Mobile Legends Advanced and Hidden Mechanics

Mobile Legends Advanced and Hidden Mechanics by 0kills

Alucard may be changed in an update though

You can chain autos and skills in a way that one cancels into another, ideally you would auto attack first but there are exceptions.

1st skill > auto-attack is very basic, but has no increase in dps whatsoever. If you’re already right next to an enemy, you can do auto > first skill> and alucard will immediately begin his next autoattack, completely ignoring his auto attack timers.

You can do the same thing with 2nd skill, as well as the ultimate. Skill 2 has the better advantage of being lenient here though. (i.e if your attack timer hasn’t been used yet, using 2nd skill in melee range will let alucard do 2 autos in almost one motion)

If you do the combo well, you can land 4~5 autos seamlessly with the only visible delay occurring as you initially cast your ultimate.

The only exception to this is his ultimate’s activation. I haven’t figured out a way to cancel that self-stun. Don’t forget you can aim his ultimate’s wave.


You can remove the delay from the VERY last part of her 2nd skill by simply issuing a move command. A majority of Hilda’s skills have long animations so meh, but being able to 2nd skill spam > move > then auto cuts her animation times slightly so you get better dps.


1st skill is an auto-attack reset, both the auto-attack and her first skill’s modified auto apply your passive stacks so if you see someone about to enter a bush you’ve conveniently camped in, just do auto > first skill then standard combos.

Alternatively, you can ult first, auto then use first skill to get 3 stacks up asap. Just figure out if you need the burst or better sustained damage.


You can press skill 3 while the umbrella is flying midway to convert it into the empowered version. This is easier to do the farther the umbrella is from the target ofc.

The main reason why you would do this is to burst someone down, 1-3 then you’ll see the umbrella cd refresh, then press 1 on top of the target (so he/she gets damaged twice), bla bla

moskov, layla Bug maybe

Moving while casting your ultimate SOMETIMES makes your character keep moving in that direction. The only reason why I’m listing this here is because I always end up dying when this happens.


The distance you travel with ultimate is counted when refreshing your passive. You can also dictate how far the opponent travels based on how delayed you input the second portion of your ultimate.

Lapu lapu

Not really hidden but the axe goes back to lapulapu so you can use your dash to dictate where the axes fly back to.

Also it’s annoying how lapulapu’s ultimate version of his skills all have long delays.

Regardless, keep in mind his passive SEEMS to have no cooldown and each of his skills give him one stack for each champion hit. Always autoattack anything when your passive is full in the middle of a teamfight so you can refresh your shield again.


You have a long time after each skill to utilize your passive’s movement animation. It’s too long in fact, that you can maximize your ruby damage by auto-attacking after each skill before you start moving.

The mini dashes themselves take a long while to finish anyway so if you have good ping (and your enemy’s already in melee range), make sure to attack in between each cast.


You can purify yourself to finish your ultimate asap. It stops stunning everyone (including yourself) and the ongoing damage as well.

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