Fortnite Battle Royale Advanced Tactics

Fortnite Battle Royale Advanced Tactics by Luckmod

I’d like to include a list of tips or tactics that may not be immediately obvious to a newer player. If you guys have any to add, please comment and I’ll add to the original post if this picks up.

Tip #1) You can edit building structures both before and after you place them. On Playstation you hold circle to do this. This can allow you to make many copies of a certain pattern or quickly alter an existing structure. It can be much faster than breaking a structure. You can edit your own structures and your teammates’ but not enemy built structures.

Tip #2) You can create a wall that gives you an advantage for shooting around due to the camera being only on the right. Go to build a wall and edit it before/after placing. Make it so that the blue panels look like this: (O = present, X = missing)

  • OXX
  • OOX
  • OOO

This will create a slanted wall that will let you shoot around cover while keeping most of your body covered. Keep an eye out for the red dot to see if you will end up hitting your own wall or not. You can use crouching to quickly pop up and down so that you can spend as little time as possible out of cover while getting off shots.

Tip #3) Launching off of either type of launch pad will prevent you from taking any fall damage. This can be especially helpful when trying to quickly get down from a mountain or if you no longer want to stay on your skybridge. They do have an arm time before they can be used so it’s usually better to have one down before you need it, not after.

Tip #4) Floor Tiles and Roof Tiles can be stacked for extra vertical strength. This can be good protection when someone is building above or below you since it can quickly provide two layers of structure that they will have to shoot through to get to you. This is also helpful in making skybridges sturdier. In addition, you can place either of these tiles through the other one, similar to how you might build a wall behind a set of stairs.

For example you are on the right side of a set of stairs:

\ x

And you want extra protection, you can sit on the stairs and place a wall on the other side through them so you end up with


The same applies to the floor and roof tiles and alternating can create strong, dense structures.

Tip #5) If you are full on items or need to save time by bringing an extra item closer to a player you can juggle the items with you. You can repeatedly turn 180 degrees while picking up and item so that you throw it in front of you and then when you pass it, turn around, pick it up, turn around again so it goes in front of you and repeat. Example

Tip #6) A lot of players will build a 4 sided box with a ramp inside. A good counter to this strategy can be sneaking up to it and placing a roof (4th Structure Option) on top of the box. You can then safely place a Floor through and under it to double up on the strength of the cap. Many players will freak out and not being able to successfully edit their building in order to get out and may start destroying their own structure. This strategy can be especially useful if the structure is near the edge of a storm and may cause them to be killed by the storm before they can get out. What makes this trick good is not the lethality of it, but the mind games you can play on your opponents.

Tip #7) Your crosshairs are a guide and show how potentially inaccurate your shots are. The dot in the center of your crosshairs should be used as a guide for where your center point is, not the exact spot your shots will go. As you can see with this image, there is a lot more red in the left image than there is in the right.

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