World of Warships Operations 5 Stars Guide

World of Warships Operations 5 Stars Guide by Azsendi

Operation: Defense of Naval Station Newport

To get five stars in this game mode, you need to do five things.

  1. Kill the first 3 waves in 10 minutes.
  2. Prevent the enemies from entering the green circle. (Starts the final wave)
  3. Prevent Romeo (Your friendly CV) from dying.
  4. Prevent the loss of offshore bases and support ships. (The batteries don’t count)
  5. Have 3 player ships alive at the end of the game.

Game Notes

  • The repair ships in the back will heal 50 hp every second you’re in the circle. Use it when you’re low on health. A dead ship is useless, while a ship that’s healing can still participate in base defense.

Team Composition

  • 1 Strike Ryujo (preferably with Air Supremacy Captain Skill)
  • 4 Clevelands
  • 1 DD
  • Any other ship

First Wave

There are four cruisers. Just kill them as fast as possible. Ideally, the Ryujo will be able to knock 2 out in it’s first wave of planes, and the Clevelands will finish off the rest. Once this is done, Wave 2 will start.

Second Wave

If I recall correctly, there’s a Zuiho, Kaiser, Ishizuchi, and 2 DDs. They spawn as soon as all the ships in the first wave has been sunk. The Ryujo should focus on sinking the Zuiho and the two BBs. The DD should focus on torping the BBs. The Clevelands should focus on the DDs then burn the rest of the ships down. Once 2 ships (I might be wrong) are left, Wave 3 will begin.

Third Wave

In this wave, there’s 3 cruisers, and 3 DDs. The Clevelands should split off and deal with this. The Ryujo should focus on sinking the BBs/CV if they’re still alive, but otherwise should focus on taking down the cruisers. The Clevelands should focus on the ship that’s closest to the base, and move back as each ship is sunk. The DD should focus on staying alive till the final wave. Ideally, you will be done with about 30 seconds left before the final wave starts.

The Lexington will spawn furthest from the team, either at E10 or J5.

Saving the Carrier

Once the Third Wave is over, Romeo will spawn. Romeo is a strike Lexington. Behind Romeo will spawn a Hipper and a Mogami. 90% of the time, the team will on the other side of the map, so saving Romeo will depend on the Ryujo. The team should fall back towards the base as the final wave will soon spawn.

The Ryujo should use its torpedo squadron to get rid of the Mogami, while the Hipper should be taken care of by the dive bombers. If done well, Romeo should be able to fend off and kill the Hipper with its own planes and end up returning to to the base to be repaired.

Final Wave

If done correctly, the Final Wave will begin 10 minutes after the match starts. You just need to survive till there are 3 minutes left, when the reinforcements will arrive. (If you don’t have enough VRAM, you WILL crash when they come)

The two most important ships to focus on are the BBs in the East (Sharnhorst) and the West (Gneisenau). Those ships, if ignored, will cause you to lose your offshore bases. The Izumo in the center will focus on the batteries, so that can be saved for last.

The Ryujo can decide to do anything it wants to do, but I recommend it go after any of the 3 BBs first and slowly work its way around to the other ships. The Clevelands should focus fire on the Cruiser and DD escort, while the DD (if still alive) should focus on torping the BBs. However, you must make sure that the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau is not left alone, or they will attack the offshore bases. Once most of the ships are dead, the final two ships will spawn, but they’re not important. If done well, you can kill them and end the game before the reinforcements arrive.

Final Notes

Hopefully this will help you get all five stars in the current scenario. Please take this with a grain of salt as it may not work with everyone. I hope that it helps you guys.

Other operations to come soon.

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