Clash Royale How to Datamine Guide

Clash Royale How to Datamine Guide by jadbalout

It is time to share knowledge to everyone who wishes to know. Many have asked for a tutorial, and I would be proud to give you guys one. As Margaret Fuller once said,

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

How To DataMine

Files Needed:

  • Clash Royale APK: You can get this just by searching google. Ofcourse you’d need the latest version. Clash Royale 1.9.0 APK is what I’d suggest searching for.
  • Python 3.5+: I will be using python in order to simplify this tutorial. Find it here.
  • CSV Decrypter: The files inside the APK are encrypted(hidden in a sort of ‘puzzle’) by Clash Royale, so in order to decrypt them we’ll use a script written in python. Here is the link to the pastebin. Note that this script is not written by me, I just found it and changed it a bit to be able to use it.
  • WinRar: Or really any .ZIP opener.

How To:

First thing you want to do is open the apk file with your .ZIP opener and extract it. If this doesn’t work try renaming your .apk file to .zip EX.

Next up, you’ll have to put the CSV decrypter inside the extracted zip like this. You have to run it. Open up command prompt or your terminal and type in:

C:/PATH/TO/PYTHON/python.exe C:/PATH/TO/X.PY /assets/

Kindly replace PATH/TO/PYTHON with the folder path to your python folder. Mine is C:/Python36/ Kindly replace PATH/TO/X.PY with the folder path to your script which is inside your extracted APK. For example what I would type is:

C:/Python36/python.exe C:/JAD/CR_APK/ /assets/

After that, you should have something like this in your assets/csv_client and assets/csv_logic. Open up the decrypted files with Excel or NotePad++ and have fun reading through them!

I’d also like to add that sometimes there are music files related to a certain troop that hasn’t released yet and hasn’t been talked about. Listen to them or look through them!

I might make a tutorial around how to view .SC(CR images including the new skins and troops!) files soon aswell. If you guys have any questions hit me up. Have fun!

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