Fortnite Trap Durability Mechanics Guide

by DBRichard

Here I am again with a write-up, this time to explain a few things about how Trap Durability and its bonuses work, this is currently an important stat especially due to the PL128 Frostnite challenge (and SSD’s not resetting durability anymore) which I will also include some tips for at the end of the post.

Subjects in this write up:

  1. Trap Durability in General.
  2. Hero Setup Bonuses.
  3. Survivor Squad Bonuses.
  4. How Trap Durability is calculated.
  5. How to use trap Durability bonuses most effectively for Frostnite, Storm Shields and general missions.

Trap Durability in General

Trap Durability is affected by four factors

– The Trap itself, every trap has a base value trap durability.

– A trap durability Perk and perk level, a legendary (trap) durability perk will add 42% durability.

– Survivor Squad Trap Durability bonuses (+8% for every two matching survivors per squad, three bonuses per squad possible).

– Hero Trap Durability bonuses (Machinist in main and/or Support)

Hero Setup Bonuses

Ah yes, the currently famed machinist, the magical link to run the floor launcher strat in Frostnite PL128 (not vital but very helpful).

Machinist is well known for her Trap Durability bonuses, she both has one herself and can also give an additional one when used in the Support slot, this means you can effectively gain 50% by using two of them together in the Main slot and Support slot.

Some things to note that not everyone is aware of are that the Trap Durability bonuses do not only apply to BASE affected traps, they apply to ALL traps in the mission, however, her added Trap Damage and Reload Rate are only effective on BASE affected tiles/traps.

Below are the two machinists in the game at the time of writing:

Machinist Thora (Viking power yay)^ *Event Tied Hero*

Machinist Harper (Thicc power yay)^ *Recently added to the Core items*

Survivor Squad bonuses

For every matching Trap Durability bonuses in a squad, you receive 8% added Trap Durability.

Trap Durability is also the only squad bonus that what it says on paper, where a Fortitude bonus says it adds 5% it actually adds 5 points to your total fortitude score (this also counts for all the other 5% bonuses), trap durability however actually adds 8% to your trap durability, it won’t always look like that if you have a durability perk but I’ll come back to that towards the end.

The maximum amount of Trap Durability bonus you can get this way from Survivors is a whopping 192% by having three sets of two in each of the 8 Survivor Squads, and

How Trap Durability is Calculated

The percentage Trap durability shown in the Hero Stats does not calculate 1:1 or at least not always, for my example I use my own stats, if you have 206% trap durability that does not mean your trap durability will always double from the number the trap shows due to any Trap Durability Perks you might have used, instead it works like this.

A default floor launcher has 24 durabilities, if you have a durability perk on it that means it will have 42% bonus durability (legendary).

If you have 56% Survivor Squad Trap Durability bonus and use two Machinist together (25%+25% means an additional 50%) you have a total of 206% Trap Durability and that is what it will show in the Hero Stats with the given hero and survivor setup.

Then what it does is it calculates both actual bonuses independently from each other:

24 (BASE) x 1,42 (+42%) = 34,08 (an additional 10,08 Trap Durability)

24 (BASE) x 2,06 (206% total from hero and survivor setup) = 49,44 (an additional 25,44 Trap durability)

24 (BASE) + 10,08 (Additional value 1) + 25,44 (Additional value 2) = 59,52 Trap Durability which the game rounds up to a whole number making the trap have a total of 60 Trap Durability.

You can see this in the images below, one trap has no durability perk and the other has one bonus 42% from a Trap durability perk.

Without 42% Durability Perk but with 106% Survivor Squad/Hero Setup bonus^ *resulting in 49,44 rounded to a whole number*

With both a 42% Perk bonus and 106% Survivor Squad/Hero Setup bonus^ *resulting in 59,52 rounded to a whole number*

Default Floor Launcher schematic with 24 durabilities ^

The total Trap Durability with 56% Survivor Squad bonus and 2×25% Machinist bonus^

How to use trap Durability bonuses most effectively for Frostnite, Storm Shields and general missions.

IMPORTANT: Trap Durability is decided by a single person, the person with the highest bonus from his Survivors and Hero Setup will decide the Trap Durability for every person/trap in the mission.

What this means and what (not) to do:

– Check who has the most Trap Durability from his Survivor Squads only, whoever has the highest percentage is the person who should run double machinist, no one else in the mission should run any machinist, not in main and not in support since it will not have any effect but wasting a Support slot or hero.

– All traps placed will receive the same bonuses, it does not matter who crafts the traps and who places them, the game calculates it using the single highest percentage in the mission.

– Again, do NOT let multiple people in your Frostnite 128 Squad use Machinist in main or support, one of them will have wasted a Support or even Main Hero slot this way, in Frostnite PL128 that can mean the difference between a completed and failed run.

– For the floor launcher strat a durability perk is not vital but it adds 10 charges to each floor launcher, at the later waves the added health perk and heal over time perk will mean much less than 10 additional charges, the best setup for a floor launcher is 5x Impact and Knockback and use the 6th perk for durability.

– If you are purely after the Frostnite PL128 banner you can replace some survivors with lower rarity/lower level ones with the Trap Durability bonus, the only squads you should not use lower survivors in to do this are the TECH squads, you want your tech score to remain the highest it can be.

I hope this write-up will help some people with their missions and especially Frostnite 128 runs!

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