Battlefield 1 Destroying Heavy Tanks Guide

Battlefield 1 Destroying Heavy Tanks Guide by timvk23

Hi guys! I’ve been a long time fan of the Battlefield games and started out with Battlefield 1942 some years ago. I recently bought Battlefield 1 and loved it so much I decided to start a blog about it. Main reason is that I love to connect with other players, share experiences as well as publish my own thoughts on playing the game, becoming better and increasing the amount of fun you can have with this great game.

My site is up and running now and has some articles with news about the latest updates, maps and highlights of patch notes. I also put up a few guides there for people interested in upping their game. One of the guides, the one published here is about destroying heavy tanks. This vehicle is currently pretty strong and many people seem to have trouble getting rid of them, so I decided to write down some tips and tricks for people just starting the game or new to the Battlefield series.


You were probably a bit surprised when you first saw the Heavy Tank in Battlefield 1. How could you have guessed that the fast moving, funny looking, moving box of metal would become the deadliest vehicle in Battlefield 1 currently available?

This thing is no joke, however. There’s a good bunch of people claiming it to be overpowered. Over 40% of all vehicles kills made in Battlefield 1 are made with the Heavy Breakthrough tank, or A7V Sturmpanzer. Not only does it have the strongest armor of all the tanks in the game, it’s also incredibly fast. And with machine guns or flamethrowers on all sides it’s pretty much a moving fortress. Not to mention it’s self-repair function and spawn capabilities.

A Heavy Tank combined with a skilled driver can be a decisive factor in determining the outcome of a Battlefield 1 match. So how do you destroy this beastly piece of machinery? Read up on the tips & tricks below and find out.


In previous Battlefield games an enemy tank could be countered by equipping yourself with a rocket launcher or some C4. Singlehandedly taking out a tank wasn’t unusual. In Battlefield 1 however, things seem to be working a little different, as the game seems to focus more on teamplay and coordination.

With the damage per weapon, gadget or stationary being lower, it seems as though destroying an enemy tank is more about damaging it consistently and in a variety of matters. This requires a different approach. It’s still possible to kill a heavy tank with one man, it’s just a lot harder and takes a bit of luck.

The main issue with Heavy Tanks at the moment is not the tank itself. They’re not indestructible. The problem is team members who value their K/D ratio over playing the objective and trying to win the round. You have to realise that nobody is going to do the dirty job for you. If everyone is waiting for someone to deal with that tank, nothing is going to happen. So, the first and most important part is to….. start getting your hands dirty. You have to go handle the problem yourself.

Battlefield 1 offers several possibilities in taking care of a Heavy Tank. Here’s a list of ways to deal damage to them:

  • AT Rocket Gun (assault class)
  • AT mines (assault class, artillery truck and some tanks)
  • Dynamite (assault class)
  • Light AT grenades (available to all classes, including Cavalry)
  • Tank Hunter (elite class)
  • Limpet Charge (support class)
  • HE Mortar (support class)
  • Grenade Crossbow HE/Frag (support class)
  • K-Bullet (scout class)
  • HE/Frag rifle grenades (medic class)
  • Field and fortress gun (stationary weapon located on the map)
  • Behemoth (airship, armored train and dreadnought)
  • Attack plane (especially the tank hunter package)
  • Bomber plane (especially the HE Barrage bombs)

You should also start spotting the heavy tank for friendly tankers, pilots or other team members. Make sure to keep it spotted, as the spotted icon will fade after a few seconds.


While landships have tracks that can be destroyed, the Heavy tank has its track well hidden, thus removing the largest weak spot. The weapons that are on board however, can be destroyed and will then be rendered useless. There are a total of 6 weapons aboard the heavy tank, so make sure you aim for those. Destroying them gives you additional points.

Bullets and shells bounce off easily in Battlefield 1. When firing your AT Rocket Gun or Stationary Weapon at a poor angle, you will do close to no damage. The front armor of the heavy tank is angled, making it tougher to penetrate. You’ll want to make sure you hit the tank at a 90 degree angle, preferably to the side armor. You will likely be spotted after your first shot, so be sure to make the shots count.

When engaging a breakthrough tank, be sure to use the right weapon or gadget at the right range. For example, AT grenades are best used at close range because they will do most damage on a direct hit. AT Rocket guns are best used at medium range, since you have to be prone to use them, which makes you a sitting duck for the tank’s machine guns.


When it comes to taking out an enemy tank, a good timing is of the essence. The heavy tank has 6 shots available, and when they run out their reload time significantly increases. All vehicles in Battlefield 1 come with a self-repair capability and some heavy tank packages even include a quick repair gadget, making them tough to kill.

Due to these defence mechanisms, tanks will likely use their smoke screen to cover their retreat and start their recovery. This is when you and your squad strike. Doing damage to a heavy tank interrupts the repair proces, which gives you an edge in finishing it off.


Heavy tanks are pretty mobile, and you can use this advantage against them by smartly using AT mines, which can be deployed by the Assault class or by Artillery Trucks. Heavy tank drivers are often so busy with firing and moving at the targets directly in front of them they forget about what’s behind them, making it an ideal spot for mines. They’ll likely run over them when they’re retreating.

Roads, bridges and objectives also make great spots for laying down your mines. Keep in mind that heavy tanks get stuck in trenches much easier than the landships, so driver will generally try and avoid those. You can deploy up to 3 AT mines at the same time and they stay when you respawn or change classes. A heavy tank running over 3 mines will instantly kill it and everyone inside. Putting down more mines will remove the previously placed ones.


Even though killing a heavy tank can still be done singlehandedly, coordinating with your teammates will make it a lot easier. Try and keep constant pressure on the tank to prevent it from repairing or retreating. It’s likely you will die at least once, so keeping one team mate alive will provide you with a close spawn point.

Also, keep a sharp eye out for tanks that are being abandoned by the enemy and any enemies retreating from it. Capturing an enemy tank allows you play the current heavy tank imbalance to your advantage, and turn the game!

Good luck an happy tank hunting!

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