Mobile Legends Don’t Force Yourself To Play Meta Heroes

by GhoulRamen

I’m going to start with a little rant to get my point across.

There’s posts floating around recommending you heros to buy. Some say you should buy this one because of this and that, others discourage you from buying because of this and that.

There is a big misconception that playing a meta hero will get you further in the game with better results and I’d just like to say that’s really not the case.

Most common comment that also gets posted is to get Hayabusa and to climb with him. It’s become like a sacred rule to climbing for some reason. While this hero in specific might be one with high potential, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are one in your hands!

This hero is very complex, and most of you asking who to buy are probably fairly new to ML or MOBA in general. If that is the case, buying Hayabusa is more often absolute mistake.

There aren’t many people that play him all that well. In fact lower rank Hayabusa players unfortunately just suck and feed, or smurf. I’ve seen nothing in-between. And I’ll feel safe to assume this player listened to advice like this without taking it with a grain of salt.

Back to the problem itself.

There are too many Hayabusa, Ling, Gusion, Harith, Granger and Wanwan players that are just… Absolutely horrible and a nuisance to win with. On top of them, horrible Khufra players have appeared as well.

Why? Because someone here or on YouTube is praising and recommending them to unhealthy and unhelpful point that makes lower rank absolute pain in the ass to play with.

And the heros they should actually be using are claimed as “bad”.

These meta heros are good but they are not good for someone in lower rank. They just don’t work well there. They require much more experience to be used properly.

Khufra players are trying to gank alone and solo a lane instead of roaming with a marksman or mage. Hayabusa players don’t bother to farm and are turret hugging. Harith players cannot spam their dashes or bother to get a lifesteal item. Granger and Gusion players are active feeders. On top of observing Gusion ones, they can’t even execute the combo properly. Kimmy players cannot even aim their auto aim. Lings spend too much time in jungle, steal every buff and then die turret diving a tank (facepalm) making his presence pathetic and pointless.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out who advised them to get these heros and it’s the type of advice that gets shared here a lot. And I know for a fact that they wasted 32k on them as these specific ones absolutely never have a free trial card.

There is a lot of annoyance in this community against Dyrroth players but I’ll have to point out that not a single Dyrroth player has sucked as much as the ones mentioned above in my experience.

I would rather have an average Dyrroth in my team because of his noob-friendly simplicity to use, than I would have a useless Ling that spends 90% of time in jungle and a Kimmy that can’t auto aim.

There are so many heros in ML that are easy to use and work just fine. In fact mid-tier heros suit lower rank way better as they are way easier to use.

When you get an S+ hero, that does not guarantee that you will play them in a way that makes them S+. They are S+ because players who are already good at the game know how to use them really well, have good map awareness and know how to balance jungling and laning. 

On top of it, they know how to counter build while you probably just copy 1. pro build and call it a day.

If you aren’t capable of multitasking jungle-lane then using Ling becomes a problem. If you aren’t good at kiting and telling whether enemy is in bushes or capable of killing you, you will feed with Granger and Wanwan. If you’re not good at map awareness you’re not going to be a good Khufra. 

Finally, if you’re not aggressive and prefer hugging a turret then why in the world are you playing an assasin?

And that’s just a few reasons out of dozen that make these S and S+ heros more useless than Layla in beginner’s hands. Actually, I’ve experienced a Layla stacking up 18/2/3 in one of my matches while Ling was feeding. Go figure.

Meta is owning a hero that is basically broken and unbalanced. There is no amazing skills required nor are you any better from someone who mastered Hilda or Alpha.

It’s really simple to play Khufra and think you’re a better player than enemy Fanny when his whole design counters her entirely. That does not mean that Fanny has less skill than you. It means you are using a hero that gives you advantage over her.

In fact that Fanny probably spent months practicing to use her cables properly and you coming in with Khufra and just pressing a button (S2) murders their entire career and effort.

