Fortnite Save The World Outlander Guide

Fortnite Save The World Outlander Guide by EvilCharizard

-Do you like loot?

-Do you love dealing tons of damage?

-Do you love bears and electrocution?

Then you might want to consider a job as an Outlander!

  1. What’s an Outlander and what can they do?
  2. What’s our role?
  3. Which to choose?
  4. Support and Tactical
  5. Suggested pairings
  6. Working with Outlanders

1. What’s an Outlander and what can they do?

“Wake up, loot! Find stuff, loot!…”

Outlander is one of the 4 main classes in Save the World, with 18 sub classes, including 3 mythical Outlanders. They specialize in utilizing sharp-shooting bears, deadly shock towers, flying punches, and the ability to warp around the field. Outlanders can harvest resources faster and have chances to get double loot. Using Charge Fragments and Llama Fragments, we can either deal more damage or help resupply the team with resources.

TEDDY One of the Outlander’s abilities, a giant metal bear is deployed on the battlefield who shoots enemies within range for 15 seconds. He will NOT ignite propane tanks, if they explode your bear is not at fault. He will NOT shoot husks guarded by Shielder husks until they get close enough for TEDDY to be within the dome of the shield. Various Outlanders can buff TEDDY by either increases his range or damage. Collecting Charge Fragments will reduce the cool-down time and energy cost.

Shock Tower Another powerful ability that is used by some Outlanders that deploys a small tower for 3 seconds that shocks enemies and stuns them. They are great for swarms of husks and can instantly kill Shielder husks. Like the TEDDY, it can be buffed by certain Outlanders by increasing its duration and damage. Just like TEDDY’s, collecting Charge Fragments will reduce the energy cost and cool-down time.

Seismic Impact An ability limited to 2 of the mythic Outlanders. Punch the ground causing a shockwave to travel directly in front of you.

Llamas A treat for everyone! When an Outlander picks up a Llama Fragment, they can deploy a loot llama. With each hit, a random resource is dropped out, if it can be completely destroyed, an ore from that region can be obtained (Copper, Silver, Malachite, etc). They can also be buffed to increase resources, drop ammo, and double the ore.

Anti-Material Charge A flying charge used by some Outlanders than can be used to either instantly destroy cars/walls/trees and instantly gather resources from them. As with other abilities, certain Outlanders can buff this ability with either increased damage or increased distance. NOTE Many people have this misconception that it’s onlyused for farming materials. Think of it as a “poor man’s Dragon Slash”, it’s perfect for knocking down Riot Husks, leaving them vulnerable for attacking. It will also kill small groups of husks and can stagger larger husks. Don’t hesitate to use this ability to get yourself out of trouble when you’re surrounded by husks

Phase Shift allows you to instantly warp a few feet away. Can be used to jump a gap, get out of danger, or even used to save yourself from taking fall damage (use it just before you land and you can fall from the highest point and you won’t take any damage!). As with other abilities, some Outlanders can buff their phase shift with number of uses or even the ability to clear debuffs!

Focused Acquisition A passive ability that every Outlander has that increases chance to find double loot by 6%.

In the Zone A passive ability that every Outlander has, after 5 consecutive hits of our pickaxe, we get a buff to the damage it does by 24%. Meaning you can farm that much faster!

Keen Eyes A passive ability. While you’re “In the Zone”, you gain the ability to “see through walls” to see treasure chests. You’ll be able to see a shimmering glow where chests and ammo crates are, despite being behind walls.

2. What’s our role?

“I’m flyer than Marty, the life of the party…”

With our ability to phase shift around and insatiable desire for Charge Fragments, our initial job is to scour the map! Earning the Exploration Badge will earn your team extra experience points. Collecting BluGlo as we go and activating pylons as we find them; who doesn’t want those 20% buffs to shield/health/movement speed/building?! Don’t forget to save some BluGlo for the main mission and/or to boost the difficulty (boosting difficulty will grant bonus gold upon mission completion).

Since collecting resources is so easy for Outlanders, it would be nice to offer to donate to anyone building the base. Most people will thank you or politely decline. If/when I obtain a Llama Fragment while scouring the map, I personally bring it to the builder and drop it there and begin whacking away. When people hear a llama being chopped, they’ll come out of the woodworks (and come back from being AFK) to come get some materials.

PLEASE NOTE: DON’T BE A JERK WHILE DESTROYING THE LLAMA! There’s usually a scumbag who will circle around the llama and scoop up the mats even if they’re not contributing to building the base, DON’T BE THAT GUY!Upon completion of destroying the llama, I’ll usually phase warp away, leaving the mats for the builder. Regarding that precious ore…DON’T BE THE JERK THAT STEALS IT. When I play with my friends, unless the llama owner doesn’t need the ore, it’s theirs! RESPECT THE LLAMA, LOVE THE LLAMA!

