Mobile Legends Clint Guide

Mobile Legends Clint Guide by azmi24

Battle Spell: Flicker

Emblem: Jungle

Core items: Swift Boots > Berserker Fury > Endless Battle

The next three items are optional depending on your opponents team composition. My recommended options are:

1) Malefic Roar (Against Tanks/Heavy Fighter teams)

2) Magic Blade/Immortality (Against 2 or more burst heroes or Karina)

3) Windtalker (Sell boots for this late game, don’t build this early-mid game. I repeat – DON’T)

4)Blade Of Despair ( Only buy this if you have extra cash late game and if so, build Legion Sword first)

5) Thunder Belt (If you need that slow, still a good item on him despite nerfs)

6) Demon Hunter Sword (stack this with Malefic Roar for extra spice against Tanks/Heavy fighter teams)

7) Deadly Blade (Buy this if the enemy team is lifesteal/regen reliant)

Early game:

Start with two mana necklaces as it is unlikely for you to get the blue buff. Clear 1st wave, buy jungle knife and proceed to small jungle creeps. Once you got your ulti, you can start go for the red buff too. Rinse and repeat this until you got your core items done. Do not roam and take care of your distance when laning despite having skill 2 to escape. My rule is to only roam IF there’s a nearby teamfight (near turtle for example) or the first enemy turret is down.

Mid-late game:

Your core items are done by this stage. Sell off the mana necklaces. Start harassing the hell out of your enemy using your passive while clearing the lane. Engage in teamfights whenever you can. His damage at this stage is totally insane. Sell off jungle knife once you reached level 15.

Just like any other mm, be aware of your positioning to survive. Remember that his passive has a long ass range and nice AOE too. Abuse it.

His only weakness is his early game, which is terrible compared to other mm’s, but his burst damage potential really compensates for it.

I think that’s all from me. Good luck fellow Clint player :D

EDIT: I forgot to mention this but unlike other marksman, don’t solo Lord/Turtle as a Clint/YSS/Layla. You could figure out why.

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