Mobile Legends Ruby Tank Build Guide

Mobile Legends Ruby Tank Build Guide by JDaleGaming

About Me:

I am JDale. Legend Division player. (MAIN Ruby player = 2.7k MMR) IGN: JDaleGaming

Hello guys. Today I will show you how to properly build ruby and win games with her! She’s definitely worth the buy! Some players say Ruby is useless. In my own opinion, she is really OP when built right.Our focus on this build is making Ruby as tanky as possible while dealing great DPS and keeping her sustain up. We should also focus on CD reduction items and movement speed items.

Brief INFO About RUBY:

So, haven’t heard about Ruby? Let me introduce you the most annoying Crowd Control hero in Mobile Legends due to her INFINITE stuns! She’s small but terrible! Her skills will surely lead your team to victory! Ruby is my favorite hero right now because she’s really annoying!

Role: Figther

Speciality: Crowd Control

  • Durability: 80/100
  • Offense: 40/100
  • Ability Effects: 60/100
  • Difficulty: 65/100

Base Attributes:

  • Movement Speed: 2.65
  • Physical attack: 114
  • Magic Power: 0
  • Armor: 23
  • Magic Resistance: 10
  • HP: 2709
  • Mana: 430
  • Attack speed: 8.6
  • HP Regen: 30
  • Mana Regen: 14
  • Basic Attack Crit Rate: 0
  • Ability Crit Rate: 0

Ruby’s SKILLS:

  • Passive: Let’s Dance!

Description: Within a short period after releasing a skill. Ruby can leap to another position. Jumping backwards will increase Ruby’s armor shortly (effets increase with level) Jumping forwards will allow Ruby’s skill to have slow-down effect in a short period. Ruby’s basic attacks cannot trigger lifesteal effect but all skills will inherit 100% of lifesteal effect.

Tip: This skill is important to understand. When you cast a skill, you have the option to either move forward or backwards. Moving forward is effective when chasing an enemy due to its slow-down effect in a short period but when you move backwards, you gain armor which is useful for escaping or initiating a teamfight.

Note: Ruby’s basic attacks won’t trigger lifesteal effects. That’s why my build will focus on building TANK + DPS items to maximize her potential.

  • 1st Skill: Be Good!

Description: Slashes rapidly, dealing 50 points of physical damage to front target. Meanwhile launches a shockwave forwards, dealing 50 points of physical damage to the enemies it touches.

Cooldown: 6s | Mana Cost: 50

Tip: This skill is important to ruby because this allows her to initiate a teamfight or enemy quickly. The damage is pretty low but this skill triggers her passive which can add slow-effect whenever she dashes forward.

  • 2nd Skill: Don’t run, Wolf King!

Description: Wields the giant scythe to attack twice. Every attack deals 40 pts of physical damage, stunning the enemy for 0.7s and slowly pulling the enemy towards the hero. Deals additioinal 30% of damage to enemies in the outer ring.

Cooldown: 7s | Mana Cost: 50

Tips: THIS SKILL WILL MAKE YOUR ENEMIES HATE YOU. Seriously! Ruby spins and pulls the enemy towards her which stuns the enemy. Great disable for teamfights and also makes a good combo with her first skill and ultimate.

ULTIMATE: I’m offended!

Description: Uses the scythe to attack horizontally in a wide range, dealing 205 points of physical damage to hit enemies, pulling them to the hero’s position and stunning them for 0.5s

Cooldown: 26s Mana Cost: 80

Tips: Probably the best skill in game. You can pull enemies towards you + stunning them. Very usefull when trying to pull enemies from turrets or trying to run away from you.


  • ULTI → 2nd skill →1st skill
  • 2nd skill → 1st skill →ULTI → 2nd skill


  • Don’t run, Wolf King → Be Good → Don’t run, Wolf King → I’m offended!

Note: Master 2nd skill first.


  • Cursed Helmet (1860 Gold) – +920 HP +50 Magic Resistance (UNIQUE PASSIVE) – Sacrifice: Deals 2% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies.

Tip: I choosed this item as my first build for Ruby because of the HP and Magic resistance bonus that will buff ruby’s defence which will help her tank and absorb damage since ruby will spend more time in the front lines. Also the unique passive “sacrifice” will help ruby deal DPS to nearby enemies based on 2% of her HP.

  • Dominance Ice (2230 Gold) +500 Mana, +70 Armor, +5% Crit Strike Rate Reduction

(UNIQUE) +20% CD Reduction

(UNIQUE PASSIVE) – Arctic Cold: Lowers movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30% for nearby enemy hereos.

Tip: This item is very useful for Ruby. It reduces MS and AS of nearby enemy heroes as well as giving her extra mana and cooldown reduction. It gives crit strike rate reduction making her tanky and improves her CC capabilities as well.

  • Magic Shoes (710 Gold) +10% CD Reduction UNIQUE – +40 Movement Speed
  • Brute Force Breastplate (2120 Gold) +700HP, +40 Armor

(UNIQUE PASSIVE) – Brute Force: Attacking an enemy will increase one’s capabilities, increasing movement speed by 2% and physical attack by 3%. This effect can last up to 4s and can stack up to 4 times.

Tip: This item can increase ruby’s durability as well as her DPS. Very important item for chasing and tanking heroes while absorbing damage at the same time.

  • Oracle (2310 Gold) +850HP, +36 Magic Resistance, +35 HP Regen, +10 CD Reduction

(UNIQUE PASSIVE) Scream: Within 4s after being attacked, the hero will regen 4% HP. This effect has 8s cooldown time. Tip: This will improve Ruby’s durability + potential to tank and stay up during clashes.

  • Bloodthirsty King (2380 Gold) +1500 HP, +75HP REGEN

(UNIQUE PASSIVE) Bloodlust: A kill or assist regens 20% of hero’s HP within 5s.

Tip: Ruby’s major source of survavility. Make sure to buy this as core item.

Recommended Abilities:

  • Stun
  • Flicker

Recommended Emblem Set:

  • Physical Emblem Set OR
  • Fighter Emblem Set

Thank you! and I hope this build will work out for you, friends!

(OPTIONAL) If you would like to check out a gameplay video with this build, feel free to check it out!

Ruby Rank Gameplay – Video

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