this for the AK-12.

In conclusion, there is no one sight I can really tell you to use, or say, “This is the best and you gotta use this”. It really does come down to personal preference. If I have gone wrong somewhere, please correct me, so others know. We have built one of the best gaming communities that exist, united against one common enemy – the fuckin’ bugs. What I CAN say is DO NOT USE THE RUSSIAN HOLOGRAPHIC SIGHT CYKA.

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