Now that that’s been established, after you’ve powered up those pylons and have enough BluGlo to get through the mission and hopefully alerted everyone to the storm chest and completed that, head to the base. You can help finish up the base or craft some traps or build a trap tunnel (if necessary). When it’s go time, throw down your bears, shock towers, or turrets. Your abilities are going to be more powerful than the turrets, so I usually wait until my bear disappears before throwing out a turret while he cools down.

3. Which to choose?

“If you try and take my loot, I’ll cut you…not a joke”

With 18 different variants of Outlander, there’s plenty to choose from and find which one best suits your play style!

Basic Outlanders (meaning they can be obtained via recruitment or llamas)

-Only 1 Enforcer; Grizzly

Active– Phase Shift, Anti-Material Charge , and TEDDY

-With 5 buffs to TEDDY (Duration++, Range+, Snare, Fire Rate+, Damage+), his TEDDY is a force to be reckoned with! His TEDDY is not matched by any other Outlander. He also gets a 20% buff to his shield as well a perk that forces your shield to regenerate when you phase shift.

Recon Scout
-Comes in 3 varieties ; Eagle Eye, Jess (Founders pack exclusive), and A.C. (Founders pack exclusive)

Active– Shock Tower, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

Passive– Keen Eyes

-Doubles chance to find double loot find and buffs to Keen Eyes.

-Only 1 Vanguard; Southie

Active– Shock Tower, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

-Buffs to his Phase Shift (Movement Speed Boost, Charge Refill Reduction, and 2 Additional Charges) and Anti-Material charge (Cooldown Reduction, Cooldown Reduction when hitting a structure, and Increased Damage) and regenerates energy 25% faster.

-Only 1 Striker; A.C.

Active – TEDDY, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

Passive – Boosted pickaxe damage

-6 buffs to Anti-Material Charge (Energy Cost Reduction, Cooldown Reduction, Cooldown Reduction when hitting a structure, Increased Distance, 150% Damage to enemies, and the ability to charge up the charge to further increase damage another 150%).

-Comes in 3 varieties; Buzz, Stars and Stripes A.C., and normal A.C.

Active– Shock Tower, TEDDY, and Anti-Material Charge.

-4 buffs to Shock Tower (Duration++, extra bolt of lightning, and impact damage +) and 2 to TEDDY (Range + and Snare)

Shock Specialist
-Only 1 Shock Specialist; A.C.

Active – Phase Shift, Shock Tower, and Anti-Material Charge

-5 buffs to his Shock Tower (Duration ++, Damage +, third bolt of lightning, and boosted impact damage) He also gains a few extra charges to his Phase Shift and has reduced cool down times for it

-3 Trailblazers; Quinn, Jess (Xbox exclusive) and AC (PS4 exclusive)

Active – TEDDY, Shock Tower, and Anti-Material Charge

-3 buffs to TEDDY (Duration +, Snare, Fire Rate +) and 2 buffs to Shock Tower (Duration ++). When she collects fragments, the cool downs are reduced even further. She also gains a unique ability to gain additional movement speed when walking on player made floors.


  • 3 varieties; Jess, ArcheoloJess, and Bloodfinder A.C.

Active – TEDDY, Anti-Material Charge, and Phase Shift

-Passive* – Keen Eyes

-Gains an additional buff to pickaxe damage and yet another while “In the Zone” as well as a boost to movement speed. Keener Eyes can see an additional tile. Gains another +6% to find double loot. Also has a boost to their llama to increase materials and ores dropped.

-2 varieties; Deadeye and BeetleJess

Active -Phase Shift, TEDDY, and Anti-Material Charge

-Gains a 20% buff to his shield and gains buffs to his phase shift to force his shield to regen, remove debuffs, as well as 2 additional phase shift charges. Has 3 buffs to pistols (Damage +, Critical Rate +, and Critical Damage +)

Mythical Outlanders!

Phase Scout Jess
Active– Phase Shift, Shock Tower, and Anti-Material Charge

Passive– Keen Eyes

-Focuses on Phase Shifting; after Phase Shifting, her movement speed is boosted and shield is forced to refill 20%, the refill time of her Phase Shift is reduced, the distance she Phase Shifts is increased, and she has 2 additional charges to Phase Shift. She also gains a boost to In the Zone to increase her pickaxe damage.

