Evolve Medic Unlock Priorities Guide

Evolve Medic Unlock Priorities Guide by TomsMeatPlatter

I’m back and this time here with a guide for newbies wanting to dabble with the life (and Death) of their Squad! As always we need to take a look at a couple of things before we get into the Rankings.

The Goal of a Good Medic

There are a couple of key factors I weigh when looking at which Medics a Newbie should unlock.

  • Skill Floor and Ceiling
  • Healing Type: Burst vs. Sustained
  • Survivability


1. Rogue Val

Skill Ceiling: Moderate
Skill Floor: Low

I really like R.Val for Newbies because she is one of the most Tanky Medics in the game currently. (Q.Caira is a possible exception) Her Passive Heal Burst constantly heals nearby Hunters and Stacks with the Health Regen they already have. When Heal Burst is activated she loses this ability but can almost heal herself fully. Her Semiautomatic Sniper can do good DPS and he Poison Dart Gun highlights the Monster and does Poison DOT. Her Medgun has chain healing capabilities. The main beam auto-locks to the Hunter and smaller beams come off that Hunter to heal others as well, although at a smaller rate. All the Healing Stacks you can pull off and the Tankiest make R.Val one of the easiest Medics to play.

2. Val

Skill Ceiling: High
Skill Floor: Low

Val has great single Healing capabilities. Her Medgun locks on to targets even when airborne. Healing Rate and Capacity are good enough to keep Hunters out of serious trouble unless they are focused for extended time. Bolt Action Sniper is low Damage but adds a weakpoint modifier for teammates to up DPS. Her Tranq Gun Highlights the Monster and Slows Movement and Climbing Speed. Heal Burst Heals herself and Allies. Vals Tranq Gun is able to give her decent survivability against being focused, especially if Roaching and Kiting skills are developed.

3. Caira

Skill Ceiling: High
Skill Floor: Moderate

Caira is one of the Tankier Medics in the game, as her Grenade Launcher lets her shoot herself to heal as well as heal others. The Grenade Launcher can fire either healing or Napalm Grenades. Both fly on an arc so anticipation is needed when firing at range. Healing to herself is lower than when you heal others and one grenade can heal multiple Hunters if they are grouped. Her Adrenaline Field can be used in combat to increase mobility or on the chase to close the distance to a Monster.

4. Slim

Skill Ceiling: High
Skill Floor: Moderate

Slim is a true Combat Medic. His Heal Burst is recharged through his Leech Gun hitting targets and siphoning Health. The gun is automatic, however the Heal Burst is Manually Activated. In order for Slim to be effective he has to be able to hit the Monster to recharge his Healing. Slim also has a Healing Drone that he can send to a Hunter to heal them over time. If the Hunter being healed takes Damage, the Drone disappears. Slims Spore Cloud Launcher is supposed to do something (block Monsters smell) but currently is bugged (lol). With the right Support, Slim can be a nightmare to deal with.


Skill Ceiling: High
Skill Floor: Moderate

EMET is a great AOE Healer. He tosses Healing Buoys to areas that he wants to set up as healing zones. Any Hunter within the radius of the buoy gets healed. When EMET activates his Heal Burst, the Buoys all Heal Burst as well. They do not stack, however Hunters not near EMET get the benefit. EMETs Finger gun fires a Tracer Round that does damage and then rockets hone in on the Tracer Round to do damage. EMET has a Respawn Beacon that when placed down, begins a countdown. When the Timer hits 0:00 any Hunters awaiting the Dropship will Respawn at the Beacon instead. Useless early game, good when the Timer goes past 1:00 (My Opinion). EMET takes planning and coordination to use and has trouble healing a focused target.

6. Lazarus

Skill Ceiling: High
Skill Floor: Moderate

What makes Laz so good, but tough to play is the mind games his Revivifier brings to the table. The ability to pick up a Hunter with no penalty to their health can be game-changing. Being able to bring back DEAD Hunters (with the Health Penalty) can be the difference between winning a match or losing while waiting 2 minutes for the Dropship. His Personal Cloak can be used to escape Monster Focus or to assist in getting a revive off successfully. It also gives Laz a Speed Boost and Health Regen Boost so it can help make a quick exit. His Silence Sniper Rile gives good team support in peppering the Monster with Weakpoints. Lazarus’ Heal Burst also heals for a large amount compared to other Medics. Paired with Class Recharge Perks it can give a team surprising bulk. Lazarus is a good Late Game Medic and has high risk, high reward gameplay.

7. Quantum Caira

Skill Ceiling: High
Skill Floor: High

Quantum Caira is the bulkiest Medic in my opinion. She is an area Healer that can create zones of healing with her Regeneration Fields. These can create large areas of Healing or be stacked on each other to increase the rate of Healing given. Her Neutron Barrier applies an effect similar to Assault’s Defense Matrix in a burst centered around her and will reduce incoming damage to anyone who has it applied. Her Generyst II Field replaces the Heal Burst and not only applies Healing over time, but damage to the Monster in the area around her. Quantum Caira’s main method of damage comes from her Proton Field, which does DOT over the area they are shot and can stack like the Regeneration Fields. Quantum Caira has no real direct healing capabilities and without team coordination Healing cannot be accomplished. However with the correct perks and coordination, as well as a High Damage Team Composition, Quantum Caira can be a very tough medic to take down.

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