Paragon Carry Role Murdock Guide

Paragon Carry Role Murdock Guide by Herko3286

Hey friends and community. I had some spare time this morning so I decided to make a guide to Murdock on’s new guide system. I figured it was good information I wish I had when I first started so I decided to post it here as well. See you in game and GL/HF!


I don’t believe the Docktr is dethroned just yet as the most powerful carry in the game. He has a global ult, self peel, CC, and can strip armor with a very powerful ability in an already amazing kit. Start with some power, get some crit, get your crit bonus, then pew pew fast with some A/S. Early 6 point completion cards are a huge advantage, and shine so bright on our favorite space supertrooper.

1) What is Murdock’s role?

Murdock is a carry. By definition a carry is a term for heroes in MOBAs that are not particularly powerful from the jump, but once they get to mid game, can start to bulldoze people. If your game makes it to “late game” where you are at 60 Card Points, you can single handedly “Carry” the game by 3 shotting squishies like casters or other carries, and eat up the enemy front line.

2) What is the PLAN

First and foremost, as a carry you HAVE TO prioritize farm. So don’t rotate to team fights and just stay in lane while your team dies over and over? Errm….No. This is where skill comes in. Prioritizing farm means, don’t miss last hits. Don’t back if you have easy safe farm in front of you. A lot of people make the mistake of going back to upgrade items after your lane’s opponent dies, or you hit 6 card points etc. Farm will not always come easy. In the highest MMR bracket ganks and 4 man rotations start at about the 4-5 minute mark if not earlier. You will have no choice then but to cover under tower (which isn’t safe either) and take what you can get while trying desperately to hold your lane. At that moment as you watch precious minions who no longer drop CXP if you don’t last hit them, you will be wishing you stayed a little longer to last hit when you had the chance. When it comes to rotating, use common sense. Your jungler has the purple invisible buff, gadget is mid defending against 2. By the time you rotate your Severog will have Swung his bat at them killed them both under tower and moved on. Trust in your team if you don’t need to rotate, don’t. You are the carry. Your job is to get ahead as early as possible. If your team needs you go, if they don’t use your Long Arm of the Law to contribute from lane and keep FARMING.


LoLz welcome to the MOBA genre my friend. The beauty of MOBAs and the fact that they are a team game is the idea of every hero having a job or a role. The enemy jungler keeps ganking your lane? Get used to it. Your job is to get ahead. His job is to make sure you don’t for he knows the monster you will turn into if he does not provide resistance. Do not blame your jungler for not rotating fast enough. Do not blame your support for not having “Muriel Ultimate” because they used it earlier to turn a 3v2 into a successful 3-0 win. Your jungler may suck, he may be farming mid, not doing his job. It is what it is. Your Muriel used their Ult when they didn’t need to, or isn’t warding, it is what it is. Does this make it impossible for you? No. It makes it more difficult but the best of the best will utilize their following two skills to push on.

4) Map Awareness

Map awareness is probably one of the most important skills to have if not THE most important. Every hero needs it, but because Carries can be so impactful and so often “Camped” or “Focused” they need their Map Awareness to be Spidey senses are tickling strong. If your support goes to ward the enemy jungle, you need to understand that someone on the enemy team knows your alone. Look at the map, what can you see? If you can not see the enemy jungler, be careful. If you can not see the mid hero, be careful. If you see the mid hero, and the jungler is trying to defend left lane while their team mates back, you are probably good to farm and poke aggressively. Map awareness can not really be taught. It can only be improved with experience. If your map awareness is not great, do not play carry. A carry that dies often due to poor map awareness is useless. You will be underleveled and underfarmed hitting like a super soaker all game doing nobody any good. When you understand the concept better then you can comfortable play carry and pew pew all day.

5) Positioning

As the team carry your positioning is the single most important factor when the fight begins and ends. As previously mentioned you are a high priority target. There are heroes like Countess, or Khaimera, designed to delete you before you can pull your gun out of your holster. So, that being said how do you prevent being vampire food or kangaroo snacks? Positioning Never be the leader of the pack. If your team just took mid tower, look around, get behind and between your team. The idea is, you can not stop that Khaimera from hopping onto you and taking half your hp with 1 ability. But, if he does make that decision your team will be in a position to turn on him and kill him before he can finish the job. Use the map. Is there a ledge you can be on? Is there a staircase you can climb? This MOBA has the uniqueness of a beautiful Z axis. Sucks for melee heroes but only if you take advantage of it. Your a ranged carry you can hit them from atop a cliff but they can’t hit you. Positioning is like Map Awareness. You can read a few guides and remember a couple pointers but it needs to be practiced to perfect. Always be analyzing your surroundings and use everything from the map to your team mates as cover so you can do your job of doing tons of damage. You can’t do damage when your dead.

6) Last but not least. Target Management.

If you have ever played a MOBA before, you know the frustrations of carry heroes not attacking the optimal targets. Who are the optimal targets? Casters, the other Carry, anyone that can do large amounts of damage to your team that can be taken out EASILY. What do I mean by that? Is it important for the jungler to die? Sure, but by the time you kill him the enemy Howitzer took out 1/2 your team. But Greystone is ahead and is doing so much damage! He may be, but the bastard has 2 lives and his job is to be a distraction and die while his team mates take a dump on your back line. Then he revives LOLz. So if a team fight is about to break, check your positioning, find the weakness in their’s and take out the casters and carries. You may take more damage trying to reach them, but if they die your team can then turn on the tankier heroes and finish the fight.

7) For Newer Players. Skill order

1) Start a fight with your Q ability (Buckshot) It will do a good chunk of damage and also strip armor for a few seconds so each shot there after does more damage.
2) Throw down a mine! So many players forget to do this. Its free CC that builds itself while your shooting. If a melee hero arrives just stand near it so he gets rooted!
3) Pew pew some more
4) Save your right click ability Move Along for when you need it the most. I have seen people use it offensively to throw off the other carry in a boxing match. Not a bad idea but now here comes along a Feng Mao. Immediately goes to ult you (which you could have made him waste by using your right click) but oh wait, its on cool down.
5) Don’t use your ultimate. Your Long Arm of the Law is an amazing ability but it makes you very vulnerable. You are immobile for a couple seconds, you have to aim, and if fighting is going on around you, you will most likely die before you get it off. Instead either use it to initiate and land it on 2-3 fighters before you go in, or a finisher as they are trying to get away.

If you read this novel I applaud you. You sir/maam are on your way to having a lot of fun carrying through matches. Just the fact that you are reading a guide means you are destined to improve. Do not get discouraged. Learn the fundamentals, get the experience under your belt, play smart, and you will be penta-killing plebs in no time.

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