The Dark Viking Ragnarok(exclusive to the Road Trip event):
Active– Shock Tower, Seismic Impact, and Anti-Material Charge

-3 buffs to Seismic Impact (Lowered Cooldown, Energy cost lowered, and shockwave travels back to origin) and 4 buffs to Anti-Material Charge (Increased distance, reduced cool-down, increased damage against enemies, and the ability to charge the punch for additional damage)

Field Agent Rio (Rook) (exclusive to the Road Trip event):
Active– TEDDY, Phase Shift, and Seismic Impact

-2 boosts to TEDDY (Duration ++ and 25% Damage +). Her Phase Shift has a reduced refill time and when she does, her first shot also shoots a piercing energy shot, as well as boosted damage to pistols, also if you kill 3 enemies within 10 seconds of Phase Shifting, her charge gets refunded. Her critical damage rate is also boosted.

Event Exclusives!

Gunblazer (Horde Bash exclusive):

  • only 1 Gunblazer; Southie

Active– Phase Shift, Shock Tower, and TEDDY

-2 boosts to Shock Tower (Duration + and Damage +) and TEDDY has boosted fire rate. Increased ammo capacity and after you Phase Shift, you gain increased pistol damage. His llama also drops ammo.

T. E. D. D. Shot
 (Cyber Set exclusive):

-only one TEDD Shot; Jess

Active– TEDDY, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

-3 boosts to TEDDY (Duration ++, 25% Damage boost, and laser eyes). Sniper rifle fire rate is boosted. Head shots with any weapon increases reload speed. 15 head shots grants you a Fragment Charge. Phase Shifting gives additional movement speed.

Reclaimer (Holiday Survival and Spring it on exclusive):
-2 Varieties; Fragment Fury Jess and Shamrock (Southie wearing green)

Active– TEDDY, Shock Tower, and Anti-Material Charge

-3 boosts to TEDDY (Duration ++, 25% Damage boost, and laser eyes) and 3 boosts to Shock Tower (Damage boost++ and a 3rd chain of lightning). Every 60 kills grants you a Fragment Charge.

Flash (Spring it on exclusive):
-2 varieties; A.C. and Eagle Eye

Active– Phase Shift, Shock Tower, and Anti-Material Charge

-2 boosts to Shock Tower (Damage + and Duration +) and 2 boosts to Anti-Material Charge (Cooldown reduction and Increased impact and knock-back). Deals increased damage to enemies who are staggered, stunned, or knocked down. Phase Shift has a recharge Cooldown reduction and when you dodge an attack with Phase Shift, you drop 2 high impact explosives.

Shock Gunner (Blockbuster exclusive):
-2 varieties; Grizzly and Buzz

Active– Shock Tower, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

-Shotgun Fire Rate is increased. 2 boosts to Shock Tower (Duration + and increased impact damage). Phase Shifting forces shield regen, killing 3 enemies within 10 seconds refunds the charge, and Phase Shifting through an enemy stuns them. Deals extra damage to enemies that are stunned, staggered, and knocked down.

Wild Fragment (Roadtrip exclusive):
-only 1 Wild Fragment; Deadeye

Active– TEDDY, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

-3 boosts to TEDDY (Duration +, Snare, and when placed with a Charge, damage is boosted 50%). Begins each match with 3 Fragment Charges and each time he uses a Charge Fragment machine or even a Llama Fragment machine, he has a 50% chance of obtaining 2 charges instead of 1. Phase Shift also has a cooldown reduction cost.

Sanguine (FortNightmares 2018 exclusive):
-only 1; Dusk

Active– Shock Tower, Phase Shift, and Anti-Material Charge

-1 boost to Shock Tower (Duration+), 1 boost to Anti-Material Charge (Distance+), and several boosts to Phase Shift (Phase Siphon[Phase Shifting through monsters damages them, but heals you], eliminating 3 monsters within 10 seconds after Phase Shifting refunds the charge used, Phase Shifting forces shield to recharge, and 2 additional charges [5 total])

4. Support and Tactical

This section will showcase a list of heroes that will help boost your Outlander or which one that you can use to boost your hero!

Tactical perks that affect Outlander’s specific abilities.

Shuriken Master (Ninja)
Pressure Points – Anti-Material Chargenow slows enemy down by 30%

Sergeant (Soldier)
Phase Blast – Phase Shift now causes an explosion that knocks enemies away.

Commando (Soldier)
Grizzled Veteran – TEDDY lasts 5 seconds longer.

-While 5 seconds may not sound like a long time, in this game it is. One of my personal favorites, when paired with an Outlander that gains TEDDY duration boosts, will further extend his time and wrecking power!

-This is also gained from using the mythical Cobalt Commando Carbide Soldier (It’s been pointed out to me that Commando gives better HAD (Hero Ability Damage) than Carbide, so use Commando if you have him instead)

Electro-Pulse (Constructor)
Kinetic Punch- Increases knock back and impact of Anti-Material Punch.

