Pokemon Go Defeating Blissey Guide

Pokemon Go Defeating Blissey Guide by Goptimiz

Blissey is the tankiest, most annoying gym defender. We’ve been expecting that for a long time, and now it has finally arrived.

Blissey is so tanky that is is hard to defeat it within the 90 seconds available, even when you use one of its best counters.

So, how to win against it ?

EDIT : since many of you don’t read the comments (and wondered where Machamp is), I added two more counters to the list. All the other Pokémons are bad at taking down a Blissey (it’s still manageable for some of them if you use them properly, though).

Step 1 – chosing your attacker

Here are the top 7 Pokémons that can win against Blissey, with their best moveset to do so :

  1. Dragonite (Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw). Not really a surprise, Dragonite is both tanky and powerful.
  2. Tyranitar (Bite + Crunch). Just like Dragonite, Tyranitar has got very nice stats (you’ll soon see it everywhere in gyms).
  3. Gyarados (Dragon Breath + Hydro Pump). A squishier Pokémon that can still defeat Blissey. You may want to dodge charged moves with it.
  4. Donphan (Counter + Play Rough). An above average Pokémon that benefits from a strong moveset.
  5. Vaporeon (Water Gun + Hydro Pump). The Pokémon Go’s jack of all trades. Strong, tanky, powerful moveset.
  6. Machamp (Counter + Dynamic Punch). A strong counter. Be careful though, because 5/6 Blissey movesets have a move that is strong against Fighting type Pokémons. Fighting a Pound + Hyper Beam Blissey will give you the best results.
  7. Heracross (Counter + Close Combat). A smaller version of Machamp.

Step 2 – dodging

Dodging takes half a second. If you don’t want the fight to last 90 seconds, you’ll have to be very careful about dodging.

  • Do not dodge its quick moves.
  • If you can, do not dodge its charged moves (that’s why you preferably need a Pokémon that is tanky enough to sustain a few Hyper Beams).

Step 3 – tap tap tap tap

Just spam your quick moves and use your charged moves as soon as they are available. Remember that you are not fighting against a Pokémon, you are fighting against the clock.

Step 4 – bonus

Play with your friends ! You’ll have more time to defeat Blissey and you will deal more damage.

If you see someone in the area who is playing Pokémon Go, ask this person to group against Blissey. You’ll gain your Pokécoins and a potential new friend.

PS : according to my calculations, there is no consistent way to prestige against Blissey with a Pokémon that is half its CP. Please keep in mind that putting a Blissey at the bottom of a gym will preclude your team from prestiging it efficiently (quickly, with a fair amount of prestige gained).

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