Mobile Legends Minotaur Guide

Mobile Legends Minotaur Guide by 0kills

Sample Vid from a top 32 Global Minotaur

Passive: You become overpowered when your fury bar is full. After the bar is empty, you can’t gain any rage for a short while.

1st skill: damages and slows enemies, piss-poor range. When cow is mad, the aoe becomes global (jk, very large, but not global)

2nd skill: heals. At max fury, you also heal the damage you take for two seconds.

Ultimate: Gives you a ton of fury/rage, slows in an area. When max rage, it knockups three times.


Typically, get tank items. You can go for HP like cursed helmet, blood thirsty king, etc. Armor and Magic Resist.

Immortality is iffy because minotaur loses all rage when he “dies.” Dominance ice is great even if you don’t use mana simply because of CDR and passive

You can also go for damage items like the typical blade of despair, hunter’s strike etc. if you feel like your team needs more damage.


Flicker is amazing on Minotaur. Flash into ult is a godly initiation tool.

1st skill gives more fury/rage when it hits multiple targets.

2nd skill gives you healing when full fury, you can use this to tower dive very convincingly. It can tank 2 turret shots (or 3 if you time it perfectly and move to turret), but instead of just tanking the turret shots asap, check your hp if you can take more shots than that.

The turret increases damage every additional hit so what I do is take the first 2, then use heal so that I get a load of health back from the 3rd and 4th turret shots. (Just don’t do this if the next turret shot will kill you, the damage is applied first before you heal double the amount). I have “restored” 2000~3000 health this way. Just keep an eye on your HP bar.

Your ultimate also increases rage by a lot (almost full sometimes), so in conjunction with your 2nd skill’s damage heal, if your fury bar will take forever to fill up, sometimes you can just use it and survive a little bit more thanks to your empowered heal.

Also you can use ult at close to 20 or so fury/rage, to bump it to 100 fast. This is useful if you need to slow an enemy.

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