Evolve Support Unlock Priorities Guide

Evolve Support Unlock Priorities Guide by TomsMeatPlatter

Time to talk about Support! If you’re new to Evolve, Support can make or break your team. You got a heavy burden to carry, but figure out how to play a good Support and Victory can be yours!

The Goal of a Good Support

The Goal of a Good Support isn’t as easily defined as other roles like Assault or Medic. In fact there are a couple of different roles each Support brings to the team. Most Supports pair very well with another class. For example Offensive Supports pair well with Assault, while Defensive Supports pair well with Medic. You could either reinforce your teams Strengths, or help mitigate their Weakness. Learn which style you are good at and factor your team into your Decision. I split up Supports into 3 main “subclasses”

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Mobility

Factors In Ranking

  • Ease of Use
  • Skill Floor & Skill Ceiling
  • Reliability
  • Synergy with Team
  • Synergy with other items in Kit

There is a little more weight on the first 2 since they will effect newbies a little more than other players!


1. Bucket

  • Mixture of Offense and Area Denial
  • Sentry Guns are Set & Forget Area Denial
  • Guided Rocket Launcher is good Consistent DPS
  • Mechanized Recharge can support the WHOLE Team

Skill Floor: Low
Skill Ceiling: Moderate

Buckets little secret is that you can just run around setting up Sentry Guns and spamming his Mech Recharge and still get decent returns. Once you get reload times and recharge times down he can be a terror to deal with. Higher level players time the Recharge to keep downtime on other class abilities (and his own) almost constantly active. Sentry Gun damage is sneaky and can prove to be a menace. Can definitely make up for a poor Support.

2. Tech Sgt Hank

Evolve-Tech-Sergeant-Hank.jpg1920×1080 72.3 KB

  • Passive Defensive Support
  • Shield can be built up on Hunters and does not Decay over time
  • Laser is primary offensive tool
  • Orbital Drill is active Area Denial, good for when Monster is hard focusing.

Skill Floor: Low
Skill Ceiling: Moderate

I like Tech Sgt Hank for newbies because he can place the shield on a Hunter before the fight, build them all up and then focus on offense in fight. If Medic is low and breaks away, shields should be built on them. In general Shields are useless in Combat but if the Monster is focusing a target, the Orbital Drill is a great deterrent. Definitely a good medic partner!

3. Cabot

Cabot.png625×1087 573 KB

  • Offensive Support
  • Damage Amp goes on the Monster, amplifies all damage done to Monster (does not do damage itself)
  • Dust Tag Highlights Monster if they go in the Area it was called into.
  • Rail Cannon can shoot through objects (30m)

Skill Floor: Moderate
Skill Ceiling : High

Cabot is one of the first Supports where you CAN do alright without much coordination, but his potential is realized when you coordinate with Assault. The Dust Tag on it’s own doesn’t seem like much, but when paired with Planet Scanner it can help pinpoint the Monster and when paired with Cabot’s own Rail Cannon can be a nuisance to a Monster trying to escape/feed. With all Supports now having Shields as the Class Ability, Cabot’s only real weakness is mitigated.

4. Hank

  • Defensive Support
  • Shield Projector is active Defense
  • Laser Cutter is solid Offense
  • Orbital Barrage is a great Threat and Area Denial

Skill Floor: Moderate
Skill Ceiling: High

I believe Hank takes more skill than people realize. At worst his shield is wasted on melee attacks and fails to fully shield a big hit. At best he is a shot-blocking Monster. His Laser Cutter is good for getting headshots and pressure on the Monster showing some flexibility. The Orbital should be used like Tech Sgt Hanks Orbital Drill as a deterrent to the Monster. His one major pitfall is players must learn when to use what. Too offensive and he under performs Cabot or Bucket. Too Defensive and Monsters may not die fast enough!

5. Sunny

Support_Sunny.png625×1087 429 KB

  • Defensive/Mobility Support
  • Jetpack Booster boosts Hunters Jetpack Velocity and Capacity
  • Shield Drone shields a Hunter after they take Damage to prevent follow up attacks
  • Mini Nuke Launcher fires single shot mini nuke that does damage if it hits close to Target.

Skill Floor: High
Skill Ceiling: High

With Sunny you will do a lot of Swapping. Good Sunnys use 2 of the items, GREAT Sunnys use 3. First step is find a good spot to place a Drone. It should cover a good Area and be in a spot that makes the Monster Disengage to deal with. Drone should be the FALLBACK!!! Primary focus in the fight is to use the Booster as the Monster tries to use abilities. Coordinate with the Team. Tell them they are getting boosted and let them know when you cannot! Damage not taken is damage you don’t have to heal! Use the Mini Nuke when the Monster is playing conservatively or when DPS is lagging. Also good on the chase.

6. Kala

  • Offensive/Mobility Support
  • Armor Reducer temporarily negates Monster Armor and does little damage
  • Siren Missiles hone in on target and do more damage if placed on a surface first.
  • Teleport Pads teleport Hunters from one pad to another. Require both to be up and in “Ready” state. Once used one is entrance and one is exit for a set amount of time.

Skill Floor: High
Skill Ceiling: High

With Kala, planning is key. Teleport Pads are great tools while Hunting the Monster to help cut them off. In combat can be used to send Hunters outside the Dome, however will probably be destroyed more often then not. Armor Reducer should be used at the beginning of fights and can give a win to a team against a Fully Armored Stage 3 Monster with little Health left. Communication is paramount for when Armor Reducer is active as well as Teleport Pad Locations and Color Callouts.

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