Evolve Hunter Tips and Advice

Evolve Hunter Tips and Advice by BrknKybrd

Hello everyone,

As matchmaking seems sub-optimal at the moment, it can be quite frustrating queuing for the hunter-side – especially with stage 2 bringing in a substantial amount of novice players. As the learning curve in this game is quite steep and lack of appropriate learning material has been mentioned multiple times, I suggest starting a community thread collecting guides and links to other resources.

I will start with some tipps of my own and some relevant resources that I am aware of. Please feel free to contribute!

Note: While I am aware of a few current posts including excellent tipps, I did not want to include them directly without the agreement of the OP or author.

Tracking the monster: Run to the middle of the map of with all 4 people, only THEN pop the scanner. Split into two teams of 2 to seal of the respective quadrant of the map. See this video for an in-depth explanation by one of the top hunters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8fJVarKe_U

Least-bad decisions: Sometimes we as a single player have to find optimal decisions in suboptimal circumstances – e.g. even if your team is supposed to split into two teams – when your teammates stay grouped as 3, you probably should stay in the group as well. This of course will let more opportunities for the monster to evade you, but hey, it is better than the likely alternative of throwing a dome and dying instantly.

Doming and awareness: Be aware where your teammates are. Can you survive until your teammates arrive when you throw the dome? For me personally, I wont throw the dome when my teammates are farther than 60-80 from me. Remember that, with the new changes to dome mechanics, a dome is nearly useless when you get downed in exchange. Better hold it and keep chasing.

Doming at stage 3: Do not throw the dome at stage 3 when the monster is coming into the relay fight. The monster HAS to fight you anyways (because time runs against it). Hold the dome, for a suitable opportunity – e.g. the monster lost its armor and tries to escape. Here dome timing is crucial – if you dome too early, the monster can get a strike while only losing armor, the dome will go down, and the monster will leave to armor up again – you gained nothing and suffered a strike or loss of 1 hunter. This WILL lose you the game single-handedly.

Patience and dome-setup: I very often see people rushing in to fight the monster in unfavorable positions. With the high dome duration in stage 2, there is no more reason to do so. WAIT for all teammates before engaging (they most likely have to use their jetpack to get to the dome, so factor in some extra time for that) and set up deployables – remember that the timer runs against the monster! Note that most good monsters will engage instantly after the dome went up to prevent exactly this from happening.

Fight position: For the same reason do not rush into unfavorable fight positions. Make the monster come to you. As the hunters all have range + deployables, in most dome positions, range is to the hunters advantage. Unfavorable fight positions include narrow positions or tunnels. Everyone that has tried to attack a behemoth in a tunnel, only to get walled off from his team, knows what I am talking about -> 1 strike + lost body. Nothing your team can do – you can’t heal stupid.

Dodging: There is no need to dodge every single autoattack by a monster. Typically only certain skills are worth dodging at all. This of course depends on the monster and to some extent to its skill order.

Golaith and Meteor Golaith

  • Dodge: Rock throws, Leap smashes
  • Tank: Charges, Fire breath


  • Dodge: Lighting strike
  • Tank: Vortex
  • Run: Aftershock (He takes forever to decend and eventually attack, just run away)
  • Shoot: The banshie mines


  • Dodge: Lighting strikes, Banshie mine
  • Tank: Vortex, Chain Lighting


  • Dodge: Warp blast (Super nova if you have a lot of jetpack)
  • Tank: Abduction
  • Shoot: Decoy (or ignore it depends on your health)


  • Dodge: Acid Spit (=/= Fire breath please dodge it)
  • Tank: Spider Web
  • Shoot: Mimic, Spider Traps


  • Dodge: Fissure, Tounge Grab (Tounge doesn’t do a lot of dmg but allows bob to follow with a lava/fissure combo)
  • Run: Lava bomb, it does quite a lot of dmg, but it take time to cast, if you keep your distance you should be able to run away from it.

Note: if you’re really low on health, i think you should just use your jetpack to get the fuck away from the monster, this will give the time to the medic to heal you up a little.

Vs Goliath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db2aXlTqIo4&list=PLfem1XnwGC2fIQV3ERw0t9fU8xoc8MpOQ

Vs Kraken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM6J6ndqOrs

Perks-Stacking: Usually all perks stack with each other, but not with buffs. So if you run cooldown reduction perks and pick up the cooldown reduction buff, then only the higher number will be used (same goes for e.g. damage reduction). An exception to this rule are the poison perks – these stack within one hunter, but not for multiple hunters. So only take poison perks on one hunter.

Skills and numbers (HP, Armor, DMG etc.): https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=F7285B7B85E9A078!1924&app=OneNote&authkey=!AM06JPyJ90oXe6E (thanks to curiosikey)

http://evolve.wikia.com/ (might not be 100% reliable though)

Assault Guides:

Support-Individual Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss8fdJ6Ez4I&list=PLfem1XnwGC2fIQV3ERw0t9fU8xoc8MpOQ

Medic-Individual Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IabI1_rKXjA&list=PL9qq-N_FC1pPwhuhPf6-N3O88a1lTXJTi

Wraith Trap Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8fJVarKe_U

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