Clash Royale Tips For Legendary Arena Tryhards

Clash Royale Tips For Legendary Arena Tryhards by fishnooodlesoup

Hey guys, M4SON here to share with you guys some tips that will hopefully help you guys get into legendary arena. Take these for what it is, whether they’re too basic for you or whatever. But, I’m tired of seeing so many posts complaining about this or that. So hopefully you guys will enjoy the read and we can get some good discussion going!

Find a Deck You’re Comfortable With:

When you find a deck you’re super comfortable with, you don’t have to worry about your cards at all because you will play them onto the battle field without thinking. It will just become habit and second nature of what you’re supposed to do. For example, Jason said at the Helsinki Tournament he played his deck so many times he was used to every matchup. Jason knew his deck inside and out, so he recognized both favourable and unfavourable matchups. Most of Jason’s games in ladder, he was probably playing people with higher level cards, but once you put that deck knowledge into a tournament setting it’s no surprise Jason sweeped that tournament without dropping a single game. It is super important to find a deck that fits your play style. Find a deck that not only fits the current meta but, also one that you’re comfortable with. The more you play the same deck over and over again, the faster you’ll be able to recognize favourable or unfavourable matchups, and once you recognize these matchups you’ll be able to adjust according by either playing more aggressive or defensive. Additionally, when you are in-tune with your deck, you will know how much damage your kill combos can do, and when you can capitalize and punish on your opponent’s mistakes. Also it is important to note when you’re building your deck generally it’s better to replace 1-2 cards at a time rather than changing everything. Learn how to tech in cards. See lots of barbs? Add fireball. Minion hordes? Add Arrows. Royal Giants? Add mini P.E.K.K.A. Hogs? Add cannon. For a quick LoL or DotA2 analogy, there is a reason why the mid player plays mid every game and picks the same hero/legend every time. I know there are many DotA2 pros ie) EternalEnvy, Arteezy etc, who just spam the same hero in “pub” games over and over again so they know the ins and outs of that one hero. Do the same with your deck!

Proper Mindset

With any competitive game, it puts stress on your mind and body. How you are able to manage this stress will determine how well you will perform. Having a proper mindset is crucial when it comes to a fast paced game like Clash Royale, where split seconds decisions can win or lose you the game. When I used to play CS:GO or DotA2 I would always put myself into the proper mindset. Whether it be doing a DeathMatch in CS:GO or by playing a pub game in DotA. Unfortunately Clash Royale currently does not have an unranked matchmaking system, so what I like to do is either watch some games on TV Royale, or more so play some friendly games within my clan. What this does is, it turns your brain onto Clash Royale mode. This way of thinking can pretty much be applied to all types of sports, no athlete will ever go without warming up.

Learning The Meta

Meta is pretty much in short what is popular / good. The meta usually shifts with each patch or update that rebalances the troops. Troops can be indirectly buffed and nerfed based on other troops getting buffs or nerfs. E.g.) a nerf to defensive buildings indirectly buffs Hogs and Royal Giants. As much as I hate to say it, if you don’t follow the meta you will fall behind. The meta is the meta because the cards that are meta are just, plain and simple, good cards. People don’t play Hog and Royal Giant because they are cute, they play it because they are strong cards. When you learn the meta you will begin recognizing specific deck archetypes, this will allow you to structure your attacks better, but more importantly set up your defence properly. Remember a good defence is the greatest offence. Alongside being able to defend really well, understanding the meta will help you recgonize strong cards. For example, mini P.E.K.K.A has been on the rise in popularity finding its place in many peoples decks. This is probably due to it being such a great counter to the meta ie) Hogs, RG, Golems, Valk, Miner, etc.

Currently the meta feels like:

  • 1/3 Hog Cycle
  • 1/3 Royal Giant
  • 1/3 Other (Golem, miner, balloon, etc)

The Loop

Don’t fall into the loop. The loop is where both players play the same cycle of cards over and over again, and the same outcome repeats itself. However, it is okay to stay within the loop if overall you are coming out positive in damage and or elixir trade. A quick example with a hog deck would be like:

  • Opponent: Hogs
  • You: Barbs
  • Opponent: Zaps (Gets 1-2 hits w/ hog)
  • You: Counter push w/ Barbs + Musket
  • Opponent: Fireballs

This of course is a super simplified version of the loop. But with each loop they do more and more damage. Instead, what you should be doing is always switching it up, lets say with a cannon. If you fall into the loop and play barbs again, this time he might send a premature fireball + zap and wipe out your barbs completely allowing their hog to get a lot of hits in. Falling into the loop makes you a very predictable player and will give your opponent a huge advantage.

Basic Knowledge

This one might seem a little silly, but I decided to include it anyways. Learn the basics of what trades what. Some quick examples at tournament cap. Princess takes 2 hits to kill goblins and minions. Valk takes 3~ spins to kill barbs. Cannon can take 3 hog hits. When you learn all of the typical trades in the game it will allows you to defend more efficiently so you won’t over commit elixir while defending. On the note of defending properly, based on what cards you have in your hand, the question you should always be asking yourself is “What is the best answer to his attack?” Back on that hog example, sometimes maybe its cannon other times barbs. Another mistake I see a lot of people make is their unwillingness to make a negative elixir trade. Not every trade you make has to be elixir positive. Even though you want to trade positively, sometimes to save your tower from taking hundreds of potential damage you need to take a small -1 or -2 elixir trade.

Play Till The End / Never Give Up / Don’t stop wont stop

I sometimes see a lot of people will rage quit if they have a bad start, lose their tower, or just misplay a bunch. But, you should honestly keep playing till the bitter end every time. I have found many times you can catch your opponent to be over confident when they take a tower within the first couple minutes of the game. Also when you lose a tower right at the start, if you don’t continue playing you will never learn to play with only one tower left. The game completely shifts when you lose a tower because now opponents can play cards on your side, and your defences become a lot weaker. Playing games out till the bitter end allows you to better your overall abilities of playing from behind. Additionally, a lot of people say you should just take a break if you go on a big losing streak. Personally I am really against this because you’re not going to get better by playing less. If you do feel tilted, you should be going into your replays and analysing why you lost. Or even jumping into some friendly battles to untilt yourself.

That’s really all folks. Hope this was actually useful for some players and will help you guys get into legendary arena. Please leave any comments or questions or discussion below, I really enjoy discussing about the game and would love to hear your guys tips and ideas as well! Hopefully we can get some good discussion going, and stray away from all the complaining and crying for hog and rg nerfs!

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