Mobile Legends Tips for Ranked Games

Mobile Legends Tips for Ranked Games by Maximillas

Well, Firstly, I am a dota player and started playing mobile legends not long ago. This post is to help the mobile legends community of not losing games necessarily. It is an awful pain in the ass to lose. This is probably, both a rant and a guide.

1) Map Awareness Honestly, most players are blinded to the minimap and have no goddamned idea. I highly doubt some know of their existence. Know where your enemy is or at best GUESS. Just a simple example, IF there are two farming at top, obviously, if you engage in their forest, they will back him up. This is something simple that most fail to understand.

2) When your teammates say retreat, RETREAT. One of the problems, in mobile legends is that it is horrendous to communicate. When a teammate says retreat before a fight, there must be a reason. I.e., No mana, Low Health. There is no reason to doubt your team mates. At best, check on their hero before engaging.

3) (During Mid to Late Game) Don’t engage without your MM For a simple fact, MM does the most damage therefore, you need him. I have lost countless of games whereby, the team engages without their MM and loses the entire fight. Leaving the MM to fend against 3,4,5 opponents.

4) Kill their MM first. This is sooooooooo obvious. ESPECIALLY, ASSASSINS. This is probably your only job. To take out either MM , Mage or other Assassins. But, nooo, most of them LOVE to take out tanks. Cause, why not right?

5) Stop Dying, Wow, this is definitely underrated. Dying gives gold. More deaths means more gold for the enemy. Seriously, if you died a few times for a good cause. That is fine. If you died 8 times for stupidity, and blame everyone else. You SUCK.

6) Stop Blaming. Back to point of bad communication in this game. Typing takes time. Time = Farming or doing something constructive. Shut up and ffs go farm, defend or something. And when you blame, others will reply. Therefore, more FARM wasted. Well done, you blame and its all your fault for losing.

7) (For MMs) Farm If you have not notice, in the early stages gold earn from kills a pretty insignificant. Unless, you killed a whole truck full of laylas. Stop running around to gank, and FARM. Of course, engage in team fight when you have to.

8) (For MMs) Stay Behind Seriously, unless you are screaming YIPPIE KA EH M***** F*****R while playing on your mobile phone. Stay behind. Nothing throws more than an MM to dive in head first and melt like a little bitch.

9) Positioning Positioning Positioning. Like dota, there is a difference between upslope and downslope. An upslope allows MM to spray your team into smithereens. Avoid that, engage where there is a good positioning for your MM and not for the opponent.

10) Lastly, Layla sucks. Go learn other MMs I maybe biased against Layla. But I have my reasons. PROS Layla is cute.

CONS Layla have no escape skills Layla farms slow Layla can’t stun Layla can’t run Layla can’t hit multiple targets Layla is highly farm dependent Layla dies to about every spell, attack, lord.

Well all these are my rants and are not necessarily correct. But please do drop a comment to adjust or change.

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