It has absolutely nothing to do with skill at this point. You can pat yourself on the back for pressing that button and think you’re the shit but reality is – you’re not.

It’s an illusion if you think you’re a better player simply because you’re playing a meta hero.


I know you are really tempted to hop on walls with Ling or MVP with Wanwan and Granger, but let’s take a pause for a moment and actually think.

Look up a tier list of ML heros and find the one you like. Check out gameplays and guides on YouTube for the ones you are interested in buying.

Hero tier list.

Make sure you like them and understand their skills properly. Ignore whether they are meta (S, S+) or not. Just make sure you are informed and know exactly what you are about to buy. As long as they suit your playstyle, you are good to go.

The only heros I don’t recommend are the very lowest tier as they are actually just simply not good. Mostly because they are outdated and countered by newer ones. It will leave you with a lot of unsatisfying experiences and it won’t be your fault but Moonton’s lack of balance.

For example…

I played Dyrroth (A, 180 matches, 70% winrate) the most and although he’s not the highest on tier list, I play him much better with better results than any of the S+ heros. Meanwhile, my Khufra (S+) winrate has gone down to tragic 45% and I didn’t even reach 100 matches yet.

I like Dyrroth not because he’s something amazing or impressive but because he suits my playstyle. He’s neither simple or complicated. Neither overpowered or useless.


Try and get heros of multiple roles you like. Having a balanced team composition is the most important thing. Selfishly locking a third marksman because you only buy marksmen will get you nowhere. The chances of you matching up with people that never play marksmen are almost nonexistent. There is always one, so either pick on time or adjust for a bigger chance to win.

It’s better to adjust and have a few different roles in your pocket, than forcefully mess up the team composition by playing only one and multiplying an unnecessary role.

I’m looking at you, Granger and Lesley mains.

It is also important to tell your team you’re simply not good at some role if they expect you to take it in a lobby. If you recognize you’re not good at something, don’t beat a dead horse.

For example, I am a horrible marksman. You will absolutely never see me lock a marksman even if the role is missing and you wouldn’t want me to, trust me. If you ever had a player reject a marksman position- Hi!

Luckily for me, it is the most popular role that someone will always take. So all you gotta do is say you’re not good at it and someone in your team will fill it in 99% of time. 

Unless it’s a tank. RIP S5 tank.


Figure out whether you are more defensive or aggressive type of player.

If you are fully defensive then you should invest in defensive roles such as tanks and support.

For the aggressive types, you should invest into fighters and assasins.

If you are something in the middle then a hero with distance but good damage, mage and marksman, is more suitable for you as you can be both defensive and aggressive when needed while also keeping your distance.

So with this idea in mind these are 4 suitable roles for you:

Defensive – Marksman, Mage, Tank, Support

Aggressive – Assasin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage

Mix – Marksman, Mage

If you are a mix spend your time experimenting as you will mostly be into certain heros rather than the roles as you will be more interested in their skills and how they benefit your playstyle.

After some time you will find 2 roles you really stand out with.


A rough idea of who should gank who. (In my opinion)

I’m adding this mainly because of funny Lings chasing tanks for mysterious reasons.

Marksman > all

Assasin & Fighter > all except Tank

Mage > all except Tank

Support > no one, provide crowd control and assist, kill if you must

Tank > same as Support

Only exception to tank rule is if the tank has low HP or it’s a teamfight. I advise you to turn on advanced lock on mode so you can pick who to gank in crowds.

The reason no one, except marksmen, should gank tanks is because mages, fighters and assasins dependent on their mana and skills. Tanks have a lot of HP and can be an utter waste of skills and mana to kill. On top of it takes too long and can be unsuccessful. Mostly just poke.

Marksmen on the other hand provide a lot of damage and can bruise a tank much more without even using their skills, especially after red buff introduction. So they are an exception because they can melt a tank these days.


That is all I consider important. I hope it helps and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

Have a good day!

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