Mobile Legends Saber Tips

Mobile Legends Saber Tips by mibbhayabusa

I started using Saber since I stuck with Hayabusa in Epic. Finally got to Legend with Saber. Imo Saber has an insane ability kit, so one should build/play him to maximize the effects of his abilities:

Let’s start with his passive:

  • it makes him one of the most efficient jungler, so go jungle as much as u can besides laning/ganking/team fight etc.
  • it makes him some kind of initiator in team fights, especially your team is heavy on physical damage dealer
  • it defines his combo: 1 ==> Ulti ==> 2 or 1 ==> 2 ==> AA ==> 1 ==> Ulti ==> 2 etc., u want to hit the opponent as often as u can before u trigger his ulti

His first ability is the one makes him special, and it is the reason why one would use Saber and not other assassins:

  • this is an ability u want to trigger as often as possible. cuz it is long range, it is as annoying as kagura’s umbrella in laning phase
  • combined with his passive, it reduces armor so that the opponents can be taken down more easily either by yourself or your ganking partner from mid lane
  • use this skill in team fight to label opponents with deadly blades to counter Estes
  • use it to clean waves/jungle and if u are in the middle of a group of CCed opponents to deal a great amount of damage to everyone

The second ability gives Saber mobility and flexibility:

  • use it to get away after combo, to engage in advantaged cases, to speed up while roaming, and to catch fleeing low HP opponents or to escape
  • Combined with the 1st ability it is amazing. it triggers the gathering of the four flying blades to hit the opponent with four blades at once by dashing through the him

His ulti is the only assassin ulti which has CC

  • it has decent damage, so use it to take opponents down
  • it is CC, use it to “stun” the target for 2 sec (that’s a lot). since it is the highest cc level, u can literally stun every thing e.g., johnson in car mode, rolling panda, mad bull…
  • it has a wide range, use it to engage a fight/catch fleeing targets

In summary, Saber is a versatile hero can be played according to the team composition and the individual play style. E.g. it can be build as a pure damage assassin, which engages, kills, and disappears; or it can be build as an initiator and supportive assassin with 2 or 3 defensive items.

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