Shock Gunner (Blockbuster exclusive Outlander)
Shocking Embrace- Increases the duration of Shock Towers by 2 seconds when placed with a Charge Fragment.

-2 seconds sounds like nothing at all, but when you consider that Shock Tower’s basic duration is only 3 seconds, that’s a 66% boost in duration.

Gunblazer (Horde Bash exclusive Outlander)
Locked and Loaded- Adds ammo to a normal Outlander’s llama.

Reclaimer (Winter and Spring it on exclusive Outlanders)
Bear Stare- TEDDY now shoots lasers from its eyes.

Other heroes that offer great Tactical abilities

Master Grenadier Ramirez (Soldier)
Survivalist- Killing an enemy with an ability or weapon regenerates health! Throw out your TEDDY/Shock Tower, take cover, and regen that health.

Support abilities

Shuriken Master (Ninja)
Ability Damage- Boosts abilities and gadgets by 20%

-Easily one of the best Support heroes in the game, not only boosts TEDDY, Shock Towers, and Anti-Material Charge damage, but also Turrets damage, and Adrenaline Rush now heals 20% more too!

-This Support ability is also gained from mythical Ninja Bladestorm Enforcer

Ranger (Outlander)
Hipshot- When This hero is 3 stars, they can boost your pistol damage by 24% -If you have 1 Ranger, it would definitely help to obtain a 2nd one to slot to further enhance them.

Field Agent Rio (Outlander)
Eagle Eye- When This hero is 3 stars, they can boost your pistol critical rating by 18 points.

Trailblaster (Outlander)
Make it Count – Increases pistol critical hit damage by 70% when the hero is 3 stars.

Raider (Soldier)
Adjustable Choke- shotgun Critical rates are increased 18 points when this hero is 3 stars. -A decent choice if you decide to main Shock Gunner.

Recon Scout (Outlander)
Loot Find – Adds another 6% chance to find double loot when this hero is 3 stars.

Outlanders that have Tactical abilities that boost other classes

Bull in a China Shop- Boosts a Constructor’s Bull Rush to allow him to damage non-friendly buildings as well as instantly destroy llamas!

Your Move Creep- Boosts a Constructor’s DECOY Ability to periodically damage enemies around the decoy. -This Tactical ability is also given with Mythical Outlander Ragnarok.

Shock Specialist
Shock Phase- Boosts a Soldier’s Shockwave ability to grant the soldier 40% damage resist for 6 seconds after the ability is used.

Phase Scout Jess
Sneaky Sneaky- Boosts a Ninja’s Shadow Stance to increase movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds. -This Tactical ability is also granted by mythical Outlander Field Agent Rio (Rook)

5. Suggested pairings

Main HeroSupport HeroTactical Hero
EnforcerShuriken MasterCommando
Shock SpecialistShuriken MasterShock Gunner
StrikerShuriken MasterElectro-Pulse
Phase Scout JessShuriken MasterSergeant
RagnarokShuriken MasterElectro-Pulse
Field Agent RioRanger/TrailblasterCommando
ReclaimerShuriken MasterCommando
PathfinderShuriken MasterReclaimer/Commando
EnforcerSergeantMaster Grenadier
Recon ScoutShuriken MasterSergeant/Shock Gunner
VanguardShuriken MasterElectro-Pulse
TrailblasterShuriken MasterCommando/Shock Gunner
TrailblazerShuriken MasterCommando/Shock Gunner
Shock GunnerRaiderShock Gunner/Sergeant
TEDD ShotShuriken MasterCommando/Reclaimer
Wild FragmentShuriken MasterCommando/Reclaimer
FlashShuriken MasterElectro-Pulse/Shock Gunner
Sanguine DuskShuriken MasterSergeant

6.Working with Outlanders

“You are not a bear!”

So being an Outlander isn’t for you, what can you do to help?

-If you come across a Charge/Llama Fragment machine, go ahead and activate it. It’ll give you a temporary boost in movement speed and mark it on the mini map for the Outlander so they can collect it.

-If an Outlander comes up to you and drops a llama near you, go ahead and help them destroy it, chances are that they can’t destroy it by themselves. Depending on the situation, they may leave all the materials on the ground for you. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T BE A JERK AND STEAL ALL THE MATS WITHOUT HELPING, ESPECIALLY THE ORE! “But I helped them destroy the llama, if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t even have it!” If they choose to give it to you, that’s awesome, but personally I’ll take the first one, but any sequential llamas that I collect, I’ll offer up the ore to the team. The Soldier ability “Going Commando” can be used to instantly destroy the llama!

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