Clash Royale 3000 Trophies Arena 5 Deck

Clash Royale 3000 Trophies Legendary Arena 5 Deck by palad1nz0

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately, and I made 3 decks that got to legendary arena. This deck that i’m making a guide on is the most consistent and in my opinion, the best out of the three. If you play it right, you will not drop down back to arena 7. Make note that this deck is designed to be used in arena 8 only, it might not work so well in lower arenas.

Edit: Current amount of trophies: 3111


Heres a video with commentary:

Here are the other 2 decks that I have reached legendary with:

Offensive Gameplan

  1. Bait out their AOE spell by defending with minion horde. Place the Giant Skeleton near the bridge and throw goblin barrel at their tower, the Giant Skeleton will tank the tower while the goblins lay in the pain. Use Goblin Spearmen to deal additional damage, don’t underestimate these spearmen, they will do insane amounts of damage if left alone. This is an insanely deadly combo since there are two very dangerous threats that they need to deal with.
  2. Throw Goblin Barrel at their tower to bait out their AOE spell. Counter their push using minion horde and place the the Giant Skeleton in front of the minions to tank.
  3. High Risk High Reward. Throw goblin barrel at their tower followed up by placing minion horde at the bridge. The opponent will use his AOE spell on the goblin barrel and won’t have anything to counter the minion horde. This can be backed up with Zap if they place small troops to distract. Recommended only once per game, since it is easily counterable.
  4. Place Giant Skeleton at the back of your King Tower and have him walk up to the bridge before firing your goblin barrel at their tower, then quickly place minion horde at the back of the giant skeleton.

Defensive Gameplan

Hogriders – Place down cannon.

Hogrider + Goblin – Place down cannon and Zap everything.

Hogrider + Goblin + Freeze – Place down cannon and Zap everything, put down minion horde after they use freeze.

Pekka / Golem – Use one of the combos above in the other lane, and place down inferno tower when the golem or pekka gets near.

Three Musketeers – Place inferno tower to take care of their tank and drop Giant Skeleton in the middle to take out their musketeers. You will orgasm when this happens, confirmed by me.

Prince – Cannon + Skeletons.

Prince + Dark Prince – Cannon + Skeletons + Minion Horde, most of the time, arrows will come too late.

Hut Decks – Defend against their pushes with cannon and spear goblins. Use one of the attack strategies in the other lane when they place down a barbarian hut.


  1. Throw a Goblin Barrel at their tower to bait out arrows, destroy the mortar with minion horde.
  2. Place cannon at the bridge to destroy the mortar, alongside with small troops. Zap will be able to support if they summon small troops.


  1. Inferno Tower
  2. Minion Horde
  3. Cannon + Spear Goblins

Other stuff

1 Elixir skeletons – these things do more than just to stop a Prince charge. When the Giant skeleton die, stall their troops with these tiny buggers and watch the explosion.

Zap vs Arrows – If you’re having a lot of trouble facing princesses, then swap the zap for the arrows. However, I find the princesses to be easily counterable after they lock on to the tower. The arrows also fire too slowly to stop the princess from taking down all of the minion horde or goblin barrel. The Zap allows for more versatility in both defense and offense, quicker cast time and lower elixir cost.

Spear Goblins – Most of the time, people forget about these things behind the Giant Skeleton and sometimes, they will the most damage out of everything in between all the chaos. Spear Goblins are also the most versatile card in my opinion and can be used in almost every situation.

Thanks for reading.

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