Evolve Renegade Abe Guide

Evolve Renegade Abe Guide by BaklavahX



RAbe’s new shotgun! This thing is interesting. The left click fire gives a single shot spread of poisonous pellets and the right click fire blasts both barrels at once for no poison but high damage. Not very accurate at long range but the close up weak spot and headshot hits will do immense damage.

Corrosive Grenade

A big switch from the stasis nades, the corrossive nades add a DoT and reduce the damage the monster does for 10 seconds. That is a long time to have a damage reduction!

Toxic Nerve Dart

Another change from the original Abe kit. Single-shot reloads, applies a DoT and amps the damage the monster takes for 10 seconds! I don’t think it increases DoT damage, but all direct damage will add up quickly!

Lesser Defensive Matrix

A slightly less powerful defensive skill compared to the other assaults, but it lasts slightly longer!

The Perks you’ll want as RAbe can vary, but I prefer a specific combo to maximize his effectiveness.

Tier 1

Gunslinger (maxed at 30% swap speed)

Tier 2

High Energy Fuel (maxed at 25% fuel efficiency)

Tier 3

Acidic Rounds (maxed at 12dps for 3s)

The lowdown:

So. RAbe! What a neat assault! Some people dislike him. I think he’s rather nifty! I have discovered for myself that the way to play him, in my opinion, is as a hyper-swap character. After every action, switch weapons. My rotation is as follows:

Engage > Corrosive Nade > Toxic Dart > DoTgun (both barrels) > Reload > Double Barrel blast > DoTgun (both barrels) > repeat.

With this rotation, you can maximize your poisons efficiently. If you miss a dart, go ahead with the shotgun blasts (DoTs) and restart the rotation from the nade. The Nade and shotgun deal direct damage on contact, which will therefore trigger Acidic Rounds (at least from what I have seen). The rotation will allow you to maximize your DoTs and boost your direct damage with the shotgun when swapping through the rotation.

As per with any assault, only use your matrix if you get focused or you’re taking too much AoE damage and start to get below 50% health.

While the DoTs are ticking away, your damage may feel a little… lacking. Don’t be alarmed. The DoTs will stack up and you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labour!

When the Monster disengages after the dome goes down, chasing and throwing corrosive nades and shoot with toxic darts to keep damage ticking while denying the monster armor regen. If you get close enough, slap them with the DoTgun and continue laying on the poisons as before while chasing. The damage will leave them hurting and cursing your name!

I hope this helps those of you looking to buy RAbe and wondering he’s worthwhile. He plays a certain way, at least as I’ve seen so far, but try to find other ways to play him! Good luck :D and see you next time!!

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