Battlefield 1 Medic Guns Guide

Battlefield 1 Medic Guns Guide by itsMrPotato

I keep hearing a lot of people saying that the Medic guns suck. They don’t. You suck.

Quite honestly, the best general Medic guns in my opinion are the Mondragon and Selbsladter M1916. They kill in 3 bullets at any range and are pretty damn accurate. Once you learn how to handle the recoil and the proper firing rhythm, you’ll be able to take down people frighteningly quick. These guns reward accuracy, control and positioning. They are basically the same gun besides two key differences: the Mondragon has a %15 faster firing rate but the Selbsladter has 16 more bullets in its magazine. Because of this, I recommend using the Selbsladter Optical over the Mondragon Optical, if you are so inclined to this variant. 16 bullets makes a large difference.

Beyond that, the guns are differentiated by the variants offered. If you are playing close quarters or like hipfiring, the Selbsladter Factory is a better choice because it has better hipfire. If you find yourself in more long range engagements or rarely hipfire, the Mondragon Storm is a good choice because its recoil reduces faster (and it also has better iron-sights in my opinion). The Mondragon Sniper is pretty awesome and if you are prone (it has a bipod which tremendously boosts accuracy), you can actually beat out snipers with ease. I also especially recommend trying the Selbsladter Marksman on console because there is slight autoaim which makes it easier to acquire targets (there is no autoaim for the Sniper variant). Oh, and it also doesn’t have glare. Ideally, you don’t want to play aggressively with these guns. If this makes any sense, you want the enemies to come into your view. As you move around the map, every once in a while position yourself behind cover and surveil your surroundings. Cover your team as they advance. When capturing objectives, again try to find some nice chest-high cover. Find a good tap-firing rhythm and you’ll be able to beat out practically anyone besides of course, SMGs/shotguns at extreme close range and Snipers at extreme long range (but this can all still be done if you get the first shots in and are accurate with good rhythm).

Out of all these variants, I have the most success with the Mondragon Storm.

Now, the Cei-Rigotti is very similar to the Mondragon and Selbsladter M1916. It has quite an annoying reload, I must say. However, the Cei-Rigotti has the highest RPM (rounds per minute) out of all these guns (15% faster than Mondragon and 33% faster than M1916), and generally much better hip-fire values. However, it takes 4 bullets to kill at long range and has a noticeably lower muzzle velocity. Because of this, I recommend it for close range maps if you like the other two. Still a very capable gun, just not as good as the other two in my opinion. All Cei-Rigotti variants also feature an automatic firing mode, but I only recommend this in close range because it can be a bit unstable, so I highly recommend only using it at the very threshold of “midrange distance” also because you can tap fire just as fast but control the rhythm for better accuracy. Because of all of these things, I would say that the Cei-Rigotti is the most versatile Medic rifle but even then, mastering the other ones will take you further in my opinion. If you want an automatic Medic rifle, I recommend the M1907 Sweeper simply because it has over twice the magazine size. But if you still insist on the Cei-Rigotti for your close engagements, I recommend the Trench variant because it has better hipfire statistics!

As for the other guns, I don’t really like them. The Selbstlader 1906 is pretty much like the Selbstlader 1916, but it has less recoil, and a much higher rate of fire. Oh, and it also looks like an M1 Garand. Sweet. However, it only has 5 fucking bullets in its magazine. Under the overwhelming majority of circumstances, that is only one kill per magazine. That’s enough reason for me to use it rarely. People seem to forget that suppressing/cover fire is also a valuable asset to your team, so 26 rounds is even more preferable to a measly 5. I do not recommend.

The M1907 is one of the best Medic guns for close range. It has the same RPM as the 1906 and kills in 3 bullets in close range (only up to 25 meters), but drops off to 5 very soon at around 35-37 meters. It also has a significantly lower muzzle velocity and higher recoil decrease time than the other Medic rifles, so I definitely don’t recommend this one for playing at range.The M1907 Sweeper is the only fully automatic variant, so this makes it a very solid choice for close range and hip firing (especially with the 21 round magazine). So quite honestly, the only variant worth using for the M1907 due to its unique strengths and weaknesses is the Sweeper. However, the full auto isn’t really an advantage if your tap firing skills are on point. Because of this, the Autoloading 8 is probably the better technical choice for close quarters, but it only has 5 rounds in a magazine and that is a serious problem. The Cei-Rigotti is also formidable competition because all variants have auto-fire modes, but they seems slightly less controllable and having 11 less bullets is a problem.

Finally, there’s the Autoloading 8. I quite honestly, don’t like this gun…or at least most of the variants. Although it has the highest potential firing rate out of all the Medic guns (20% higher than the M1907), it kills in 4 bullets after 48 meters, has a muzzle velocity on the low end, and only has 5 fucking bullets in its magazine. Yuck. It’s definitely a mid and close range monster…but it only has 5 bullets. Yes. 5 bullets. 5. Bullets. The Autoloading 8 Extended is where things get interesting. It has slightly lower damage than the other variants and worse damage drop-off, but it still kills in 3 bullets up to 17 meters, then falls to 5 at a mere 38 meters. What makes it special is that the Extended variant has 16 rounds in its magazine–over 3x the bullets at normal! Because of its high rate of fire, this makes it quite a formidable weapon in close quarters. I sometimes prefer the Sweeper due to laziness, but the Extended is still a formidable CQC weapon. It is actually probably the best Medic gun for close range. There, I said it! It is also a mid range monster, although I still prefer the other Medic guns. Either way, the Autoloading 8 Extended probably deserves a permanent place on your loadout screens.

And that’s all folks! Happy reviving!

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