Pokemon Go Player Leveling Guide

Pokemon Go Player Leveling Guide by GustPlaysPC

Hey guys,

GustPlaysPC here, I’m coming at you with some Player leveling methods that my group and I have come up with. We hope this helps you guys out in your quest to become Pokemon Masters.

Things to keep in mind while using this guide

Using a Lucky Egg will grant double xp for 30minutes. I have not tested using a lucky egg with my methods yet but I will keep you guys posted.

Catching Pokemon [~600xp or 100xp per catch] x2 with Lucky Egg

This is obviously the most common method. For each new Pokemon you catch you get about 600xp and for any copies after that you receive 100xp. Bonus xp can be gained by getting Nice, Great, and Excellent throws as well as throwing curve balls.

See this guide to learn to throw Pokeballs properly:** [Click Here]** Note: Thanks to the creator of that video

Using an Incense and/or a Lure Mod helps make this method easier because they would attract Pokemon to your location faster.

Evolving Pokemon [~500xp per evolution] x2 with Lucky Egg

For this method a person would catch multiple copies of the most common Pokemon in their area so they can get the Pokemon’s Candies . They would then transfer the lowest CP Pokemon to the professor for an extra candy. The player would then use the candies to evolve the highest CP pokemon of that type. Each evolution will grant 500xp. Note: if it has more than one evolution, it’s more efficient to evolve pokemon to their second evolution so you don’t use up so many candies going to the third.

Edit: Third tier evolutions grant 1k,xp. It can be worth, or not, it’s up to you guys.

Gym Battling [xp varries] x2 with Lucky Egg

This method doesn’t get as much xp at a time as the above method would. To efficiently do this method a player will take over a gym, if the gym is already inhabited by another team. Once the gym is white and allows you to take it, throw a low CP Pokemon into the gym and then battle the gym over and over. This is a pretty slow method as it only grants ~30xp or so every battle.

Edit: By De-throning other players you can get 150xp per battle. So if you and a friend from another team go back and forth de-throning each other, you can get quite a bit of xp. Especially with a Lucky Egg

Hatching Eggs [500-1k,xp] x2 with Lucky Egg

This method requires incubators but can be a really good source of xp especially tied with a lucky egg. A player will have 9 eggs of the same distance and put them all into incubation. Once the eggs are close to hatching the player will activate the Lucky Egg and then continue to come closer to hatching the eggs.

PokeStops [50xp a pokestop] x2 with Lucky Egg

This method works best when you have a lot of pokestops around you. Each grants 50xp when you stop by and spin it. Grinding these out can stack up fast as well as getting you a lot of items. Note: your item inventory can fill up fast so be mindful of what you want to keep and throw away

If you guys know other methods feel free to share with the rest of the community. Thanks guys!

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