Paragon Countess Ability Penetration Guide

Paragon Countess Ability Penetration Guide by moddedaccount

First of all, I want to thank Narendur and Sylphin_Paragon for inspiring me to do the math on this, I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff in other games but really never was motivated to do this here until I saw their content.

With the death of the tank meta in Monolith I am loving Countess! Whilst she is pretty squishy and has no escape tools in her kit she has pretty insane burst capabilities and since two of her abilities are AoE and one is a minion execute she also is insane at pushing lanes (killing a 1500hp super minion in one hit is pretty dope imo).

I’m going to compare a max power build with no ability pen to one that has 30 ability pen. *Actually both builds are 2 CXP shy of being max power as I personally leave one CXP open for Shaman’s Drink since that potion gives the most mana per CXP in the game (~203 mana over 30 seconds at level 15) and wards only give stats equal to their cost. It is also worth noting that there are no corruption or growth cards that grant a max power build with a touch of ability pen. Meltdown is a fury card. :(

Here is the max power list:

Here is the 30 ability pen + power list:

In the below comparisons, the first number will be the damage the first list will deal, the second is how much damage the second list will do, the third is how much damage the second list does compared to the first. Yes, I know some of the numbers I list are irrelevant (such as how much her ult does to an unarmored target since it can’t target minions) but I had already calculated that so I’m including it for completeness. Also I do round to the nearest one in this list.

Stats are calculated assuming: Both the attacker and defender are level 15 and the defender has no additional ability armor equipped.

Pure power: 58 CXP in power, 3 in mana, 2 in ATK speed, 1 in health (bonuses included). This list has 348 power.

With 30 Pen: 45 CXP in power, 15 CXP in Ability pen, 3 in mana, 1 in health (bonuses included). This list has 270 power.

On unarmored minions:

Blade Siphon 441 383 -58 (-13%)

Shadow Slip 274 235 -39 (-14%)

Dark Tide: 556 483 -73 (-13%)

Feast 962 845 -117 (-12%)

On 30.5 armor hero (default @ lvl 15)

Blade Siphon 338 381 +43 (+13%)

Shadow Slip 210 234 +24 (+11%)

Dark Tide 426 481 +55 (+13%)

Feast 737 841 +104 (+14%)

What can we learn from this?

Running ability pen severely reduces the damage you do to minions. You will still be beast at it, but later game it will take a little bit longer if you expect to clear with Dark Tide + auto attacks.

When it comes to killing heroes, ability pen is a massive advantage to have. Running the combo of Dark Tide + Shadow Slip + Feast + Blade Siphon + Dark Tide with max power will deal 2137 damage. With ability pen, you will deal 2418 damage, which is an extra 281 damage.

Feast and Dark Tide gain the most damage since they are high base damage/power scaling abilities. Hence, if possible set up your combo to land 2 hits with Dark Tide.

I hope y’all enjoyed this breakdown, gl hf heroes!

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