Mobile Legends Jungle Cyclops Fast Guide

Mobile Legends Jungle Cyclops Fast Guide by 0kills

0.) I start with cyclops skin (+8 matk) and lvl 60 physical emblem for the autoattack damage and 2% crit

1.) Get jungle item (250g) + Retribution summoner spell

2.) Pick 2nd skill, press it around 0:28 near the first monster (my favorite thing to do is use 2nd skill asap to run to enemy’s bottom lane goblin with the ranged axe thingy), spam retribution before the monster spawns so your balls do the bonus damage. You should be able to take away 90~95% of the monster’s hp this way. Everytime you get 120g, buy a mana regen necklace. If mobility is needed, get basic 250g boots.

3.) Max 2nd skill asap, it makes you clear faster. At lvl 3~4 see if you can start ganking or getting crab. If your lane’s getting pushed at bot, just go there for exp and gold.

4.) If Lvl 4 ganks are impossible, blow ult + retribution on key monsters (buff camps, or crabs if still there).

5.) Start selling magic necklaces IF you need space for key items. Enchanted talisman and arcane shoes are crucial. It doesn’t matter if you can’t gank anything, arcane shoes still reduces monster magic resist, so you do more damage anyhow.

6.) For ganking, prepare 2nd skill in bush, then run up to enemy ult first skill etc. NO IDEA if they can hear cyclops activate 2nd skill in bush, but if they’re way too overextended, remember you can let the balls hang in there for a while before you go in. It lets your skill go on cd anyway the moment you cast it, which means the nexy flurry from 2nd skill will be almost always guaranteed.

7.) 250g jungle item, arcane shoes, enchanted talisman, fleeting time, concentrated energy and/or guardian relic, are your next items.

8.) Sell jungle item for bloodwings (tons of hp, you’ll have 7200) and blue elixir later.

Your TL:DR playstyle

Farm as much as you can until ulti is up then gank or farm some more.

Btw maxed 2nd skill does close to 1000 damage on its own, and has around 2x Ap ratio in total (for all 5 balls). Too good.

random tips

Everytime your skills hit something, you take half a second off everything else. That means you can use your second skill’s balls to roam really well mid~late game. Let ’em hit lord or turtle etc.

IF you want to clear really well (without losing much health), use the mobility from 2nd skill to kite around camps. You can delay lord’s attacks slightly this way (just in case you feel like soloing lord)

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