Mobile Legends Rafaela Tips

Mobile Legends Rafaela Tips by 0kills

TL:DR: She’s pretty strong. Don’t let anyone tell you she sucks. She’s an absolute beast and fits any team composition. You can probably solo or duo all the way to legend without encountering much problems.

Passive: Your heals increase movespeed, your damaging skills slow people. This means Raf can help initiate and peel for teammates very reliably.

1st skill: Hits 3 targets, slows em all. Low base damage but very spammable. Each level up increases damage by 40 pts. Keep this in mind. Has a 1:1 magic power (meaning if you get 200 magic power, you do +200 damage)

2nd skill: heals people, has the same 1:1 ratio. each level increases healing by… 40 pts. as well.

Ult: stuns people in a line. Has a great ap ratio. Generally people say this is too slow or unreliable.

How to approach playing as Raf

1.) You have no burst, but your skills are very spammable. So always be on the move and SLOWLY whittle people down.

2.) REMEMBER 2nd SKILL INCREASES MOVESPEED. If you need a godly initiate, use it. Even if full hp, everyone suddenly moves so fast. 2nd skill > RUN LIKE THE WIND > then 1st skill to slow enemies> then ult in their face. Tadah, you just never miss raf ult anymore.

3.) Buy 3~5 of those 120g mana items. you almost get unlimited mana that the harrassing saber ends up crying cause his 400 dmg swords gets negated by one simple heal. Those melee champions get slowly pelted to death by little bundles of light energy (and you get to hurl light beams in their faces too)

4.) Buy enchanted talisman then either dominance ice or fleeting time. This sweet 40% cdr combination puts your 1st skill at around 2.4 seconds. Get either flame of fury or frost next. Frost becomes really amazing at 35~40% cdr cause it means you can reapply the slows so high that enemies almost always have a 50% movespeed reduction. Flame of fury is also amazing because it should be doing more damage since you never really built health items.

5.) Be very patient with your ultimate. You hit multiple targets or a marksman then you’ve basically done your job. Your cc is “slow” but you still have a really long range on it. Just the fact that you have one up is enough to make the enemy think twice.

6.) Purify is probably the best spell on raf. Your goal is to be in the thick of the fight, so it’s going to be very risky. Spam your skills whenever they’re up. 40% cdr is better than magic power heavy builds because you want to be slowing and speeding people in the middle of fights.

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