Mobile Legends Kagura Guide

Mobile Legends Kagura Guide by Honeybooboosauce

So before we start the guide, I just wanted to tell everybody that this guide was inspired by “SacreBleuBaguette” he made a really good guide on eudora. Go check it out and favorite it!

So Kagura is a control mage in mobile legends with high poke, mobility, damage, and cc. This combined with her design made her my favorite hero in the game and made me main her with a 70.3 win % with 222 games on her. She is also a very fun and difficult hero to play with. If you are just now getting into playing kagura or already play kagura alot, this guide will help you in mastering her!


Passive: Ying Yang Gathering. Whenever Kagura walks too far away from her umbrella, or walks up and connects to her umbrella, she does an aoe stun and gives herself a shield.

This passive is very unique and awesome. Being able to have a shield that absorbs 300 damage in early game is amazing. Some good tips with kaguras passive is when your are in a poke lane, for example: Kagura or Nana. It is always suggested that you send out your umbrella and then walk backwards for the shield, so that if they hit you an ability, the shield will absorb most of the damage. The stun part is also key in mastering Kagura. Kaguras passive and her second ability work so well with each other. You can go in with your second ability, and then your passive will stun them so you can get off a nice ultimate and then either dash out, or hit them with your first ability again.

1st ability: Seimei Umbrella. You shoot out your umbrella and do magic damage.

This skill is pretty much the core thing there is into mastering Kagura. It has high range which makes it excellent for poking, and it has a 40% slow which is good for kiting, or chasing someone down. Always, unless you are in a poke match up, keep your umbrella close to the opponet so you can control where they move or not move. If they are going up to get a cs, poke them so they take damage for trying to farm minions. You can deny the enemy farms pretty easily since they have to choose whether or not to last hit a minion or take some poke to the face. Max this ability first.

2nd ability: Rasho Umbrella Flee. This abilty has two parts to it. You can either dash to where your umbrella is at the current momment and do magic damage. Or you can dash away from your umbrella, leaving it there, while also getting rid of stuns, polymorphs, slows, or supresses.

This ability is what makes Kagura so slippery and frustrating to play against. Having two dashes is amazing and also makes her gameplay more fun, since you have to go and can initiate to do alot of your damage. Its a very different playstyle from other mages (besides alice) and brings alot to the table. Whenever you shoot out and hit your first ability, you can click your second ability and dash to the enemy and stun them and do some good damage. Your second part of your ability is what makes kagura a super safe pick. Having a free cleanse and dash whenever you have your umbrella connected with you is super usefull, and gives you an advantage against heros with alot of cc. For example: Nana, Franco, Eudora, and Chou. Use this ability right after you go in with dash to your umbrella, so you can safely escape without taking alot of damage. The range on this ability is also very long, so you can dash over terrain with this ability.

Ultimate: Ying Yang Overturn. This ability also has two parts to it. While your have your umbrella with you and cast your ultimate, it will send out an array of flowers that do magic damage and knock back enemys. While your umbrella is not with you, your ultimate with create a tether with that will connect from your umbrella to you and deal magic damage.

So finally, Kaguras ultimate. This ability is what gives kagura her burst and utility all packed in one. The part of the ultimate that sends out an array of flowers, does not do so much damage, but is mostly used for knocking back the enemys to your team, or used to knock the enemys away from objetives like lord, turtle or towers. Use this ability, whenever you go in with your Rasho Umbrella Flee to do alot of dmage and cc. The part of kagura ultimate that links a tether with her self and the umbrella is where Kagura gets all of her damage and waveclear from. This ability is insane in teamfights, but is hard to use properly. You need to send out your umbrella with your first skill, pop your ultimate, then use your first skill again, since it resets the cd on your first skill whenever you use the the tether part of your ultimate. This combo can almost one shot squishy adcs or mages during late game. Also, the tether slows, so make sure you always try and keep the enemys in the tether. The hard part about this, is that you need to move your umbrella whenever you are connected with your tether to do any damage. Just having the tether sit there will do nothing except slow, so you have to move your umbrella with your first skill to do any damage.

Build: Flame of Fury, Arcane Boots, Enchanted Talisman, Gaurdian Relic, Astral Wand, and Blood Wings.

Since the nerfs to your ultimate a few patches ago, you need to buy the more damage items first and get enchanted talisman later so you can still have mana sustain.

Additional tips on playing Kagura:

  • Kagura and Lolita on the same team is a good idea since lolita can give Kagura a sheild. Double shields op.
  • Always bring purify, since cc teams are all over the meta game atm, with a whole bunch of the strongest heros having alot of cc including Chou, Minotaur, and Eudora.
  • During level one at the start of the game, always try to push your lane suer hard so you can try and roam to the enemy teams blue buff and steal it from them.
  • Kagura can be played as a support. Although its probably not as good as mid Kagura, you can always bring kagura into a side lane. She provides alot of poke during the laning phase, but not as much protection or engage as say a franco, minotur, or rafaela.
  • She is a very good hero atm, so play her right now before she gets nerfed again!
  • If someone is on top of you, or your team and your cd is up on your second ability so you cant stun them, you can always send out your umbrella and if you hit them, walk up to the umbrella and it will stun them. Do that to peel for yourself or other teammates.
  • If someone is ontop of you trying to kill you, and your umbrella is away from you. You can simly just walk away from them while they are on top of you, and just stun them with your passive to successfully escape.

So that is the end of my guide! I hoped you guys liked it and learned some stuff from it.

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