Pokemon Go Each Pokemon’s Best Attacks List

Pokemon Go Each Pokemon’s Best Attacks List by Cototheburn

To those still asking, once you catch/evolve a Pokemon, it keeps the same moves you get, no matter the CP. I know it sucks that we cant teach or use a heart scale to relearn a move, but this is the best we can do. Also R.I.P PokeVision, Niantic has made this game so much harder to play, only thing good to do now is walk and hatch eggs and hope I run into something good with no footsteps and no pinpoint locations.

PokemonFast MoveCharge Move
3: VenusaurVine WhipSolar Beam
6: CharizardWing AttackFire Blast
9: BlastoiseWater GunHydro Pump
12: ButterfreeBug BiteBug Buzz
15: BeedrillPoison JabX-Scissor
18: PidgeotWing AttackHurricane
20: RaticateBiteHyper Beam
22: FearowSteel WingDrill Run
24: ArbokBiteGunk Shot
26: RaichuSparkThunder
28: SandslashMud ShotEarthquake
31: NidoqueenPoison JabEarthquake
34: NidokingPoison JabEarthquake
36: ClefablePoundMoonblast
38: NinetalesEmberFire Blast
40: WigglytuffPoundHyper Beam
42: GolbatWing AttackPoison Fang
45: VileplumeRazor LeafSolar Beam
47: ParasectBug BiteSolar Beam
49: VenomothBug BiteBug Buzz
51: DugtrioMud ShotEarthquake
53: PersianScratchPlay Rough
55: GolduckWater GunHydro Pump
57: PrimeapeLow KickCross Chop
59: ArcanineFire FangFire Blast
62: PoliwrathBubbleHydro Pump
65: AlakazamPsycho CutPsychic
68: MachampKarate ChopCross Chop
71: VictreebelRazor LeafSolar Beam
73: TentacruelPoison JabHydro Pump
76: GolemMud ShotStone Edge
78: RapidashEmberFire Blast
80: SlowbroWater GunPsychic
82: MagnetonSparkFlash Cannon
83: Farfetch’dCutLead Blade
85: DodrioFeint AttackDrill Peck
87: DewgongFrost BreathBlizzard
89: MukPoison JabSludge Bomb
91: CloysterFrost BreathBlizzard
94: GengarShadow ClawSludge Wave
95: OnixRock ThrowStone Edge
97: HypnoZen HeadbuttPsychic
99: KinglerMud ShotWater Pulse
101: ElectrodeSparkThunderbolt
103: ExeggutorZen HeadbuttSolar Beam
105: MarowakMud SlapEarthquake
106: HitmonleeLow KickStone Edge
107: HitmonchanRock SmashBrick Break
108: LickitungZen HeadbuttHyper Beam
110: WeezingAcidSludge Bomb
112: RhydonMud SlapStone Edge
113: ChanseyPoundPsychic
114: TangelaVine WhipPower Whip
115: KangaskhanMud SlapEarthquake
117: SeadraWater GunHydro Pump
119: SeakingPoison JabMegahorn
121: StarmieWater GunHydro Pump
122: Mr. MimeZen HeadbuttPsychic
123: ScytherSteel WingBug Buzz
124: JynxFrost BreathIce Punch
125: ElectabuzzThunder ShockThunder
126: MagmarEmberFire Blast
127: PinsirFury CutterX-Scissor
128: TaurosTackleEarthquake
130: GyaradosDragon Breath or BiteHydro Pump
131: LaprasFrost BreathBlizzard
132: DittoPoundStruggle (what, expecting Transform?)
134: VaporeonWater GunHydro Pump
135: JolteonThunder ShockThunder
136: FlareonEmberFire Blast
137: PorygonTackleSignal Beam
139: OmasterWater GunHydro Pump
141: KabutopsMud ShotStone Edge
142: AerodactylBiteHyper Beam
143: SnorlaxZen HeadbuttBody Slam
144: ArticunoFrost BreathBlizzard
145: ZapdosThunder ShockThunder
146: MoltresEmberFire Blast
149: DragoniteDragon BreathDragon Claw
150: MewtwoPsycho CutPsychic
151: MewPoundPsychic

If anything is missing or I miscalc something, please point that out and I will correct it. I hope that isnt the problem since I did take the time and double check all my data.

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  1. Rex says:

    Some Charge moves are actually miscalculated. I mean, based on pure DPS you would be right, but the problem is that you can’t actually spam Charge moves, you have to use Fast moves in between, which throws off the numbers.
    Let’s use Tangela as an example. Power Whip has 70 power and takes 2.8 seconds, while Solar Beam has 120 power and takes 4.9 seconds. In a pure DPS comparison, Power Whip looks stronger (25 vs 24.5, or 31.3 vs 30.6 with STAB). However, when you take into account that to use then you have to accumulate a full energy bar, the numbers change: assuming you take 10 seconds of Vine Whip to charge it entirely, Power Whip is now doing ~222.5 power worth of damage over 12.8 seconds (17.38DPS), and Solar Beam is now doing ~285 over 14.9 seconds (19.13DPS). So in the end, in a real battle scenario, Solar Beam is actually a better move than Power Whip.
    I hope this helps, and sorry if I end up making you redo all your calculations.

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