Fortnite Battle Royale Newbie Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Newbie Tips by btregister1

Okay my fellow console players, I’m sure you’re excited about this game because it’s the first real battle royale game we’ve ever got to play on our platforms and I’m sure some, if not most, has never played another battle royale game before (H1Z1, PUBG, etc). But, unless you’re a dense toilet paper roll, it’s pretty easy to understand and the concept is simple: Be the last player/team alive.

So far, I’ve seen people say that the bloom is too much, I’ve seen people say that the building mechanic is useless, I’ve seen people say that the gameplay is too slow, I’ve seen people say that ammo is too scarce; and to the average eye that may be true. But I’ve been playing the game almost nonstop the past 24 hours and I’ve noticed a few contrasts to a majority of people’s complaints and problems with the game that I felt necessary to share with you all today. Some may be obvious, but some you may find surprising, but all in all, I hope this helps:

  1. When parachuting onto the map, try to land on top of a building and mine downwards. This way, you can hit any secret chests that may be hidden in the attic of houses, or the top floor of buildings and get better loot drops and potentially shields earlier off in the game.
  2. In the center of the E3 block of the map, there’s a tunnel that leads to the pizzeria. On the wall opposite of the utility room in the tunnel, there is a secret room near the middle of the tunnel that can potentially reveal 2 chests sitting on tables. This is a great spot to land if you want a full inventory, fast.
  3. There will ALWAYS be an ammo box underneath the staircases in every house. This does not apply to staircases in office buildings as they might not have ammo boxes underneath their staircases.
  4. AMMO BOXES ARE EVERYWHERE. Literally. They’re everywhere. I’ve ended numerous games with close to 200 rounds for my AR, 150 rounds for my SMG and Pistol, 11 Rockets, and 9 grenades, and at least 20 shotgun rounds. But, nobody really looks for them or finds them because, aside from not knowing about them at all, most of the time they’re hidden well and dark in color. For example: barns with hay, one might be in a dimly lit area of the barn behind a couple haystacks where no one will find it unless they’re looking for it.
  5. BUILDING is very useful in the later portion of the game (around 20-10 players left) when the storm closes in on a small area. I’ve found it’s best to try and predict the next storm circle by building a small base or cover spot where you think the storm circle might appear. Building is also very useful to explore parts of the map you can’t get to, and getting down from higher up areas.
  6. HOW TO DEAL WITH BLOOM (bullet spread): Ugh. Why is this even a thing? Anyway, to counteract the effect your bloom has on your aim (for those of you who don’t know what bloom is: think of a flower blooming, it’s pedals spread in all directions. And in this game, so does your bullets.): CROUCH. Crouching greatly reduces the effect of bloom. And also, STOP MOVING. Just like in any shooter game, your accuracy is reduced by movement; and also, burst fire your weapons, but that should be obvious in a long range game. So try to crouch, and sit still when shooting, and burst fire for optimal accuracy
  7. ITEM RARITY. Gold is better than Purple, Purple is better than Blue, Blue is better than Green, and Green is better than Grey. By “better” I mean: the rarity of the gun dictates DPS, critical damage, bloom spread, basically overall accuracy and damage of the weapon gets better the rarer an item is.
  8. Most LEGENDARY WEAPONS have set spawn locations, and it depends on RNG whether or not those weapons with spawn there, but they also can be found near chests, and in the chests. I’ve found the legendary SCAR in the utility room mentioned above, and legendary snipers in certain watch towers.
  9. AIM FOR THE HEAD. This one should be obvious. Headshots deal more damage, faster. Headshots with shotguns deal around 160 damage. That’s enough to kill someone, or if they have full shields, to 40 health w/ no shield. Seriously, headshots are crucial.

If anyone else has anything they’d like to add to make up for a part of the game I missed, feel free to. Happy hunting.

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